"It is tantamount to helping me!"


Two tail and brigade voice just fell off cross-country doubt is hesitated for a moment.
I really don’t know whether to pick it up or not because of the olive branch thrown by the two-tailed brigade.
However, feeling the power of Nara’s imprint still hangs over me, and that feeling of being on pins and needles is attacking the cross-country heart, which is to make cross-country make a decision while clenching its teeth.
That is …
The olive branch is poisonous, so you have to pick it up!
Chapter 483 Negotiation two tails
The olive branch is poisonous, so you have to pick it up!
Nara brand power is not cross-country can resist.
Moreover, I really saw the power of Nara brand, and I really realized that Hokage is controlling the means of the three families in the autumn mountain of Nara, or what kind of power is contained in the means of controlling the three families? That force feels the invasion and makes the cross-country feel that the power of the powerful is a joke, at least in front of Nara brand, the power of the powerful is a joke.
When Naizhong accepted the olive branch from Erwei Youlv, on the one hand, he was worried about the idea of Erwei Youlv, fearing that Erwei Youlv would encroach on his own body, and he was always ready to fight back with the remaining mental energy in the Yin Dun brand. On the other hand, he was thinking about learning more Yin Dun secrets from Erwei Youlv, at least cracking Nara brand. Cross-country felt that he had to get it from Erwei Youlv.
On how to pay the price, cross-country is a must for Nara imprint cracking!
That’s right!
From that promise words of Erwei Youlv, we know that Erwei Youlv must have a way to crack Nara’s mark. Otherwise, even if Erwei Youlv can control the cross-country body, it will still face the damage of Nara’s mark in the cross-country yin dun imprison. It has long been heard that the appearance of Nara’s mark in the mountains is a whirlpool created by the first generation of Huoying, the second generation of Huoying and other thousand-handed clansmen to force Nara and other three clans to bend.
right after
I almost gave my body to Erwei Youlv to control. In an instant, when my consciousness retreated inside the Yin dun brand, cross-country was to observe Erwei Youlv carefully. I wanted to observe the method of Erwei Youlv to crack Nara brand.
But let cross-country never thought that it was two tails and traveling to crack Nara’s mark. The method was so violent!
The method it uses turns out to be that the power of Nara’s imprint collided with each other!
In an instant, the two-tailed brigade controls the dark blue ghost fire, which collides with the Nara brand emitted by the off-road body. Even if the off-road consciousness retracts to the Yin dun brand, two huge forces can be felt colliding together. Of course, these sounds can’t be heard in the outside world, just like Gang Shou Ji was slightly surprised that the off-road can be solved before the injury, and then it can shock the off-road to control the ghost fire of the two-tailed brigade.
When the ghost fire collided with the power of Nara’s brand, the dark blue and dark light intertwined, so it was true that the cross-country felt relaxed. Obviously, the ghost fire at the end of the journey had already played its role. It was the power of Nara’s brand that offset each other, making it unnecessary for cross-country to be suppressed by Nara’s brand.
However, just after the ghost fire ended, Erwei Youlv controlled the cross-country body. A pair of dark pupils have become animal pupils. Looking at Gang Shou Ji’s eyes, I found that Erwei Youlv wanted to kill Gang Shou Ji. He said in his spiritual communication that "Erwei Youlv doesn’t hurt the woman in front of you. She still has it."
"oh? Your human feelings are really strange! "
Listening to the cross-country words, Erwei and Lu Leng Leng are very disdainful and say, "Shadow Master, the woman in front of you wants to kill you. Aren’t you going to give her some color to see see? Just now, she made the curse a little stronger, and now you can’t communicate with me. Your consciousness has long since vanished, so I advise you to kill the woman in front of you if possible … "
"you’d bet kill everyone who has that curse power!"
"Curse power?"
There is no doubt about the meaning of killing Gang Shou Ji in Erwei Brigade. Cross-country attention is completely put in Erwei Brigade’s name for Nara’s power, and he is very curious that the arm ban from the whirlpool clan has become a so-called curse in Erwei Brigade’s mouth.
It’s a pity that cross-country and two-tailed travel are very unstable. I feel that even if there is a problem, two-tailed travel can’t answer it. Soon, my eyes gradually become dignified. I said directly with two-tailed travel, "If you dare to kill the woman in front of you, even if you are desperate, I will suppress you back to my shadow. It should not be said that it is a soul crystal. Remember that your body is me, not you."
"What …"
"You must obey my orders!"
"Hum, kid, don’t ask me to call you a shadow mage, so you can do your own thing!"
"Since the matter? Erwei, it seems that you are going to die with me! "
Two tail and brigade refute a cross-country corners of the mouth is raised with a faint sneer.
One second!
Without the slightest hesitation, cross-country suddenly broke out in its own Yin dun brand, and the spiritual energy once again suppressed the source power of Erwei and Lvyou back into the Yin dun brand in minutes. Erwei and Lvyou obviously never thought that cross-country would have a desperate determination, and because of this, they felt that their source power would be imprisoned in the cross-country Yin dun brand, and Erwei and Lvyou directly admitted that "I lost the negotiation with the Don’t Shadow Master, and I promised you not to kill that woman."
"It’s just like I said before. Your human feelings are really strange!"
"Bad that woman seems to have to kill us again! Now that I have negotiated, I have promised you not to kill that woman. The Shadow Master will quickly let go of the suppression of me, or even I will be able to save the day! "
"Hum, it’s up to you!"
Negotiation cross-country victory, two-tailed and disastrous trip