He is not worried about the safety of his younger sister. After all, he is also a supporting role in the Westward Journey. It is impossible to kill him so early.


However, it is not certain that the Golden Light Array has been trained because of its arrival, and it is not known that the Golden Light Zhu Xian Jian Array has produced a butterfly effect because of its own reasons.
Can’t believe in the original
It’s a pity that I won’t be cursed by God, or I’ll be arrested for asking the land and mountain gods.
"Go to the Longgong Birthday Banquet first and see if you can get some news before looking for a younger sister."
Make up my mind to identify a direction before driving the cloud leisurely to the Dragon Palace in Hongshihe.
Hongshihe Dragon Palace
It is not surprising that there are dragons in rivers, lakes, seas and even wells where there is water in the Westward Journey World.
The old dragon king of Hongshihe is 700 years old, and Fiona Fang is the governor of everyone.
Although the dragon king of Hongshi River, the god of rain in one place, is not as high as those in all corners of the country, it is also a powerful place.
There are also many people who come to dinner, such as mountain spirits and wild monsters, and scattered spirits.
The Dragon Palace Xiabing Crab will patrol around to maintain order, and the maid servants such as mussels, koi fish and turtle essence will be responsible for arranging the venue to receive guests.
There are more than ten days before the birthday party, but some guests have come a long way, so you can’t let them wait outside, can you?
The coral throne of the palace is the head of the Dragon King in the Red Stone River Dragon Palace, and two golden beards and jaws are floating around.
Looking at an account book, an old turtle who was in charge of receiving guests slouched in.
"Grandpa Dragon King, General Eel, the messenger of the West Sea Dragon Palace, has arrived."
Old dragon king suddenly a surprised in Athens account amplification way:
"Put on a ceremonial ceremony and go out to meet with the king!"
Chapter 12 Gods’ Birthday at the Dragon Palace
"The emissary’s adult is far away to meet the king. Please forgive me. Please come quickly."
Ao you hand yi way
General eel quickly returned the favor and commanded a river clan, which can be called the Dragon King. Although he is a general in the West Sea Dragon Palace, he can’t trust him to make matters worse. This old dragon is also related to the West Sea Dragon King.
"Dragon King, don’t break it. My dragon king knew your birthday and asked me to give you a gift."
Aoyou, the Dragon King of Hongshihe, is delighted. Although he is also the Dragon King, he has some property, but the family business of the Dragon King of the Four Seas can’t be compared.
"If this makes me really old-fashioned."
A pair of eyes is involuntarily biased towards those boxes of property, especially how high is that big box for one person? How much treasure does it have to hold?
"This is?"
"Oh, Lord Dragon King, when we came here, we caught a demon, and the martial arts were so strong that the poison wouldn’t dare to get close, so the cold iron made an iron cage and we had to borrow the water house to detain it for a while."
Aoyou nodded and said, "It’s no problem. Come on, carry it into the dungeon."
Immediately, two crab spirits carried the box away
Then the old dragon king led the eel general to the temple to rest, and the maid offered fragrant tea and snacks
"There’s one more thing to tell the Dragon King. My Dragon King sent a small one this time, except for your birthday …"
The maids heard the sound of broken cups outside the door and hurried to the door to clean up.
"Get out!"
"This is the Hongshi River?"
The exposed rock walls of a Okawabe River in Wuming are all crimson.
The river is about twenty or thirty miles long, which has been counted in previous lives, but it is only a small ditch in the westward journey world.
Wu Ming refined the water snake essence and mastered the method of entering the water, so he was not a dry duck
The river is very deep and dives about 30 to 40 meters before the foreground reaches the bottom.
The dragon king’s birthday was celebrated in the whole river, and all the monsters rushed to the Dragon Palace, even if they didn’t have to rub some soup and water, as they did in previous years.
Wu Ming stopped a slow turtle and asked, "Is this turtle brother Hongshihe Dragon Palace going in this direction?"
"Xiao Wangdu, don’t pull me, hurry up and take a good position, or you won’t even be able to drink soup when there is no place!"
"Let me go! Let me go! "
Wu Ming grabbed its tail turtle essence legs fluttered several shouted.
"Let me give you a ride."
Tailing up a wave of water was pushed to the Dragon Palace.
Dozens of shrimps and crabs guarded the gate and recorded birthday songs next to the turtle butler.
If you have an invitation, you can enter directly. If you don’t have an invitation, you can only give it if it is expensive.
"Roll roll dragon report birthday you take this shit fool things? Which dragon king hasn’t seen it? Fork out "
One side of two shrimp essence immediately slipped out a fat fish and was thrown out with a water essence stone.
"Poor ghost Dragon Palace tables and chairs are made of aquamarine stone. Will they be short of you?"
Two shrimp fine swearing way
The old dragon king of turtle singing ceremony led the entrance of the temple of dragon and dragon grandchildren to welcome guests.
"The Lord of the horns and mountains has come to send a white jade ganoderma lucidum as a birthday present!"
"Lucheng Chenghuang’s adult has sent a birthday gift of 1,200 gold!"
"The demon king of Xiaoyue Cave in Dayun Mountain is here to send a birthday present, er, the demon king is invited."
Turtle essence looked at the ceremony and looked around. It was a sigh of relief when no one noticed. The gift from the demon king was two pairs of boys and girls, and it didn’t dare to read it.
Whistling on the lich king is the head of the wolf demon, and the head of the wolf approves the hair. Seeing that the turtle is fine and doesn’t read his present, he is a little unhappy but doesn’t make trouble. He snorted.