Because Xiao Lianqin knew the meaning of the song "Phoenix Begging for the Phoenix" in Master’s heart, Su Qinghou played it several times over the years. Xiao Lianqin didn’t know that Master loved it so much. Later, when she grew up, she finally realized that Master missed a woman.


The woman’s name is Liu Yuqin.
So Xiao pitied Qin Bai, even if Master can’t remember, but this poem "Phoenix Begging for the Phoenix" is like Master’s martial arts that has been dissolved into his life for a long time and has never forgotten it.
Sure enough, Su Qinghou felt a wonderful feeling when he heard this song.
So Su Qinghou rode the eagle back towards the flute.
Xiao Liu Qin looked back at the light in Master’s eyes.
Eagle son carried Su Qinghou to fly to dozens of feet away from Xiao Lianqin. Su Qinghou swept from the eagle’s back and then lightly landed in golden Yuan Ye.
Then Sue light hou slowly coming towards xiao flow jean.
Xiao flow piano flute also came to an abrupt end.
She tugged at her mask to reveal her beauty.
She dumped her hair.
A gust of wind blew to pity Jean’s hair.
Her face is also full of the most touching smile.
Her eyes are full of affection.
This moment may be the most beautiful moment of her life.
Sue light hou while walking towards her staring at her.
Shaw flow jean also goes to Sue light hou.
Sue light hou suddenly called a.
"Flow jean …"
Master recognized her, which made Xiao Lianqin cry.
Xiao Lianqin shouted, "Master!"
Then Xiao Lian Qin quickened her pace, and Golden Yuan Ye ran to Master and to her for happiness!
Sue light hou also speed up the pace of his call.
"Pity Qin … girl!"
"Master! I am your pity piano, I am your girl … "
Shaw flow jean excitedly responded as he ran.
The distance between them is also shortening.
Xiao Lian Qin fell in love with her master at the beginning of her love life.
However, there are too many difficulties in the secular world. Over the years, Xiao Lianqin has been able to hide her burning love for Master.
After all the storms, disasters, joys and sorrows, Xiao Lianqin has come a long and hard way.
But now she and Master are getting closer and closer.
Master is no longer "out of reach"
Finally, Xiao Liu Qin ran to Su Qinghou and bravely threw himself into Su Qinghou’s arms.
Sue light hou will xiao flow jean hugged him, "girl I find you find good hard"
Xiao Lian Qin wept with joy, and she said, "Master! Lin Yi and I went back to Liu Yuan to find Hu Ling’s hidden soul bones … I found the handkerchief that said,’ It’s enough to pity Qin to accompany me for the rest of my life in the future after a feud breaks up’. Master girl is kind! Girl is so happy! For the rest of my life, the girl will never leave the master girl and accompany you to the ends of the earth … "
Sue light Hou smiled a warm smile.
He said, "It’s enough to have a girl to accompany me."
Then the eagle flew to the top of his head.
It also seems to be constantly chirping happily by the flapping wings of the two emotional contagion.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen People flocked to the blood beach (1)
Su Jiner and others went to Jinzhou first and then settled in a mansion.
An hour later, Xiao Liu Qin came back with Su Qinghou.
In order not to expose himself, Xiao Liu Qin wore a mask again.
They were so happy to see Sue Light Hou coming back that they asked him to inquire after him.
Zuo Jingjing and Zeng Tengyun were Su Qinghou in those days, and both of them had great respect for Su Qinghou. Seeing Su Qinghou again was full of emotion.
There are more than 20 younger brothers from the South Courtyard who bow down to Sue Light Hou with excitement.
However, Su Qinghou could not recognize them except Xiao Lian Qin Gen, which made Zeng Tengyun and others feel lost and sad.
Su Jiner hugged Xiaofu and said, "Dad, I’m Jiner!"
Xiao Lian Qin said to Su Qinghou, "Master, he is your daughter Brocade, and her little girl is your granddaughter Xiaofu …"
Sue light hou naturally believe xiao flow piano.
And Xiao Liu Qin patiently told Su Qinghou some people and things on the way back.
Su Qinghou lost his memory. Xiao Lian Qin is his memory.
Without Xiao Lian Qin Su Qinghou, he lost his past.
At present, Su Qinghou, his daughter and grandson, is excited. He opens his arms to Brocade and Xiaofu.
Su Jiner threw her daughter into her father’s arms.
Everyone was moved when they saw this scene.
Su Jiner also quickly asked her daughter to call grandpa.
Xiaofu is immature and blames Su Qinghou. She said, "Hum Niang often remembers that my grandfather said that you are the most admirable hero in the sky, but you are not obedient at all. Where is the master? It is simply a disobedient’ old child’. "
Hearing this, the people couldn’t help being dumb.