Imperial Heaven’s eyes are dignified, knocking on the edge of this chair. "Even if it is reincarnation, I still can’t forget the demon race. At the beginning, the Terran was a chess saint, and now the emperor and Dihuang are abolished. Just when they entered the broken space, Xuanyuan was swallowed up by Xuanyuan. Now you are eroding their imperial spirit and bringing them into the Terran Temple. I will deprive them of their two emperors and human thrones!"


This is not a joke. Imperial Heaven is the first person in the Terran, that is, the ancestors of the Terran were born with the ability to obliterate the benefits of the Terran. Even if they are reincarnated now, the words of Imperial Heaven Terran are like golden words to bring Fuxi and Shennong into the sacred temple, which is also the first sacred temple of the Terran. Imperial Heaven can deprive the emperor and Dihuang of their jobs!
Chapter 65 Kill agarwood
Nu Wa made man, but she was not the master of Terran.
The real emperor of Terran is not the current emperor Dihuang Ren Huang, and it is not the so-called Suiren’s family with a nest.
Imperial genius is the real emperor, the first emperor of Terran, that is, the ancestor, Emperor Heaven, and the first son-in-law created Terran, and led Terran to glory after birth.
Now that the emperor has died and reincarnated into the imperial heaven, the Terran King can mobilize the whole Terran destiny.
One emperor and one Dihuang is not a terran conferring, but a saint conferring the imperial heaven, which can naturally erase two people’s jobs and deprive the emperor and Dihuang of their jobs
At the moment, the Imperial Heaven’s hands are negative, and it is a majestic gait. "The Emperor and Dihuang can’t change themselves as demon race after all. In fact, Dihuang is the reincarnation of the North Ghost Giant Tortoise, and it is also a meritorious Terran. Although the Terran has no great contribution, it is also honest.
Fuxi has some jokes that the hands of the demon emperor Xihe are also covered with terran blood. It’s a great irony for such a man to be an adult emperor. Even if Nu Wa created man, our Terran appeared, but Nu Wa was sanctified by us. Our Terran and Nu Wa’s cause and effect have been paid off, and we also shipped the Terran to Nu Wa. Therefore, there is no need to look after Nu Wa’s face. The position of Emperor Fuxi must be abolished! "
Words eyes burst with ejaculation light.
Suirenshi praised "as the eldest brother said, Fuxi’s throne is really ironic."
The Imperial Heaven has spoken to the whole Terran. Who dares to resist?
Fuxi’s throne is bound to be abolished.
Suddenly a killing sound appeared.
Only to see a generation of terrans turning into heavenly soldiers coming, "bodhi old zu … agarwood has led several demon soldiers into heaven!"
Yu Tian’s eyes narrowed and a smile appeared. "Finally, it seems that the emperor of heaven has already got it!"
With a wave of his hand, Royal Sky Sleeve walked out of Ziwei Hall!
Lingxiao Temple in Heaven
The sky falls, and the emperor stares at the square with sharp eyes.
There was a man with unwilling and resentful eyes. "Imperial Heaven … Do you have to kill me?"
Hoarse and roar are even more unwilling.
This man is the jade emperor, that is, Zhang Bairen, who came to be the jade emperor, but now he is watching the emperor sit in heaven and himself is like a clown.
Zhang Bairen scanned the whole dedicated hall, but he saw all the immortals, and 60% of the dedicated hall was intercepted by people. These people wished that Emperor Tiancheng would take Zhang Bairen’s eyes seriously, and some people even showed sarcastic eyes.
More than 40% of the immortals were Yang Jian’s first expositor, and now he is also a bachelor. Guangcheng’s missing Jade Palace was taken away. They handed over many things to Yang Jian, regardless of whether they asked Yu Ding’s real person to explain them.
Yang Jian’s integration of the teaching forces has eradicated all the so-called cancers that are disobedient. After the teaching, Yang Jian is the only one to teach.
Explaining the ten percent of the staff here are indifferent to Zhang Bairen’s eyes!
Excluding these, the last 30% is scattered fairy!
These scattered immortals came to the head of a great old gentleman, but no one knows where they have been practicing these years, so these scattered meditation halls hang their heads as if there are some treasures on this ground.
At this moment, Zhang Bairen didn’t know what position his heaven was.
In the end, the Jade Emperor looked at the Queen Mother in the Phoenix chair with a plea, "The Queen Mother … Please ask the Queen Mother …"
The Queen Mother can’t finish Zhang Bairen when her eyes are closed.
At this moment, Zhang Bairen couldn’t help but retreat. "Queen Mother … Don’t you really forget the friendship in Zixiao Palace!"
The Imperial Heaven is impatient. "The Emperor of Heaven has been reincarnated several times. Zhang Bairen, don’t deceive yourself. You are lucky for an ordinary person to have this experience."
Zhang Bairen’s anger burned and her fingers trembled at the Imperial Heaven. "You, you wicked thief, I, Zhang Bairen, will not let you go even if I am a ghost!"
Imperial day shook his head big sleeve with a wave of his hand, a gust of wind blew and Zhang Bairen flew out of Lingxiao Hall.
Zhang Bairen turned into a streamer and disappeared into the sky, but looked at Wen Zhong. "Are you ready?"
"Back to Wen Zhong is ready."
Wen Zhong said confidently that he exuded the smell of the army god.
Imperial Heaven chuckled, "Well … the whole heaven is thirty-three, the worse day is the first, the tenth day is Zhengdemen, which has been surrounded by several armies. The waste in the tenth day should be eliminated, and it is time to fight back!"
A word Wen Zhong walked out of the hall.
At this moment, the imperial majesty scanned the whole Lingxiao Hall and finally looked at Sanxiu here. "I hope you can be honest or there will be one of you who died in the tenth heaven!"
Take it with you and kill it. These scattered repairs are scary.
It’s good that Imperial Heaven will arrange all these scattered forces in front of the ten heavy days. These people bear the killing of agarwood. It is estimated that they are now extinct. Only the scattered immortals are now scared. In the face of this soon-to-be emperor, Imperial Heaven is not afraid.
Compared with these at the moment, Imperial Heaven has turned its attention to kunlun mirror!
Ten Heavenly Aquilaria waved Excalibur and was murderous. "Death!"
Excalibur’s brandishing will instantly make the immortal die. These people are all scattered forces in heaven. They don’t listen to the forces of heaven. It’s not necessary to obey the heaven. Otherwise, disobedient people will die.
Now these people use agarwood to hand Hwa-Sung Do fly ash.
Suddenly, a gust of wind struck agarwood and the eyes shone with this fierce light "Jade Emperor!"
Gnashing his teeth, he said that Excalibur in his hand was faint and bloody.
Yes, this is exactly what Zhang Bairen was sent to Aquilaria by a gust of wind from the Imperial Heaven.
Zhang Bairen fell to the ground and looked at the stump and broken arm on the ground. He couldn’t help but hit a trembling and frightened roar, "Guanyin Bodhisattva … Guanyin Bodhisattva … help me!"
Yelling loudly, swaying agarwood, a little surprised that Guanyin is not helping himself. How can the Jade Emperor ask Guanyin for help now?
Observing Guanyin in the dark also had to respond to Zhang Bairen’s request for help
When Guanyin wanted to show up, Aquilaria had raised his Excalibur and cut it towards the Jade Emperor!