Liu Yu single-handed negative stand around the wind since a guru airflow crazy spin up.


At this moment, he is not an ordinary teenager, but the Tibetan mastiff species at the top of the field is directly suppressed by these two mighty momentum.
Tibetan mastiff’s compliance is extremely low.
But at the moment, it was directly suppressed by Liu Yu’s aura
"Come with me."
Liu Yu tamed two ferocious Tibetan mastiffs without moving a single eye. Well, at this moment, these two big guys don’t belong to Yao Hai but his loyal guards.
"Liu Tianxuan? You are Liu Tianxuan … Ha, ha, ha. Didn’t you think that the arrogant man in the imperial city would fall to this point? "
A dressed up like ancient torture room, Yao Hai sat on a soft sofa in the room, holding a goblet and shaking blood red champagne.
He looked at the man who was tied up in the dark light opposite with great satisfaction and drank champagne to congratulate him.
Although he has been overseas all the year round, he knows very well about those things in the imperial city.
"I said, how can your baby be so powerful? Did you come here willingly to leave your family to keep that thing?" Yao hai corners of the mouth across a sharp shade.
"Ha ha, only when you are full and have nothing to do will you believe those unrealistic rumors."
Liu Tianxuan sneered that he was in danger now, but there was no fear. On the contrary, he had released his pride.
He doesn’t think a small role can despise him.
"You know what? I hate your eyes very much. "
Yao Hai nu way goblet was smashed all over the floor just Liu Tianxuan that eyes completely angered him!
At the beginning … Liu Yu was so rebellious. His eyes were high and his place was always dim.
"Oh ~ ~ ~ Little worm, do you want to kill an elephant? I’m sure you will kneel in front of my son for mercy before long." Liu Tianxuan smiled coldly and confidently.
"Ha ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ you how much your baby? Don’t worry, he may have gone first last night. "Yao Haibing smiled coldly. Last night, Huang Tianhu personally brought the three factions to kill Liu Yu, which was the mistresses.
Liu Tianxuan was slightly heavy and didn’t speak.
"Now I’ll give you one last chance. You didn’t hesitate to leave your family to hold on to something!"
Yao Hai’s eyes became greedy and crazy.
Everyone in high-level circles knows how surprised Liu Tianxuan, the stirring man of the Imperial City, was more than ten years ago. No matter how outstanding and outstanding his peers are, they will look so bleak together.
That is, Liu Tianxuan pushed the Liu family into the ranks.
Liu Jiake, who came to the imperial capital, can further stabilize the ranks of more than a dozen families in China, but Liu Tianxuan’s refusal to marry led to a family fate.
Later, Liu Tianxuan just disappeared into everyone’s eyes.
"Hey, hey, what are you? I’m afraid it’s not that easy for you to get my things."
Liu Tianxuan grinned with a strong irony.
"good! In this case, go with your son. Hahahaha, it’s really exciting that the man of the hour actually died my hand. "
Yao Hai gave a grimace of a grin. After talking in front, he was not surprised by Liu Tianxuan’s decision
Even if he doesn’t say, he still has an interrogator
Yao Hai got up and left this torture room. When he walked to the door, he said coldly to the bodyguards.
Half of these bodyguards around him are taken in by him, and all of them are ruthless and have been contaminated with human lives.
However, Yao Hai, who just knocked on the door and was ready to go out, slowly returned back.
He stared straight ahead.
The two Tibetan mastiffs moved in step by step like lions.
"Somebody let them out. Bodyguards!"
Yao Hai was scared out of a cold sweat behind him, but he came to a very huge chain, but he looked at it and left them with a broken neck, which seemed to be broken by living.
Several bodyguards quickly aimed at two Tibetan mastiffs before holding guns.
"Wait, don’t kill mom!"
These two Tibetan mastiffs are purebred, but he spent millions to buy them, and he was also distressed that imported beef killed him.
But sometimes he can’t control these two animals, so he just lets them watch the door outside the hall.
"Do you know what crime you have committed?"
Suddenly, a young man came to the corridor outside the door with a strong murderous voice.
"Poof ~ ~ ~ ~" One
The rise and fall of Yao Hai is like being hit hard by a high-speed truck and then bouncing off the wall, which directly explodes into a fuzzy mass, and there is a deep dent in the wall.
"That’s a capital crime."
Then two Tibetan mastiffs poured in madly, and then they bit and killed these bodyguards and caught them off guard.
These people are all wanted for debts. It’s no pity to die.
Chapter 193 Go to hell. Where else can I go?
This torture room is a miserable place called continuous.
The two Tibetan mastiffs are tall and fierce as tigers. When they bite the local base, they can crush the hand bones.
If it’s a neck, then a blow will kill you.
This is the result of Liu Yu’s killing. There is no reason to live and continue to talk nonsense.
That is, he can kill if he wants.
He cut off the rope automatically with a single flick of Liu Tianxuan’s hand.
"Make the vitality potion make the object Liu Tianxuan"
"Ding makes success"
Before he arrived, Liu Tianxuan had been beaten severely, and three broken ribs were old wounds, and his feet became worse because of aggravation.
These are stubborn diseases for many years, but this department was recovered by Liu Yu’s drop of potion.
"You … are you Xiao Yu?"
Liu Tianxuan looked at the dark corridor and seemed to prove something.
A long time …
Liu Yu walked out of Liu Tianxuan and said "no"
Liu Tianxuan paused. Although the other party appeared, he didn’t see clearly because of the dark environment.
"Oh … thank you." Liu Tianxuan’s eyes calmed down and he didn’t ask again.
"Who else was caught besides you?" Liu Yu asked, after sweeping the whole villa, Lin Yunxia was not found.
Liu Tianxuan did not answer.
"Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, Yao Hai. We have been tracking him down for a long time." Liu Yu made up a lie.