Time flies by. When the morning sun rises, a new day comes again. Just like Cang Chun said, at noon, Bai Zai came to the Central Psychiatric Institute. Sure enough, he found a girl who looks almost exactly the same. His name is Lucia Bai Zai. At a glance, she will know that she must be Fei Zhen’s sister.
As a matter of course, the invitation is as a matter of course, as what happens here and now should be taken for granted. So Lucy came into a daze and became the adopted daughter of Kuchiki Byakuya Yimei and Kuchiki Soujyun
Of course, it was a sensation. In less than half a day, this incident became the talk of all death in Lingting.
On the other side, rotten wood family
"Come in" pale homozygous notes looked up and said
"Father’s adult, I have brought my sister," said Bai Zai respectfully, coming in from the outside.
"Father’s adult" Lucia also paid a respectful tribute.
"You are Lucia! Sure enough, it looks like Fei Zhen. Come and let me take a closer look at it. "Cang Chun waved to him.
"It’s father’s adult," Lucia said stiffly.
Don’t be nervous. Just think of this place as your home. Cang Chun rubbed Lucia’s hair and said, "I heard that you have started a class in the Central Psychiatric Academy, so have you found Lucia?"
I’m sorry, father. I have a gift …
Cuffy Snow White interrupted her words and then said, "Consider it a gift for the first time. Try to find it. Lucia also showed his father the most beautiful spirit-cutting knife statue in the soul world."
"Sleeve snow?" Lucia murmured zheng zheng, but when he was about to look up, he suddenly found himself in a world of ice and snow.
The world is as white as snow, the earth is full of snow, and the sun rarely appears in snowy days.
"You finally came, master. The sudden sound woke Lucia up at the same time."
It was a woman with long white vibrating sleeves and long white hair, and her blue eyes just shocked Lucia at a glance.
"And you are? Lucia looked at the beauty in front of him with a blank face. "
"Don’t you know me? I am your dagger and you are my master. Didn’t you just call me? "
"You are … Sleeve Snow White?"
Yeah, it’s the master. I’m the master of Sleeve Snow. I seem to be very happy today. There was little sunshine here before. Can you tell me? Sleeve snow asked with a face of expectation
"This is my ghost knife." Kuchiki Rukia in the room looked at his hands with a face of shock.
"Can you begin to understand?" Cang chun looked at her and asked
But the father’s adult Lucia should be one and then look at the knife in his hand with a dignified face and drink a way "Ling Dance! Sleeve snow "
Breathing a faint cold accompanied by the rising of Lucia’s spiritual pressure, the knife has also changed. The blade, hand guard and handle have turned white, and the surface is engraved with patterns. There is also a long white belt.
"Beautiful" for the first time, I saw my spirit-cutting knife liberating Lucia and couldn’t help admiring it.
"It’s good to find the spirit-cutting knife. Don’t underestimate yourself after your mental pressure has reached five seats. I believe you must be a genius, too."
"It’s my father," Lucia said with a face of excitement.
Good pale pure looked at him and said, "go home! From now on, you don’t go to school to learn things. I will teach you slowly. You will get familiar with your new life in the next few days. I will arrange it for you afterwards, like joining the Thirteen Fan Team. But you must remember that since you have become a deadwood family now, you should be aristocratic when you are outside, but don’t give it to the deadwood family. "
Let time pass a little faster! I don’t know if the team leader defeated Aizen or whether it was the same as in the original book, and finally he had to rely on Kurosaki Ichigo month to kill him; Cang chun looked at the countdown clock in her mind while thinking about it, and looked forward to it.
Chapter 32 The plot begins and ends ()
"Ah le le Aizen captain you seem to go backwards! If you walk like this again, you will go to the Net Lingting. "Marubeni, a trail somewhere in the soul world, looked at the figure in front and narrowed his eyes with a face of worry."
There’s nothing wrong. Yinlan dyed a light face and said, "I’m going to Jinglingting now."
"Ah Le, is Captain Aizen going to find Captain Kuchiki Soujyun?" Marubeni silver narrowing her eyes and said
"Or do you understand me! Silver "
"But captain Aizen, can you feel the pressure of captain Cang Chun now? He has disappeared for more than 30 years, "said Marubeni Bank.
Well, when I heard the silver words, Blue Dyed said, "I really can’t feel his stress, but the former family of the rotten wood family believes that he will definitely be in the family."
It’s terrible. I can’t even feel the spirit of Aizen’s team leader. I looked at Aizen with a face of fear. "In that case, why should I go to him? Captain Cang Chun should be higher than Captain Aizen."
"Silver, you may be right, but you seem to forget that I am not in a complete state yet!" Aizen said with a light face.
"Who are you and what are you here? It’s a rotten wood home." Dozens of people suddenly stopped the two people and drank.
Don’t take the silver blue dye and look at the silver ready to draw a sword and say, "Let’s go!" "
How is it possible that this psychic pressure …
"Bang, bang, …"
Even before the guard finished speaking, he was already in a coma.
The room seems to feel what pale pure will old together and then figure suddenly disappear, at the same time has gone to the courtyard Aizen two people had a look at the front suddenly appeared.
"I haven’t seen you for decades. I didn’t expect your courage to even dare to break into the rotten wood house without authorization." The faint voice said from Cang Chun’s mouth that he was still as usual without any change
Oh, Aizen replied, "I’m just looking for you."
Is it? I remember looking at Cang Chun without inviting you. "But you’re just in time, because if you’re one day late, you won’t find me."
"Can’t find you?" Blue dye zheng.
Well! Afraid of pale pure looked at him. "Then again, since you are here, the chief should have lost!" In that case, why did you come to me? Aren’t you going to create a new spirit king? "
It seems that you know a lot
You’re the one who made the incident so big. It would be weird if I didn’t know! Pale pure looked at him and said, "go ahead! What can I do for you? Well, wait, you won’t let me go! "
"I’m here to show you my new strength. Of course, don’t blame me if you accidentally kill me."
Oh pale pure eyebrows a pick "it seems that avalanche not only makes you strong but also makes you arrogant! But this is not a place to fight. Let’s go somewhere else. "