"black magic?"


Li Xuandao toyed with three pieces of then corners of the mouth sneer at repeatedly immediately his eyes stare big drink a "all spell poor change you just know a few? Do these strengths dare to touch my woman? "
Say Li Xuandao right hand a pressure.
A big golden handprint came with overwhelming force.
"Stop it!"
At this time, a magic light suddenly rose in the distant sky.
This magic light is as fast as lightning, and it almost instantly shatters and appears before Sun Baixiang.
However, the golden hand is faster, which is almost the magic light. At the same time, it has been severely crushed by Sun Baixiang.
The magic light gathered to reveal a fierce-looking teenager with a very dark breath. "How dare you kill our over the rainbow cousin?"
"Holy shit, this is the little magic handsome stone skyshatter."
"Even the little magic handsome has alarmed this Li Dashan to be finished."
"Yes, Shi skyshatter is the youngest secret brother. Who can be an opponent in Jin Danjing?"
See this young people instantaneous boiling.
Wood Wanqing is face crazy before pulling Li Xuandao sleeve low said, "Li Dashan let’s go this skyshatter is then seven masters, but also get the ancient inheritance is very severe. We are not his opponents and can’t entangle with him."
Say wood Wanqing pull Li Xuandao want to escape.
However, a pull Li Xuandao still see his eyes cold looking at the stone skyshatter way "over the rainbow long bro and again? If you dare to offend me, the majesty of Li Dashan is as good as that of Elder over the rainbow! "
The cold but firm voice shook everyone’s heart.
Stone skyshatter is a full face of wrath and sends out an aggressive momentum. "What a Li Dashan who not only kills my teacher younger brother but also dares to humiliate my master? If I don’t kill you today, my master will lose face? "
Say stone skyshatter a boom.
The magic gas burst out and a black skull roared
Chapter 91 The elder hates heaven!
Chapter 91 The elder hates heaven!
"Stop it"
Always look on coldly. Elder Baigu suddenly stepped in to stop the stone from breaking through the sky. The skeleton said coldly, "The core brothers are all outstanding demons. If you have any grievances, you can’t try to fight privately."
When this statement came out, everyone was surprised.
"What core brother?"
"No, Li Dashan has three layers of strength and he is also the core brother?"
"How is that possible?"
Watching the crowd set off a storm.
Mu Wanqing stared at Li Dashan in disbelief.
"Elder Baigu, you said … Li Dashan is the core brother?" Stone skyshatter eyes flashing as if to judge the truth of this sentence.
"Not bad"
Elder Bai Bone spat out a sigh, "Li Dashan has broken through the fifth floor of Thousand Magic Towers and is indeed the core brother."
Get a hundred bones elders must all face shocked.
Li Xuandao, the third-tier core brother of then, has broken the record of the giant devil Sect and become the youngest core brother of the whole devil Sect.
"Good Li Dashan, no wonder you dare to be so rampant. It’s really something."
Stone skyshatter is cold and laughs. "In that case, I’ll wait for you at the Magic Terrace after I let you go today."
Say stone skyshatter a long whistle and fled to the distance.
Brother Magic is competitive, and he is not afraid that Li Xuandao will not come, because if Li Xuandao does not come, he will be humiliated and the devil will be unable to move.
When the stone broke away, Mu Wanqing stepped in disbelief and said, "Li Dashan, are you really the core brother?"
"Of course"
Li Xuandao naturally smiled and didn’t just take out a black Phnom Penh token from Gankun Ring. "Well, this is my identity token. Can this be fake?"
Mu Wanqing took the token and looked at it carefully. It looked like iron, non-iron, non-wood and non-wood. Its weight was very light but indestructible. The surface was a pattern of eternal peaks, and the back was a very ferocious skull.
"It was a secret brother identity token."
Mu Wanqing’s eyes flashed with shock. "How did you get Li Dashan?"
Li Xuandao’s heart said, "Of course, I passed the fifth floor test of Thousand Magic Towers and then I was promoted to my secret brother. Is it because Liu Yuqian saw that I deliberately released water for me to make me promoted?"
Wood Wanqing eyebrows a twist want to say something.
Elder Baigu suddenly flew up and said with an expression, "Can you have confidence in Li Dashan’s test in three days?"