Two days after winning the game, the team moved to Bramo Lane Stadium in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Their opponent was Sheffield United.


Half the race, the two teams met and drew.
If Sheffield United were at home this time, they would have won a victory, but they didn’t see it that way after the game started.
Once Sheffield United successfully defended Zhang Tiehan, and the double team made Zhang man of iron have little performance in the frontcourt and could passively return to his own half to participate in the defense.
Now they are playing according to an experience.
Fruit …
Their defender found that Zhang Tiehan kept running back and forth, and they followed him all the time, and he was also a great threat outside the penalty area. At half-time, he kicked Sheffield United with three long-range shots, and his heart trembled.
Fortunately, I didn’t score.
They can think so in fear, but at the beginning of the half, Zhang Tiehan broke the deadlock with a long-range shot, and Wigan Athletic led by one goal.
Sheffield United will not be able to equalize again.
In the end, Wigan Athletic won a grand slam in December by beating Sheffield United with one goal at Bramo Lane Stadium. In addition, Wigan Athletic won an amazing seven-game winning streak against West Ham United at the end of November.
There are many wars at Christmas.
Taking advantage of the winter break of other leagues, let the world’s fans pay attention to the schedule arranged by the English Football Association around Christmas, and the first game after Christmas will always be the focus battle. Recently, the fans’ eyes have been on Arsenal and Manchester United.
The two teams play at Christmas.
Arsenal made an unbeaten record in the season, and they finally beat Manchester United at Highbury Stadium with Henry’s goal.
Although I scored a goal, the game was still talked about by many fans. The English media are all paying attention to the game. The two teams played two leagues in Wigan Athletic … That may be worthless to them.
However, when the Christmas war gradually subsided, the media looked back and found that Wigan Athletic had won seven consecutive victories.
With this seven-game winning streak, they beat Ipswich to the fourth place in the Championship standings!
The media are very surprised!
Seven wins in a row …
This kind of achievement can be decorated with many compliments, and then they look up some match information. The victory against Rotherham and the win over Sheffield United were quite stable and brilliant.
They scored goals in both games and scored 15 goals in the league, and Zhang Tiehan was also discovered by them.
Soon, a new round of Zhang Tiehan’s reporting craze began again-
"Zhang Weigang Athletic No.13 points to the throne of League One shooter!"
"Zhang swept through League One!"
"Buried in the British A genius-Zhang!"
Many man of iron media who haven’t paid attention to Zhang before have started to make some reports, but in fact, what is Zhang Tiehan’s state in Wigan Athletic, what opponents he scored against, what is Zhang Tiehan’s playing style and so on, which are difficult to attract media attention.
Because he is in the second division of League One England.
What really attracts them is Zhang man of iron’s goal number, which is the most important thing. For those English big media, what is the root of League One? It can be said that the top three shooters in League One are still noticed by them, especially when a strange name appears in the top three shooters and the player is not yet 19 years old.
This is definitely worth reporting!
Many media participated in the report, such as The Sun and World Sports, which are influential in Europe, The Times and The Guardian in southern England, and so on, and some other countries’ media also made unfounded remarks.
Zhang Tiehan doesn’t know that his fame has risen a lot by squeezing into the top three scorers’ list.
At this time, he didn’t have time to worry about it.
After the game against Sheffield United, the secret period of the league in December passed for nearly ten days, and there was no venue for the team. Dever gave the players three days off
Don’t you have an appointment to celebrate a holiday?
There are Riddell, bulykin, ellington, Barnes, Makarozzi, and even the old Jackson and Roberts plus Zhang Tiehan. They are going to find a formal restaurant to have a good drink, but they can’ guide’ in bulykin. Everyone decided to come to the’ Dali Bar’ to see Riddell’s longing for Daliu and then have a drink in the bar.
It’s nothing here
But don’t worry about Janet. ellington called Janet, and then Janet called some of her girlfriends by the way
With Dali, Janet and her girlfriends, there are men and women. Everyone else is very happy and Zhang Tiehan feels very embarrassed.
Because there is a girl named Beth among Janet’s best friends …
Beth has a rare blonde hair, and her petite face is tender, especially her big eyes, which make Zhang Tiehan feel heartbroken.
When I first met ellington at Wigan Athletic, the other party wanted to introduce Beth to Zhang man of iron, and also privately brought Beth to the training ground to see Zhang Tiehan. It is said that she also had some affection for Zhang man of iron.
But Zhang Tiehan has never seen Beth.
Now that I see Beth, I can see what his look means, but I can see that Lola Zhang Tiehan can turn a blind eye, but it is impossible to sit still with such a beautiful girl’s big eyes blinking.
"Zhang, that is Beth."
Ellington was sitting next to Zhang man of iron and said to him, "How about Beth? Isn’t she beautiful? I have long said that you don’t consider a Beth who has a good impression on you. She also said that if you want to find a strong man like you …"
And those big eyes and see Zhang Tiehan secretly swallowed saliva.
Chapter ninety-two Reverse
If Zhang Tiehan was sure that he would have a crush on Beth before he met Lola.
This girl has a pair of beautiful big eyes, which are very attractive, and that petite figure is even more lovable, especially when she looks at you with a wink, you are really easy to indulge in it.
Zhang Tiehan did not dare to turn his head. He was afraid that he would be embarrassed if he looked at those eyes.
He can concentrate on drinking with his teammates.
"Come on, let’s drink! To congratulate Andy and Dali! "
"Ha ha ha said yes!"
"Sister Dali, tell me about your love story with Andy!"
Everyone else followed suit, but Dali was generous and cheerful, so she drank directly. She was a few years older than Riddell, and she was in her thirties. Zhang Tiehan and Barnes were the youngest, and it was normal to call him an aunt in terms of seniority and age.
Barnes’ sweet mouth called her sister and immediately made Dali smile.
With the introduction of Dali and the presence of many women, everyone mobilized and began to drink frequently, and soon everyone was a little more interested.
Dali turned on the bar and made great music, so they reveled with some fans who came to the bar for fun.
Show one’s ugliness …
Bulykin and ellington danced on the dance floor regardless of their girlfriends.
Riddell staged a proposal farce with Dali’s watch.
Barnes didn’t know when to hook up with a sexy girl, who sat directly on Barnes’ leg and old Roberts was still clamoring for a French french kiss face to face.
Zhang Tiehan …