-he didn’t see that crutch in his hand on weekdays. He often walks with his legs. It must be a weapon used to hit people and hurt people. It’s not too much.


Xie Hengyan narrowed his eyes and squinted. At this time, Yin Yi was full of disdain. Yin Yi never liked Xie Xie, just like he hated it.
"See what I do?" Yin Yan raised his forehead and said, "Your father is not the culprit?"
Xie Heng Yan Xianshi didn’t speak. He just raised his hand faintly and picked two withered old leaves from the tree.
Yin Yan asked, "What are you doing?"
See Xie Hengyan cleared his throat and came out with two leaves, one on the left and one on the right, each sticking to the side face in a false beard shape.
Immediately, I learned to train my disciples in every way. I poked my knees with a wooden crutch and said, "Is it because you have brought you up since childhood that you are arrogant and arrogant today, which violates the morality of our school and corrupts the ethics?"
Yin Zhu made him stunned for a long time before he came to his senses. He grabbed Xie Hengyan in anger and said, "I told you not to make fun of Master Ren!"
"Aha, hahaha, hahaha ……" Xie Hengyan grinned with fangs, which was more than laughing. "Who told you to say my dad first!"
When Yinzhu saw him laughing, she couldn’t help laughing with him and said, "It’s bad to come, so don’t let people say it?"
Xie Hengyan said, "They are all tarred with the same brush!"
Chapter 177 Put the wine
What will happen when we leave the island? At present, people can predict how the other party knows nothing about the past, and it is even more difficult to judge where the so-called "it" will be resurrected and what kind of form it will take, which will once again press everyone around and bring wanton revenge disasters.
At this moment, Xie Heng Yan Dan always feels that he seems to have given up too much when he looks at the front of him, and he can’t put anything away.
He is afraid of printing and paying to catch up with the return.
Although I have been trying to push him further, the result is often getting closer and closer.
"I’m really …" Xie Hengyan sighed. "It’s really selfish."
Xie Hengyan is a coquettish person in her mind, but she refuses to stay away from it. In fact, Yin Zhu is also a coquettish person. No matter how mature she is, in the face of sudden love, everyone is a child eager to be loved.
In the end, the two men stared at each other slightly apart, full of nostalgic faces, and suddenly they couldn’t help but want to chuckle.
"Go and call Chen Lang," Yinzhu smiled. "Don’t delay."
Xie Hengyan "hmm" and said, "Go away, don’t let him see it."
So Yin Yin walked obediently to see the puppet, who turned with two sticks in front of Chen Lang’s tent and carefully moved the long curtain.
However …
The situation was the same as the last time, and no one responded for a long time.
"Is nobody there?" Yin Yang called him "that fool doesn’t like staying at home during the day"
Xie Hengyan wondered, "It doesn’t make sense … just now, my sister in sugar water sent him food."
Yinzhu said, "Maybe I’ll leave after eating."
"You must have scared him too much!" Xie Hengyan said angrily, "Don’t follow me! You can’t control your feet!"
"…" India poured "oh"
"Let’s go, let’s go to the dock and have a look. Maybe he’s there to help." Xie Hengyan limped over and said, "How many days has our ship been shut down … half a month soon?"
Yinzhu pinched her finger and said, "I haven’t been there since you fell ill."
Xie Hengyan glared at him and said, "Three days to fish and two days to dry the net!"
If one of them limped and the other dawdled all the way to the shallow beach, it was already dark, and most of them were unfamiliar, which surprised the two of them who had not come to visit Yinxie for days.
See that several wooden frames that were loosely erected by printing and pouring earlier have been moved in succession, and a pair of firmly shaped huge keels are placed in the center of them, together with the parts needed at the bow and stern, including several accessories such as the ribs in the ship, which are equally important … Now, they have not been spliced and assembled, but they are all neatly arranged in a straw shed not far from the beach to avoid rain and dampness in spring.
"Oh, my God." Xie Hengyanbi was shocked. "Who helped to make the printing? Have you really never been here … This is amazing!"
Printing followed with a big shock. On the eve of Xie Hengyan’s illness, the drawings, wood and other things outside the wooden house were still piled up in a mess, and there were a lot of accessories needed for taking a boat. Most of them had to be squeezed from the hands of villagers … But I didn’t expect that when I opened my eyes after a serious illness, heaven would be lucky. Did God get everything ready?
Isn’t this a dream?
Xie Hengyan way "am I blind? Will the ship build itself? "
However, it turns out that he didn’t wait until the young couple looked further. Only then did he see a figure swaying around the dock and narrowing his eyes. When he looked carefully, he knew that it was the former Una who brought the boatmen, Lao Wang and Lao Zhang, and others who led their children and some new strangers. It was getting dark and they were still busy at the bow and stern.
Yin Yan carefully helped Xie Hengyan to slowly move forward. Just halfway through, suddenly Wu Qian also emerged from behind the keel and shouted excitedly "Yan Yan!"
Xie Hengyan one leng one haven’t react "yi …"
"Yan Yan finally woke up. Are you well?" Wu Qian stared at the crutches at his hand and asked sadly, "Can’t you walk?" Listen to my dad said that you can’t play after you broke your leg. "
"Um … I can’t leave for the time being, but it’s okay. Isn’t there a seal?" Xie Heng Yan Wendao "Why does Auntie come here sometimes?"
Wu Qian replied, "Dad asked us to say that you are ill, but the ship can’t stop working. Let’s just help together when we are free."
Chapter 178 The rain girl melon
"You … you heard all this?" Xie Hengyan dumb asked.
-the other they ten ripple that dialogue, he … Actually listen to it!
It’s no wonder that the whole village is so big that the villagers look up and see each other and say something, which is equivalent to a layer of paper, and there is no privacy at all.
Una is still an old saying "Tell us who it is"
Xie Hengyan banished her eyes. After a long silence, Yin Yi took the lead in opening her mouth, gently flicked her hand full of oil and pulled a rag and wiped it. She said quietly, "We have never seen anyone with our own eyes."
Una asked again, "Is it a person or a ghost?"
India poured a look at the eyes Xie Heng Yan light way "unclear"
Una was angry at her impatience, and Yang roared, "What do you mean, I don’t know? You’ve been talking for so long, how can you even describe him? "
"Brother Wu, you said that a representative of evil who lives in the nightmare of the later world, most people will show a fearful expression when they see him …" Xie Hengyan said, "Just like this, it is like a demon. No one wants to talk about it all the time. Even if you are interested in asking, we will start with it."
Una "since I don’t know why you … why say my child is him! Can’t you blame a child for failing to produce evidence? "
"You should ask Shi Lian for this." Make a sudden snatch and block Xie Hengyan from being too cold, and then look straight at Una. "We didn’t want to look at her differently. Xie Hengyan wanted to protect your child, kill her, and get rid of her."
Xie Hengyan frown way "print pour …"
"Una, I’ll ask you how much you know about Shilian’s life, background and past at the moment when she was married in front of her house?" "You probably don’t know that the ten-ripple sensitivity and anxiety come from more than 20 years of unclear and fateful wars. She is much older than you, and her fear of some things is far more than you … than we are."
"So you … you think she’s right," Una said every word. "That child is really a monster who eats human life, isn’t it?"
For Yin Yi’s silence, it seems that Xie Hengyan doesn’t want him to explain too much. However, he later explained that "Yin Yi doesn’t mean this. Whether Wu Nian is Fang Yan or not has yet to be verified … It means that Fang Yan is probably an important clue that puzzles us. Now, if you want to leave here urgently, you must know what Fang Yan needs. We have to find a way to step on his key points."
"I’m sorry, I’m not interested in knowing what he needs." Una’s cold eyes have never been heavy. "I want to prove that Wu Nian is innocent and let Lian Mei realize her mistake and accept our children again to be a mother."
Xie Hengyan suddenly looked at the seal and looked at Una again. "I feel … this is a radical reversal of sugar water. Sister has her own ideas. If you try to force her to obey your orders, I’m afraid it will deepen mutual misunderstanding and completely get rid of the deadlock."
Una’s feelings remain unchanged, and the darkness and depth of her eyes have long been shocking. "I said that this is not an order, but a righteous child needs her love. Even if she refuses to give charity, she should not give birth to a heart-killing moment and want to take the life of a child!"
Xie Hengyan busy way "eldest brother you …"
"Stop it, there’s nothing to argue with." Unallo waved his hand and slowly got up from the fire and said without thinking. "Even a rude fisherman wants to work hard to be a qualified father to protect the family behind me. After that, you didn’t do anything … I hope you don’t pretend to be righteous and get involved!"
Say that finish regardless of the two people behind confused measures look una going turned and strode away from the other drinking barbecue gathering fire alone toward the dead forest around the depths of the village and went in.
Xie Hengyan was stunned and asked behind him, "Hey, what are you going to do?"
Una didn’t give an answer, but Xie Hengyan was cold and inexplicably gave birth to a sense of foreboding. Then she stretched out her hands and hurriedly pulled Yinzhu’s sleeve and said, "Yinzhu, go after him quickly and don’t let him do anything stupid!"