Not the same as farming, parents are welcome to collect stolen chicken and not eat rice.


Fengzhu looks like Fengyoutian is a shoo-in. I have to say that if it is changed, Fengzhu may really be blackmailed. If you touch this kind of thing, it will also be ridiculous. But in the eyes of others, it is more like she is unreasonable, even if she is reasonable, she will become unreasonable.
Feng Youtian held out his hand firmly and his eyes flashed proudly and said, "Call the fish out! Eva is still waiting to eat milk! "
Phoenix bamboos squinted and said, "The lake was calm just now, but the bottom of the lake was turbulent."
People don’t know what Bai Fengzhu means by these words. They naturally know the situation of the lake. That’s why it’s difficult to catch fish in the lake. The fish has long since disappeared. Sometimes you can’t fish for a long time. Don’t be ridiculous. The fish ate the bait and ran away. Fishing is purely feeding the fish!
Fengzhu asked Feng Youhan, "How do the villagers catch fish? I’m not sure. Can you tell me one? "
When asked about Feng You, he said, "We all fish with sharpened sticks and speared fish. It’s too slippery to catch fish directly. If you catch fish, catch it in the east of the lake, where the current is milder and easier to catch."
Feng Youhan was slapped in the back of his head just after he finished speaking. "You just stay here and say how to catch fish, and where to catch fish and what to do?" Feng Youhan was beaten and didn’t know what was wrong. He smiled two times.
Fengzhu went on to say, "So you should catch fish like this when you come to Fengtian!"
Feng Youtian didn’t say anything, so someone helped to answer, "Youtian naturally catches fish in this way. Why do you ask these questions or return the fish to others quickly!" Fengzhu’s failure to return the fish has made people impatient.
Fengzhu, however, looked at Fengyoutian calmly no matter how anxious the villagers were, and asked, "Are the villagers right?"
Feng Youtian looked at Fengzhu’s calm wave and his eyes suddenly rose with a strange feeling. Before Fengzhu met this matter, he must have been grumpy and swearing, but today Fengzhu was indifferent from beginning to end. Even the calm eyes made him feel a pressure and forced him to nod his head.
Fengzhu saw that he nodded his head and said to the crowd, "As you can see, Fengyoutian has admitted that it is a stick fork fish. I said that these two fish are not him."
Fengzhu opened the leaves wrapped in fish to show everyone that Cong was too white to turn around and asked, "How can this be proved?"
Phoenix is stupid, but it is an interface. "There will be blood holes in the fish with sticks and spearfish, but these two fish have nothing to do. This fish is really Fengzhu’s own grasp of Tian Ge’s fish, which should have been taken away by its prey." Phoenix is stupid, but it is not stupid
Feng Youtian didn’t expect Fengzhu to wait for him here. It seems that these two fish can’t be obtained, so he said, "It’s really not my fish." Feng Youtian can greedily look at the fish in Fengzhu’s hand and there is nothing he can do.
Others have nodded and said, "It seems that we misunderstood Tian, so you should admit that you are unlucky!" Fengzhu, don’t feel wronged. You haven’t done anything good all day! "
Listen to everyone’s natural tone. Fengzhu’s mouth is pumping. She deserves it. She is suspected of deserved it. She has been misunderstood. She doesn’t even have the qualification to claim compensation?
When they saw that things had been solved, they were going to go home, but when they turned their heads, they heard Fengzhu shout, "Wait, I haven’t finished yet! I didn’t take Feng Youtian fish, but Feng Youtian wants to be greedy for my fish, so give me a statement! "
Feng Youtian listened and said, "Why am I greedy for your fish? I lost my fish. Shouldn’t I ask?" Don’t just misunderstand you, you can tell a lie here. "
"Yeah, you can’t frame a good person to ask is to be greedy for your fish. How can there be such truth in the world? Just misunderstood that you are wrong, and you can’t be arrogant and frame people for having fields. "Someone angrily returned to others and followed you to say that Fengzhu was not."
Fengzhu language turned a supercilious look. She really wanted to ask who was arrogant. From the very beginning, everyone was abusive to her. She always responded with a dull tone. Where did this arrogance come from?
Finally, even Feng Youhan honestly said, "Feng Zhu, you are not right."
Fengzhu stared at everyone with angry eyes and asked Feng Youtian flatly, "You said you had caught fish, but I stayed there all afternoon and didn’t see anyone else. Where did you catch fish?"
Feng Youtian said contemptuously, "Can you prove that I haven’t been there without seeing it?"
Fengzhu nodded. "You can’t prove it, but there is always a way to prove it. No one has been to the lake for several days. If you have been to the lake, there will be traces of being trampled. Tell me where you caught fish?"
Feng Zhu immediately choked at this question and saw that everyone was waiting for his answer. Slowly, his back was wet with cold sweat, and finally he could say, "What should I tell you?" Looking at the villagers’ puzzled eyes, Feng Youtian dodged and dared not look at each other.
Phoenix bamboos don’t care much and nodded. "Hunan is my fishing place. It’s easy to see if there are scales I scraped and footprints I stepped on, and whether weeds in other places have been trampled."
"Let’s go and have a look with me. Let’s talk to my executioner later. It’s better to know whether I wronged Feng Youtian or he was greedy for my fish." So it must be because the killer is alert that no one has been to the lake. She naturally knows.
They looked at phoenix bamboo so sure that they couldn’t help but look at each other. Is it true that Tian Qi has a crooked mind?
Someone said calmly, "Let’s go to the lake!"
They want to go to the lake, but Feng Youtian is still. His face flashed with panic and finally he gritted his teeth and said, "Feng Zhu, what do you want?" What’s wrong with asking you two fish for the bad things you’ve done before? Even these two fish can’t compensate you for those bad things. "
Feng Zhu sneered and said, "Xu Zhongyong has doubled the compensation for my wrong doing. Now that I have got the compensation, I’m even. Now it’s not that I’m bullying you, but that you’re bullying me. You’re relying on Xu Zhongyong only because of the point. If he knows about it, he should give me justice."
The thought of Xu Zhongyong’s cold face made everyone shudder. Xu Zhongyong is not a good bully. If he knows that they bullied his wife, they will definitely not have a good fruit to eat.
Although I know that Xu Zhongyong is not a bad person, in everyone’s eyes, he is by no means easy to get along with, and he doesn’t want to provoke Xu Zhongyong. He is unwilling to say, "I am sorry for me."
"Just say" sorry "? Today, if I hadn’t made it clear that not only the fish was gone, but even a beating was a light sentence, but you said that now you are going to downplay the past like this? Why? " Fengzhu coldly looking at Feng Youtian.
"So what do you want?" Feng Youtian gnashed her teeth and asked
"To make you remember for a long time, you should compensate me for the pheasant in your hand! If Xu Zhongyong asks, say it’s your apology. With this pheasant, he should not pursue it. "
Feng Zhu looked at Feng Youtian and wanted to argue, but after hearing Xu Zhongyong’s three words, he immediately faded and nodded secretly. This executioner’s hand is really good, and he must be good at Gali!
No one helped him to speak again. Feng Youtian showed weakness and said, "This chicken is for a woman and a baby. You can’t wait. Please be kind and give her a bite to eat!" After that, I shed two tears. "Just think I owe you a chicken and I will pay you back when my wife is well and I can eat enough."
So his wife is in poor health, and if she doesn’t have enough to eat, her chicken will be far away? Now, if we rob him of his chicken, it will be a remnant of the sea, and women and children will gain a lot.
Phoenix bamboo raised his eyebrows and answered, "Today, other people have hunted their prey and pheasants. You can borrow the day before hunting and give it back to others." Phoenix bamboo was kind enough to think about all the solutions, so that Phoenix could not speak any more.
On the other side, Feng Youhan said to Feng Youtian with a pheasant in his hand, "Brother Youtian will take this chicken and return it to me when you hunt it."
Others also said, "It’s true that Tian Ban doesn’t compensate Fengzhu for pheasants, but Tian should make compensation!"
Feng Youtian was not reasonable, so no one spoke to him. Finally, Feng Youtian got the pheasant and Feng Youhan pheasant also gave it to Feng Youtian. Feng Fengzhu didn’t worry about Feng Youtian’s loss, but there was a fiery old lady. If Feng Youtian didn’t recognize Han Niang, she could sit at his door and scold his ten ancestors every day.
Feng Youtian solved Feng Zhu and said to other villagers, "You convicted me on the basis of one word and previous impression. Feng Youtian is the mastermind. You are accomplices. It’s not that you can uncover the past by saying fair words in the end. Feng Youtian compensated you with prey?"
When they heard it, they understood that Fengzhu meant that they were going to hand their prey, but they were diligent and hard-working to find who would give it to her, but when they thought of Xu Zhongyong’s cold face, they could not say no.
Finally, the young man who spoke more calmly first handed the pheasant to Fengzhu. This man is the village head’s family, and Feng has money. Others saw that the village head had compromised and were reluctant to hand over their prey. It is only two pheasants and two rabbits in the hands of Fengzhu.
Fengzhu said to Feng Youhan, "I can’t take these prey. Please help me take them home and give you a rabbit in return."
Feng Youhan shook his head and waved his hand. "No, no, it’s all the villagers who should help each other." Feng Youhan reached out and took the prey in Fengzhu’s hand, and he grew tall and strong. When pheasants and rabbits came into his hand, he looked like dolls. Seeing that there were fish in Fengzhu’s hand, he said, "I can also help you with the fish."
Feng Zhu couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when he saw that he was carrying two pheasants and rabbits in both hands. "Do you have a spare third hand?"
Feng Youhan handed the rabbit’s ear in his right hand to the chicken’s feet in his left hand, and then he held out his hand to Feng Zhu "so that he could take the fish."
Fengzhu hung a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. It was a heartless and sincere person who also lost this simple and honest initiative to give the pheasant to Fengyoutian. In this way, there will be other pheasants, and people should still be kind-hearted
"No, I took it myself. I have really gained a lot today. This is mainly thanks to Brother Youtian!" Fengzhu laughingly finished and left. Feng Youtian almost fainted.
Chickens and rabbits can sell 30 pence in the city. In addition to farming, the villagers point to occasionally catching prey to make a living, but they can buy 10 kilograms of rice, which is not a small income for the villagers. But now, because they have wronged Fengzhu to get the money, this day will be in vain.