It is impossible to repair the vast Lantian County overnight. Yao Junsu focused on some important places in Lantian County, and in addition, the damaged places were more serious


"General Li, when will Li Xiuning come back to attack Lantian this time?" Yao Junsu was worried and asked him that he was worried not about Li Xiuning’s attack but about the future of the Sui Dynasty. Although Yao Junsu was surprised by the temple’s performance, the situation is really too bad now!
If we can’t defend Lantian, there is no need to attack Lantian, but Yao Junsu also knows that it is necessary to fight back in the face of Li Xiuning’s expanding forces. Taking back Lantian is the first step, otherwise, as Li Xiuning gradually erodes the future, there will be no hope for ZTE only by relying on a Daxing city.
Yao Junsu is ambivalent in his heart, but he is loyal, and his face is thoughtful. Yao Junsu is a military commander, and he has a strong personality charm, but he is not as famous as Li Xi for strategy.
When Li Xueyu heard Yao Junsu’s inquiry, he also sighed slightly. When Li Yuan had just rebelled, Li Xiyu made several countermeasures, but no one adopted his plan. Li Xiyu was very discouraged and turned to consider his future.
So he went out to Shannan to recruit soldiers, but he just arrived in Shannan and was recalled by an envoy from the temple, which made Li Xiyu wonder, but then Li Xiyu found out that the temple didn’t know how to build a big city, which he had suggested.
After a long talk in the temple, Li Jiyu was particularly surprised. He found that the temple was small, but the analysis of the situation was actually well-organized like an old hand. This time, Li Jing ambushed Fengyuan and miraculously caught Duan Lun, but it was also Li Duanlun’s attack on Yongfeng Cangji Lantian, and he took Lantian skillfully. I have to say that even Li Jiyu could not do it.
Li xiyu vaguely felt that there must be something else in the temple. Judging from his current arrangement, the temple is a cautious person, and it seems that he has many secrets. For example, how did he know when Duan Lun would send troops to ambush?
I don’t know when Li Xiuning will send troops to Li Xiyu, but he thinks the temple will know, and judging from his repeated urging, he must have mastered what information. When Yao Junsu asked him, he answered, "I will send troops in Li Xiuning for two days."
YaoJunSu eyebrows a young way "two days two days! Time is short! " Yao Junsu seems that two days is too short. It will take half a month to repair Lantian, but there is no time!
There was no time when Li attacked Yu and thought that Li Xiuning would send an army in two days, but at the end of the next day, Yao Junsu sent scouts and got the news that the anti-thief 10,000 Li Shentong and Shi Wanbao were heading for Lantian. At present, they have passed the old city of Chang’ an and will arrive in Lantian in less than two hours.
When he got the news, Yao Junsu thought behind his back for a while, and immediately asked his confidant to block the city gate with soldiers, and at the same time accelerated the repair of the city. Yu Xiangdian asked for reinforcements. He knew that the temple must have got the news at this moment.
Yang You got the news at the beginning of the morning. In fact, Zhu County is not far from Daxing City. A little big military action can’t hide from Yang You’s eyes and ears, but when the news came, Yang You was also very confused.
According to the news, Li Xiuning sent Li Shentong and Shi Wanbao to attack Lantian with 10,000 troops. There is no problem with this body, which has been guessed by Yang You. However, it is said that there are still less than 15,000 anti-thieves out of the south gate of Yan County. It seems that there is a trend in South China and South China.
"Hey hey!" Yang You sneered and looked at the bone instrument for a moment and said, "Gu Aiqing, you are Jing Zhaoyin. Do you have any good ideas for this matter?"
Bone instrument can’t help but wipe the staff. Yuan family and Yuwen family are all devoted to Dugu family, especially the consort Webster’s family. Although there is no power at present, the mother of the temple is Jingzhao Webster’s famous family. No matter which one has a very hard background, no one can be offended!
Yang You suddenly smiled. He saw that Gu Yi hesitated. He laughed. "Gu Aiqing is responsible for handling everything since Jing Zhaoyin is in charge of important things in Beijing. Do you have to be selfish and afraid?"
Bone instrument nodded and said, "The temple is extremely white."
"Well, you know what they closed MiHang? Reason? " Yang You asked again.
I have inquired about this matter and replied, "I have inquired about these rice stores, and the shopkeepers all say that they are short of rice, but I think they want to hoard."
"oh? Bone love qing might as well say "Yang You nodded surprisingly bone instrument can see through this layer.
"Nowadays, the price of rice in wars all over the country is high, especially in Shandong Zhongyuan and other places, which is far more expensive than that in Beijing. Many officials have to wait for the grain price increase machine in Beijing and then throw it out at a high price for profiteering." Bone instrument said that the price of rice in Beijing was only five times before Yang You opened a warehouse to release grain recently, but Yang You’s wide range of grain opening this time made the price of rice in Beijing plummet.
Yang You pondered for a moment. He knew that there was some truth in the bone instrument rhetoric, but this was not an important reason. He laughed at this. "Bone loves Qing’s lack of food in all rice lines, and the price of rice in Beijing is stable. At this time, Ai Qing needs to be careful. They discuss opening the rice line as soon as possible."
The bone instrument said, "I obey!"
Yang You narrowed his eyes and thought carefully about the closing of Mihang. Yang You had a bottom in his heart, but the problem was that a few of them were Wei Jia and Gu Gu Shen, which made Yang You somewhat uncomfortable. If they said that they were not really short of food, but Yuan Jia and Yu Wen Jia planned the plot together, things would be much more serious.
Yang You decided to have a talk with his mother. Yang You was sure that the Dugu Martial Arts Master would not take part in the facts. The Dugu Martial Arts Master’s position was not high. I’m afraid it was Dugu Huai ‘en who got it out.
Thinking of this, Yang You commanded a few words and then walked towards his mother’s residence.
Chapter 29 Mihang ()
Wei Juan was born in Jingzhao, and Wei Shou’s daughter was a famous Wei Xiaokuan granddaughter. Jingzhao Wei’s royal family was close to Changning Wang Yang Yan and Qi Wang Yang Chang, both of whom had been the daughters of Wei family.
Wei Juan was born in a famous family, but since Yuan De died, she hasn’t been out of the palace much, and few people know her name. Because Yuan De died too early, Wei Juan’s identity is also quite embarrassing. She didn’t live in Daxing Palace, and because Yang You didn’t marry a concubine, Wei Juan lived in the East Palace with Yang You, and once lived in Yiqiu Palace.
Yiqiu Palace is full of flowers and plants, which is also the flowers and plants planted by Wei Juan in Taitai, Yuan De. After Yuan De died, Wei Juan once moved out of the East Palace, but these flowers and plants have been preserved. This season is the time when flowers bloom, and the whole Yiqiu Palace is so fragrant that people feel intoxicated.
At this time, the morning sun is rising, Wei Juan is watering the flowers and plants in the courtyard of the maid-in-waiting, and there is a small hoe on the side, and the surface is covered with mud.