This great change in Qinglian Lake has made everyone feel uneasy.


"If I don’t live."
The demon genius said such a horrible fact, and his breath fluctuated greatly, which exceeded his reality.
The four of them didn’t talk, but they all thought about the same question in their hearts. If they can carry it through?
"poof! !”
Suddenly, this long flight splashed with blood, followed by the sight of Liu Yu’s figure being shocked and flying out of his mouth. The blood was extremely bleak.
This scene is obvious to all.
Liu Yu was forced to come from the earthquake in Qinglian Lake, and it seems that the injury is not light
"It’s not good for us to withdraw!"
Taiyi God reacted most quickly, "Things will come out soon". No one questioned his judgment at this moment, and the guy who came out from the bottom confirmed Taiyi God’s judgment was right. It was a three-headed and six-armed stone man with a smiling face, and the Buddha was sad to help the world.
As soon as this stone man got up from the bottom of the water, his body was as high as the mountain, and the giant was terrified.
The stone population roared and the mountains and rivers were about to break in an instant. This is a real immortal! Its hands leaned out and directly flew the ancient temple from half a smash. This scene surprised everyone. The ancient temple was more mysterious since ancient times, but at the moment it was slapped and flew like a waste.
"Hey!" The hall of ancient immortals fell heavily, and the ground smashed out a huge pit.
At the same time, a ghost mountain tens of thousands of miles away swept the top of the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, and he looked at Zhongzhou as far as he could see.
"Oh, how did you get it out?"
Ghost dust appeared behind the old man and bowed slightly. "How could a thousand-handed prisoner choose this life?"
The ghost mountain was silent. "The dark age of the thousand-handed prisoner’s turmoil is one respect. When it chooses to sleep, it will be peaceful forever. What will it be born now?"
I am afraid that troubled times are coming.
"What kind of monster is this!"
God, eyes are all gathered here
The huge stone man was born with compassion from Qinglian Lake, and it was too scary to fly the ancient temple with his bare hands.
The thousand-handed prisoner took a step and landed directly. The earth shook in an instant and the mountain shook.
No one understand what its purpose is.
Chapter 675 Terran statue appeared
It’s too far away since ancient times.
In addition to the older generation, they may also know that this thousand-handed prisoner demon is difficult for the world to understand today, so that it can fly away with a slap.
The royal ice clan was the first to respond. They recalled all the members, including Wang Bo’s ice girl department. They are not only two major forces, but also the most important hope for the future. They must not be lost.
At that time, everyone evacuated around violet lake.
The monster with thousands of hands is too fierce. This fierce power is too terrible. Just reaching out and taking off the ancient temple is enough to make thousands of people stunned. This guy is definitely a deity. When Liu Yu perceived it, it was wrong. It didn’t show its true strength. How can a statue have deified strength from sleeping forever to now? I’m afraid it’s all deified.
When today is an era when respect is not obvious, it is not good luck to run out of a strong person with respect at this time.
"Brother Liu!"
The Xuan door saint moves the secret method and then wants to move it to Liu Yu unnoticed, but the thousand-handed prisoner seems to have sensed something. A terrible coercion gently hangs down, and the foot collapses the mountains and mountains. A shock is just the afterglow, which makes the Xuan door saint spray blood and go back hundreds of miles.
"Forcing Liu Yu to die?"
In this scene, many people can see that Liu Yu is not very good at talking, but it is difficult to have some bad feelings when witnessing the fall of a genius.
At this time, Ya appeared around Liu Yu and surprised everyone.
Who is she?
How come … How dare she get close to a thousand-handed prisoner?
"Captain, how long do you need to repair it now?"
Liu Yu’s appearance was seriously damaged. If it wasn’t for jade bone’s cultivation of Dacheng, he had the effect of nirvana, otherwise this terrible blow would put him in an extremely dangerous situation.
"One day at the earliest!"
Although it is nirvana, this second turn is not really effective, and the speed is very slow.
However, in just a few seconds, when they talked, the hands of thousands of prisoners were suppressed in this direction, and the impact of terror was like a gust of wind and murderous look. The sand was flying on the ground and Shiya picked up Liu Yu, which was very thrilling. After a tumble, he plunged into the bottom of the violet lake, hoping to hide this huge trouble for a while.
"If the energy of Yas hadn’t run out, we would have just been able to escape with the function of delivering."
Yas is not the top technology. Only an aircraft carrier can a warship be compared with a giant monster like the strong, so it can resist by law.
A thousand-handed prisoner’s defeat was immediately followed by a roaring roar wave of terror, like a tornado, which blew away all the vegetation and rocks in the Qinglian Lake, a thousand miles away from Fiona Fang. The monks outside Wan Li saw all this through the stone platform, but the stone platform was still unable to resist the roaring power and it was broken with a click.
At that time, people will know the situation in this area of Qinglian Lake again.
Soon, another stone platform flew out of the sky, and this thousand-handed prisoner has become the first thing to note today.
How awesome is this?
The demon with thousands of hands glanced at the world, which had been sleeping for too long. This era has long since changed, and it is no longer the current age. Finally, it actually set its eyes on the deep pit, and the ancient fairy temple stepped up and walked past with an earthquake. This huge ancient fairy temple was like a model in its hands and was easily picked up by it.
The flaming eyes looked at the things in their hands as if they were their own, and then it made a scary move and threw it directly into the violet lake.
"Come out"
This thousand-handed prison demon spoke and looked into the sky like an extinct Jack nife releasing Buddha to pierce the sky. Sure enough, an old man appeared in the clouds that day. This resonance from the avenue completely shocked both heaven and man.
This momentum rhymes like the rolling tide in the sea, which makes many monks feel that their hearts are suppressed by a huge stone. This is from the suppression of the realm. This is … respecting the strong!
The strongest in this world!
Terran statue appeared.
The old man took a few breaths and came to the side of the Qinglian Lake. The breath of travel-stained years could not be stopped. However, this thousand-handed prisoner was comparable to his eyes. "Have you forgotten the contract before the ages?"
"That woman is far away from this world, and no one can stop the solitary king, but now that she is back, what’s wrong with the solitary king being born?"
A thousand-handed prisoner said that the rolling sound was like thunder, and the thunder pool was mighty. If a mansion was so close, it would be shocked to death by this fierce power.
The old man seems to be shocked by the news, and his face is getting ugly.
They can’t break the contract before the ages.
"You are just a wisp of residual thoughts. What qualifications do you have to stand in front of the lonely king?"
The burning eyes of the thousand-handed prisoner immediately became blazing. One of its three heads woke up. If we wait for his two heads to wake up, who will be its opponent in this world?
"Ha ha you don’t also didn’t finish recovery? Go home … You shouldn’t choose this time to wake up. "
The old man was not caught by accident, and his old eyes were not moved.
"With you?"
The six arms of the thousand-handed prisoner are flamboyant, and each palm suddenly bursts into light like the scorching sun, like the immortal light that is about to penetrate this sky.
In a huge explosion, this piece collapsed, even the virtual storm fell out, completely sinking the 100-meter territory of Fiona Fang, but the ancient temple of immortals appeared magically, and the magic gang in both sides was really a boom. The bronze of the ancient temple of immortals roared and oscillated, which also made the whole sky resound with metal moans.
I don’t know when I saw the ancient fairy hall, but there was a beautiful woman who was dressed like a goddess. She was wrapped in ice and mysterious light, accompanied by a horrible breath, such as the mighty mist in the morning mountain stream, which stretched for three thousand miles
"You don’t want this head? If not, I will help you dust off this time. "
Chapter 676 A year later
The thousand-handed prisoner was shocked to see this woman, and it was unwilling.