It is difficult for saints to have ideas.


This Li Lingyu is also very clever at ordinary times. She is easy to get confused and have a good holiday. What does she do in an official dress?
Li Lingyu didn’t want to accompany Xiao Yong in the drama to satisfy his self-esteem.
He is used to it because of his strength, so he doesn’t want to treat people like people and vent his tyrannical temper at will.
The main thing is that she is not happy.
Xiao Yong asked, "Where are you from?"
"I am on duty in the government."
Xiao Yong said coldly, "You are diligent."
Li Lingyu is neither supercilious nor supercilious. "Things are arranged in the official department and dare not delay."
Not to frighten Cai Quan, she quickly said, "The Lantern Festival sage understands that it is most suitable to invite you to visit the rooftop."
When Xiao Yong saw Cai Quan giving him steps, he mocked "since she is diligent, she doesn’t care."
Li Lingyu "I dare not"
Chapter 55 Xiao Yong
Xiao Yong created a low air pressure, which made everyone present feel very uncomfortable. After that, King Luyang never looked back and sat staring at the chessboard like that.
Xiao Yong saw that she was an eyesore, and Cai Quan quickly said, "The sage is bound to win this game of chess!"
Li Ling Yu Mu was there, motionless. She was not Xiao Yong’s slave, and she could not coax him like a slave when Xiao Yong was unhappy.
What if one day it’s not good?
Xiao Yong saw that she bowed her head and refused to move. Cai Quan was gesturing and awkward.
Thanks to Sue and Chen Hou came in at this time.
Xiao Yong glanced at her coldly and sat in the first place and didn’t speak again
And she always bows her waist.
Su Yi asked with a smile, "What’s the matter?"
Chen Hou also said, "Did Master Li come from Master Cao?"
Together, they saluted Xiao Che, the king of Luyang. Xiao Che said slowly, "Don’t bother to sit down."
This statement is very interesting.
Chen Dao just said, "It’s also that I’m busy with scientific research these days."
Xiao recited a plan full of twists and turns, and accepted Jiangnan School, which is a very beautiful means of learning in those two States. Xiao recited that he was beyond his reach, but other schools may not be loyal to the king.
Is this player Pei Yu? I don’t know if Pei Yu is setting up WeChat for himself or making a knife for Xiao Yong.
Li Lingyu thought, if the admission of North-South School has already begun to dispute, where is the way out for North-Three-State School?
She is now full of political affairs, and she really wants to take the exam in the North Three States.
Su Yi saw that she was absent-minded and asked, "What are you thinking?"
She just looked up and saw Xiao Yong give her a cold look.
At this time, Xiao Yong has stopped playing chess.
Xiao Cheng was sitting next to Xiao Che. He was holding tea and could see that Xiao Che was in poor health. He walked slowly and spoke slowly. It was probably a physical problem.
When Cai Quan saw Xiao Yong’s cold face, he served on the side. Li Lingyu followed Chen Hou to sit in the first Su Yi and said, "Tonight, the lanterns on the bronze camel street must be spectacular."
Li Lingyu was not interested in lanterns. Su Yi didn’t know what happened before that made Li Lingyu look so ugly.
Chen Hou also joked with Li Lingyu that "you young people like to go out and visit the Lantern Festival."
Perhaps it was this that brought Xiao Yong back to life or woke him up.
He suddenly asked, "Li Lingyu, are you engaged?"
Li Lingyu stood up and answered "Never return to the sage"
Xiao Yong squinted.
What did Su Yi finally know?
Li Lingyu is clever at ordinary times, and she will never carry today when such a saint is very accommodating, but she deliberately carries an attitude and wears an official. No wonder the saint is unhappy.
Xiao Yongshen "It’s time to get married when you’re old. Since you’re old, will the orphan give you a marriage?"
Li Lingyu hesitated for a moment before saying, "I dare not disobey the sage’s orders."
This completely angered Xiao Yong.
He stretched out his hand and threw his chess at her.
"You licentious! Disobeying orders? Do you think you dare not disobey your orders? "
Cai Quan and the temple officials immediately knelt all over the floor.
Li Lingyu knelt slowly and didn’t beg for mercy.
"The marriage thing is that my parents ordered the matchmaker to say that I dare not deceive my father. I still dare not climb the nobles because I am guilty, for fear of delaying my life."
She said this very sincerely. Her status and marriage must be high now, but her father is a sinner. A noble family will definitely not marry her daughter.
But Xiao Yong listened as if accusing him.
He stared at a small group of people kneeling on the ground "chicanery"
Chen Hou also said that "the sage should calm down and Li Lingyu should not be presumptuous."
Li Lingyu turned a deaf ear.
Xiao Yong finally sneered, "I’d like to give you a guarantee that this media orphan granddaughter is two years older than you. Wen Huibing is gentle and gentle …"
Li Lingyu has an idea in his mind. Xiao Yong, the old thief, you are really afraid of death!
Su Yi and Chen Hou didn’t expect the scene to be quiet at the moment.
Xiao Yong see others don’t talk to ask "what? What do you think of this marriage? "
Su Yi felt in her heart that it was really indescribable.
Chen Hou lingered in suspicion and certainty about Li Lingyu. At this time, he was confused when he saw Li Lingyu.
Go along with "it’s a good marriage"