"I had a dream."


"Oh?" This sentence obviously aroused the interest of imperial doctor. He stopped what he was doing and turned to face Yan Re.
Yan Re went on to say, "I dreamed of a Taoist priest who looks exactly like you."
She stared straight at the imperial doctor’s eyes in wait for a while, never letting go of a detail, but after this was said, there seemed to be no fluctuation in the imperial doctor’s eyes.
"So that’s why you called me Taoist several times." Although my eyes are full of waves, my face is smiling. "Then what?"
"He killed me"
The imperial doctor also looked at Yan Ruo directly. "Do you think I am like him?"
Yan Re didn’t see anything in the imperial doctor’s body and didn’t dare to make a move. She smiled and sat down on the bamboo texture. "How come, brother, you won’t hurt me, right?"
Imperial doctor looked at her sitting on the ground and suddenly frowned "cool"
Chapter 15 Chapter 15
The house leader, the younger brother and Yan Re are all around the bed and watching intently.
The imperial doctor held his chest and leaned aside. When he saw this picture of them, he directly said, "What are you looking at? Spread out a little."
Although the imperial doctor’s tone was bad, they listened to him abnormally at this time. After they dispersed, they saw little Ah Cheng sitting by the bed. He held the evil man’s face with his little hand and watched it carefully.
How can you say he is serious? My little face is almost wrinkled. Are you serious?
Because Cheng didn’t speak, no one dared to speak, and then a long time passed …
There was no sound in the room, as if a cool breeze had blown and you could hear the wind passing through the air …
Although Yan Re knows the truth, will it be a bit too long to wait?
Obviously, the imperial doctor also felt that he had waited for a long time, so he broke the silence. "What did you see?"
"This ….." Ah Cheng was awkward. When this man was first carried in, Ah Cheng probably took a glance at the injury, but he didn’t see this man’s serious problem just now.
He didn’t react until he thought of the medicine given to him by the imperial doctor last night. Perhaps it was a magical medicine. Now this person needs to cultivate for a while before he can recover.
But how can he say this?
"Afraid of what? Say whatever you want. "
With the encouragement of the imperial doctor, Cheng took a deep breath and said, "It’s no big deal. I’ll prescribe a prescription for a while and I can recover it. It was because of yesterday …"
As he spoke, he suddenly saw that he leaned against the imperial doctor and raised his hand and put his finger on his lips. He made a silence.
Cheng is also white. It seems that his master doesn’t want the leader’s sister to know that he cured this person.
He simply put it another way: "Yesterday, the leader’s sister knelt outside the door and was moved! This talent will be so fast. "
Cheng didn’t mean anything when he said this again. It didn’t look like nonsense, which made Yan Re very confused.
And this kind of fuck? She can’t afford to kneel outside the door and be moved? Believe it or not, she doesn’t believe it …
"Then when will he wake up?"
Ah Cheng looked at the evil | teacher lying in bed again and said, "Wait a little longer. I should be able to wake up today."
When he finished, he jumped from the bed. "I’ll prescribe medicine first, and the leader sister will rest first. I’ll take care of it."
Watching him leave the Leader’s Mansion, the talent slowly asked, "Just now, he said … that man was moved by the Leader to be cured?"
Another person accosted "… it seems that this is true."
"Is that so?"
Hear them discuss YanRe also embarrassed her dry cough a "talk about what? Why don’t you go and see if Ah Cheng needs help? "
People in the Leader’s Mansion all nodded to see Ah Cheng go to the room, and now there are Yanre imperial doctors and the evil | religious person lying in bed.
YanRe turned to still see his eyes closed by imperial doctor, as if in repose, and there was a slight sunshine shining in the window, just shining on him.
A white dress is like a feast for the eyes.
It’s so much like it. Yan Re looks at that face exactly like a world leader and is thinking.
He said he was a Taoist priest, but he didn’t see anything strange. He said he wasn’t a Taoist priest, but he gave Yan Re a strange feeling that he couldn’t say.
I felt Yan Re’s eyes open slightly and asked her, "Is it nice?"
YanRe heart suddenly a surprised that moment as if she returned to the lich king temple near the small forest.
In the dark moonlight, the Taoist priest wearing a blue robe smiled at her evil spirit. "Miss Li has just seen being original for a long time, but she thinks being original is very good-looking?"
Knowing that I was shaking my head, Yan Ruo came back and avoided the eyes of the doctor. The doctor smiled and said, "Sister, have you seen enough?"
At this moment, the imperial doctor seemed to think of the Taoist priest Yanre as if he had overlapped with the Taoist priest. He couldn’t help but look black and naturally could not give a good attitude.
Seeing Yan Ruo’s silence, the imperial doctor spoke first. "I told you that Acheng’s medical skills didn’t lie to you, did I?"
Yan Re suddenly spoke to him. Where did he see Ah Cheng begin to heal that man?
Yan ruo didn’t want to continue discussing this topic. She looked at the bed and was still in a coma. "You didn’t promise to save people before because he was an evil person?"
The imperial doctor did not shy away from this topic and said, "haven’t you always known? Do you still need to ask?"
If the imperial doctor is Lu Yunfei’s childhood sweetheart, Lu Yunfei naturally knows, but she is not Lu Yunfei. How can she know the specific reason …
Although she’s not 100% sure, she thinks it’s due to family and personnel.
"haven’t you released it yet?"
The imperial doctor said lightly, "Just because I don’t retaliate doesn’t mean I don’t care."
Well, this sentence is enough to prove that it is because of family and personnel that people don’t save people.