I walked for days and listened for a while, as if someone was digging a stone.


Look up
Only to see a small body shoveling dirt on the cliff.
"Sex sex-"
Wu Ming was a little startled by the little monster … The black-and-white pattern with round head and round brain is a bear eating iron beast!
Immediately a few steps to the front, it was less than three feet. The bear was holding a hoe and digging the soil.
When you are tired of digging, you will sit down and rest.
"What do you do?"
"planting trees"
The bear was horrified and rolled aside to see a man looking at him curiously.
Angry way: "How can you walk almost scared me to sit on the sapling?"
Wu Ming smiled and made up his mind to talk. He felt very kind.
"Sorry, this is for you."
Wu Ming took out two baby’s arms, thick and crisp, and gave birth to jade bamboo shoots, which were especially sweet from the jade bamboo in the view.
"psst ~ is it really for me?"
Nodding his head, he saw it learn to do a "yi", which took three or two pieces of bamboo shoots and put them in his mouth.
Suddenly, the bear squinted and hit it. After hitting the mouth, he was reluctant to put away the bamboo shoots and put them aside.
"Why don’t you eat?"
Wu Ming asked
"It’s delicious. I’m afraid I won’t plant trees after I can’t stand the temptation, but I’m greedy."
Bear’s eyes were fixed, but he stopped looking at the bamboo shoots and turned to dig and plant trees.
Wu Ming suddenly surprised self-discipline?
"Then what do you plant trees for?"
"Save my mother," said the bear as he shoveled the earth.
"How to save your mother by planting trees?"
Never heard of it
"The master in the temple said that when I planted persimmon trees all over this mountain, the Buddha could save my mother."
Wu Ming frowned. "Is your mother seriously ill?"
"No, she was eaten by a mountain monster."
Then it is back from the dead. If the Buddha can do it, there is no doubt that it is true.
There are monsters in the Seven-Mountain Crossing the Hundred-mile Mountain. I wonder if it’s not enough for a bear like that big snake to meet his teeth.
These Wu names are not said.
Sincerely opened the stone, maybe this bear can really work some miracles.
Wu Ming sat here and watched the bear plant trees one hoe at a time.
It’s getting dark
Bear got up and packed his hoe and backpack. One and a half bamboo shoots were wrapped in leaves in his backpack.
"You must have no place to rest since you have come a long way. Why don’t you come to my house?"
Wu Ming nodded his head.
Two climbed the cliff and stepped on the persimmon mud, one foot deep and one foot shallow. Wu Ming is still good. The bear is less than three and a half feet in the mud, so be careful to get dirty.
Along the way, persimmon trees have been planted on both sides of the mountain. Bear said that many of them were planted by other plants.
"How long have you been planting?"
"I don’t remember how many days it was persimmon in the mountains. I have eaten it nine times."
Wu Ming said nothing.
At the middle of the month, one person and one bear walked out of the persimmon tree.
There is a broken thatched cottage by the roadside.
Three or two holes in the thatch, four or five cold winds, iron clothes to cover the rain, it’s still too broken
Before the bear, he pushed a board away and said, "Please, sir."
Wu Mingjin came to the house with a door panel and a bed covered with hay. There were dozens of saplings in a vat in the corner, and then there were no more.
"Where did you get these saplings?"
Bear put his backpack away again and said, "There is a Tuoluo Temple in the east, which is where I went to get it."
See it take out a piece of cake from the woodpile to tear half a piece and hold it up to Wu Ming.
"Sir, I can entertain you at home. If you don’t mind, please invite me to dinner."
"Why don’t you eat?"
Bear swallowed and shook his head. "I’m a monster and I won’t be hungry."
Wu Ming’s heart felt a little reluctant to show it the cake and touched the bear’s head. "You eat, sir. You haven’t eaten much for a long time."
How can people not eat?
Bear was disgusted by his husband, but he was really hungry, so he tore half a cake and three parts, put two parts away and put the smallest one in his mouth to taste it carefully.
After dinner, Xiao Xiong Cao fell asleep, and Wu Ming sat there meditating.
The next day, the bear woke up and found that Mr. Wang had disappeared.
I guess I left. Why didn’t you say hello?
Then I found that there were more than ten jade bamboo shoots in the ground. Did Mr. Wang leave this?
I went out to see it, but I didn’t see anyone. I had to bring hoe saplings and backpacks. I saw more than a dozen bamboo shoots and gritted my teeth, but I left them and ate a cake before I went to the mountains.
There is a Buddhist temple about thirty miles east.
It is the only temple in Fiona Fang.
Wu Ming went to the front of the temple and shouted to the monk, "I’m being original."