Huoying office


In front of the desk, an old man who seems to be in his sixties wears a hokage hat and stares at the crystal ball table. In front of him, many tall ninjas look at the ornaments and are all forbearing.
"This grouping is good. It puts a lot of pressure on me. I’m Hokage’s adult." A young man with a full face of beards chuckled.
"It’s really a little troublesome. One is Uchibo’s genius, the other is Uchibo’s crane tail or the younger brother." Three generations of Huo Ying said.
"But speaking of all these three children, I gave them to you to teach them not to live up to my expectations of you and them."
"Well, then, father, don’t be a naruto!"
The young man agreed at once.
Chapter v group espionage
last night
Mu ye gen gen secret room
A face as dead as a log, with bandaged right hand and right face, middle-aged and old men’s tatami half narrowed his left eye and suddenly opened his left eye and stared at the meeting. Kneeling on one knee, the female ninja was hoarse and ugly in the dark room.
"Mitarashi Anko, are you sure you don’t want to join the old roots? !”
The coercion and cold sound sounded in the ear of the red bean, and the smell of the red bean trembled and bit the jade tooth firmly. "Thank you for your kindness, but my ambition is not here."
When Tuanzang heard this, she was so angry that she dared to refuse her recruitment even with a small abandonment. If the old lady was Huo Ying, how dare she question the refusal?
I don’t know when my lifelong dream will come true.
Then, the left eye is like a snake’s eyes, giving off a cold meaning, staring at the red bean tunnel in front of me. If it weren’t for the old man and the rebellious village orochimaru, how could you refuse the old man?
"Let’s all have their own opinions, but after you join a new team, there is Uchihiro’s greatest genius in recent years. Do you want to keep an eye on his every move and report all the information with him and Uchihiro to the old man? !”
Tuan Zang Li drinks a pause and then says, "It’s allowed by Huo Ying."
Red bean nodded and agreed, "It’s the one who said that Uchiha Shisui needs to keep an eye on him, so his members …"
Tuan Zang impatiently waved his hand. "The remaining crane tail is the strength of the balance team. Although it is also the Uchihiro family, it is a waste. No matter what he does, he can get Uchihiro information by stopping water and then report it to the old man."
Red beans nod to make a retreat.
I don’t know when this sense of humiliation and self-restraint will be broken when I look at the small figure of red bean and hide in my eyes and give it to a little forbearance, but also with the help of three generations of hokage names.
The group’s eyes were wandering, and it occurred to me that many Sanren left Kyubi no Youko to explode four generations of sacrificial Muye Village, which was deeply hit, and the surrounding villages were ready to move; Moreover, during the Kyubi no Youko riots, Kyubi no Youko’s eyes appeared Uchihiro sharingan Gouyu, which must have something to do with Uchihiro. He was so worried about foreign invasion that three generations of old and fatuous people tried to appease the outside world by peaceful means.
How is this possible? If I am Huo Ying, how can I …
Muye Huoying Office
Wearing a hokage hat and a white robe, the old man sat at his desk with a pipe in his mouth. His gentle eyes fell before his eyes and he stood tall and straight.
"It looks like a tall and straight body, calm expression, especially upright eyes with my good friend Uchiha Kagami."
Three generations of trance seem to recall the time when they and their companions were in high spirits.
"Ahem, Uchiha Shisui has given you a secret and arduous task, that is, to monitor the high-level actions and words of Uchibo people, especially the heads of families and elders, and report to me directly if they have any bad actions against the village."
Water stop lang promised not to hesitate or refuse because he is Uchihiro.
Three generations of satisfaction nodded and praised their good friend Sun very much. Today’s surveillance was not a whim. Of course, it was after careful consideration and the spy candidate passed many tests before choosing the water stop.
Two hours later, Uchihiro was stationed in the dark room of the ancestral temple.
A tall man with a round fan logo printed on his back was kneeling behind the wall with his back to a teenager who looked familiar and came back to Uchiha Shisui.
"Stop water. Where have you just been?"
There is no doubt that the tone of the tall man said is Uchiha Fugaku, the patriarch of Uchihiro.
Behind one knee to young insipid said, "I went to hokage office there"
"well! What did the three generations say? "
"He said that his friend Uchiha Kagami’s descendants didn’t embarrass his best friend, and he was very satisfied with my graduation performance. I hope I can continue to work hard."
Uchiha Fugaku smell speech satisfaction nodded and said, "Stop water. You should know that you are Uchihiro. Your meaning is that Uchihiro’s family is glorious and alive. Among Uchihiro’s family, you are the best one with Huoying and Presbyterian Church. Tell me if there is any trouble over there. Is it white? !”
Finally, Uchiha Fugaku’s harsh tone and fierce eyes stared at the water stop like a wounded hungry wolf.
Stop water, look indifferent and calm, "white"
"The last group, Uchiha Shisui, Mitarashi Anko and Uchibo Chiba, instructed Ren Fei to help."
Finally, Mr. Tang Dog Junhua announced the remaining combination Chiba looked at the water stop and finally set his eyes on the girl in beige trench coat.
It’s not unexpected to be in the water stop group. Although Chiba can graduate smoothly, after all, it’s the result of the crane tail. According to the principle of team balance, it’s natural to partner with the first water stop and then add a tiger balm girl.
Isn’t that what naruto routines are all about? Sanren class, Watergate class, Kakashi class.