This wandering is too calm, which is not a good thing for me, and it is good to provoke him to lose his discipline.


"Chen Guichen!"
The Yin soldier suddenly shouted my name, which made me shake all over, and then I saw him float out from behind me and hand in hand, "Thank you for coming forward, but I can’t make it."
I paused and hurriedly said, "I didn’t speak for Sima’s adult. Don’t worry. I said to you."
"Ha ha ….." The Yin soldier smiled mournfully. "How could I mind because of that sentence? I want to say that it’s my pleasure to swim as an adult. I should be destroyed."
"ah! ?”
I was taken aback. I looked at the Yin soldier, then at his expression and then said, "You are not afraid! Traveling is not necessarily invincible! The horse is about to dawn. If I can hold him off until he has to leave, you have to be saved. Have you seen the green gourd hanging around my waist? You can drill into it. "
"You misunderstood," Yin Bing said. "I’m not afraid of traveling to the big talent. He really helped me."
I shook my head and said, "He’s going to kill you. I can’t understand where he helped you."
The Yin soldier asked, "What do you want to see?"
I was stunned and immediately screamed, "Is it sent by Qiao Kun?"
"Yes," the Yin soldier said, "Why did Boss Joe send you Guangda? It’s very simple. When I came to you, Joe’s boss found out that Joe’s boss sent you Everbright. If you swim Everbright, you will not destroy me, but take me back and give it to Joe’s boss to interrogate me. Hehe … "
Yin Bing didn’t go on, but that means that if I ask Bai Qiaokun deeply, I will definitely dig up Sima Mao, which is bad for Sima Mao.
It’s really well-intentioned to want to swim around and destroy this Yin soldier instead of bringing him to Qiao Kun.
Shut up, Sima Mao, shut up
Listening to the Yin soldier said, "I’ve been a COP for hundreds of years, and I’m tired of getting to know you. It’s worthwhile for Chen Guichen to get to know you. Usually, few friends can listen to me. Tonight is a good time for you. Well, you’re lucky to stay out of it. If Lord Yezhong comes, it’s a miserable Chen Guichen. Remember to send it to Lord Sima. Please do it!"
I stopped and stared at Youguang again. "Being a dead person and being a ghost can’t be reincarnated forever!" It’s a complete silence. He has such a loyalty in the darkness of the border. Are you really willing to destroy him? Don’t you have any other way? "
"Let!" The wandering light suddenly waved a hand at me!
Before the palm of your hand came, a biting evil wind wrapped it up first! My hair stood on end!
I quickly twisted the gold dental floss towards the wandering arm!
Looking at the gold floss, the eyes suddenly opened wide, and the palm of your hand didn’t come back. It was still shooting at me, but the mouth "screamed" and blew out a rich black gas!
The black gas rushed to the front of the gold floss in a short time, and the gold floss was stretched straight and tight, and it was like cooked noodles falling down when it was rushed by the black gas!
I was so surprised that I quickly shook my hand and took back the gold floss to punch a hole. It seems that the Huang Cancan line has become black as ink at this moment, like a layer of paint!
This makes me even more frightened. The top ten Yin Shuai are really serious!
I drank a lot of gold dental floss and took a blank piece of paper from my pocket again with a soap-and-white photo pen, and * * also rushed out and turned into a green mountain and ran straight to swim!
Youguang saw that * * "Yi" quickly turned around and dodged that * * wiped the Youguang body and jumped on it, but the tongue quickly bounced out and touched the whole body, borrowed strength, suddenly turned around and turned around and jumped towards Youguang again!
"Good spirit!"
Swim light wowed at * * ferocious he also don’t hide to meet * * is a rich black gas gush out!
* * The little green body instantly submerged the thick black gas!
But the black gas suddenly contracted, and a moment later, the * * body revealed a mouth that grew greatly, and the belly became rounded. It turned out that * * swallowed the black gas from the swimming light!
"Uh …"
The black gas disappeared * * but it was full and burped, and then it fell to the ground and looked a little weak and tired.
This little thing is holding up again!
You never expected that the black gas you sprayed out would be absorbed by * * and I was also Zheng!
While taking advantage of this file, I have bitten the tip of my tongue, and the pen is dipped in blood, and the white paper is swaying!
In an instant, I put the soap-and-white pen in my hand, pinched the white paper and drank a "life-and-death charm!" "
With a loose finger, the white paper has drifted away towards the light!
Swimming suddenly turned back, and the pupil contracted rapidly like a snake’s eye!
"Take it!"
Seeing that this life-and-death symbol is about to float to the front of Youguang, the Yin soldier suddenly stepped forward and drank one and then came at the life-and-death symbol!
I’m really surprised!
That Yin Bing’s limited work can’t stop my life and death blow!
If you stick it to him and don’t swim around, you’ll just be gone!
I quickly removed the operation force and quickly gathered the life-and-death operator back. As soon as the life-and-death operator drifted halfway, it suddenly hit the Yin soldier’s forehead with a palm, and the Yin soldier immediately collapsed and scattered into a black smoke!
First I was shocked and then I was furious and shouted, "I’ll fight with you!" "
In the roar, I added the power to send the life and death paper suddenly forward, still towards the light!
But unexpectedly, the paper of life and death was first delayed, then suddenly moved forward, and then it split in half with a bang!
A fire lit up the paper and instantly turned it into fly ash!
My chest seems to have been hit by a heavy hammer, and I snorted and spit out a big mouthful of blood!
"What a pity! What a pity!" Sighed Youguang. "I still want to learn that your life and death are terrible. I didn’t expect that you repeatedly pushed yourself too hard, pushed yourself too hard, started to retreat, and died again. The paper couldn’t bear to destroy itself."
I’m a little dizzy all over. Indeed, as Youguang said, it’s my own fault and the Yin soldier’s fault.
I planned that I would take back the paper with all my might, and then the ghost soldier was destroyed. I let the paper go forward again, and then it failed. In the end, I ate my own fruit and was swallowed up by my own skill.
I can’t fight it. My breath is already turned around. If I force it to drive away, I will be possessed! It’s no surprise to be paralyzed!
I gave a wry smile and looked at Youguang’s way, "People are not as good as days."
"I want to play a game with you, and I don’t want to kill anyone." You Guang said, and the black smoke of the Yin soldiers suddenly turned into a lock and got into the sleeve of You Guang.
I was stunned that something was wrong with the dark tunnel. If the Yin soldier was destroyed, something congenial should be coming at me. But just now, he stopped where he was when he turned black smoke!
And now the wandering light has not swallowed the black smoke but hid it in the sleeve!
Don’t …
I mistakenly asked, "You didn’t kill him?"
"You Guang’s life has destroyed a few ghosts and escaped from the net. This one is rare and rare." You Guang said indifferently, "Since he is tired of doing ghost work, go back and give it to Sima Mao to send him to reincarnate, so he can say that the story generation is reincarnated and write."
I am overjoyed. "Why didn’t you say so earlier? I won’t play hard with you either! "
"Why didn’t you say no earlier?" Youguang smiled meaningfully. "What’s the point of meeting Chen Jiaren in Mayi but not playing?"
I Zheng heart andao this wandering is really interesting and unpredictable.
"It’s dawn and I should go," said Youguang. "He talked a lot just now, but you can remember yourself. Don’t get into Qiao Kun’s hands again!"
Qiao Kun? This tourist actually calls him by his first name!
I just froze and saw the whole body shrink inch by inch, very fast!
It’s like being melted!
"Wait a minute!" I quickly shouted, "You Guangda, what do you want to help me?"
You Guang said, "You ask too many questions."
The first chapter chihuo looking for body double
After saying this, my body disappeared completely, leaving me with a temporary solution to the puzzle.
I shook my head with a wry smile and said to myself, "It’s not that I like asking questions. Everyone doesn’t like unanswered questions, does it?"
If you want to travel carefully, it seems that you have helped me once before. Before Qiao Kun, he started to fight with me. I was accused by Qiao Kun and he spoke for me.
He is very trusted by Qiao Kun, because he, Ye Zhong and Qiao Kun have all looked for Chen Yuhuang’s troubles. It’s a common humiliation and a common enemy. But what is the reason for him to help me, Chen Jiadi? Now there is no answer.
I was absent for a moment, and then I looked around quietly. There was not a figure, not a ghost, and * * looked at me with a round belly and bulging eyes.
"You foodie, I think you will die sooner or later! Is it so delicious that the wandering light spits out something fishy? " I criticise a bent over to catch up and put it back in my pocket.
The white star didn’t come back at this time.