Sun Hao was slightly startled. I didn’t expect to have this way to look at the sample. The effect was not bad. The hand quickly moved an Aoki and threw it at the frog’s foot. The fire frog was not bad. If Sun Hao had to raise a stake in the middle of refining gas, it would take two to three to kill it.


However, in this situation, Sun Hao thinks Aoki is better.
Sure enough, after the fire frog was shut up by Tong Li, the horse thought of its claws and limbs and wanted to attack Tong Li. However, the horse found that its slow-moving limbs had been pinned down by Sun Haoqing’s wood. Grasping the roots of Tong Li’s body was not effective in attacking the rustic shield. Although Sun Haoxiu had three layers of refining gas, Wan Lunmu had super combat power and Mu Dan had super endurance, and the fire frog could not earn it for a while.
In this way, the first fire frog was deadlocked with Tong Li in the two doors. At this time, the shortcomings of the fire frog’s lack of spirituality were exposed. More than 30 fire frogs were so anxious that there was no fire frog who thought of detouring and attacking. Although it was a little far away, it was better than circling in front of the door. Besides, the earth wall was not so thick and forced to attack, it was estimated that it would be pushed later.
Lack of spirituality, the fire frog didn’t expect these Youzi walls to be angry and "croak" incessantly. Because the first fire frog blocked the attack route, the fire bombs didn’t have an attack angle.
The fire frogs whirled around Sun Hao, but hey hey smiled and threw out the protruding stakes one by one and stabbed an angry fire frog unceremoniously.
Tong Li looked at Sun Hao’s hands and said, "Hao Ge, you are so clever." Of course, he was a rustic shield all the time.
For half an hour, more than 30 fire frogs in Tong Li’s worship eyes were slaughtered by Sun Hao. Finally, the fire frog Youzi fought with Tong Li in front of Tong Li and said with a sigh, "Hao Ge is quick to die."
Chapter 19 Sadness and madness
Sun Hao’s hey hey smile in Tong Li Baba’s eyes didn’t attack the fire frog with a protruding stake, but took back his Aoki and wrapped his mouth and said, "It’s time to test you vigorously. Enjoy it. I’m going to clean up the fire frog’s body."
Say that finish natural and unrestrained from Tongli and fire frog walked out to deal with the fire frog body.
This is the first time that Sun Hao killed the spirit beast. There are many things from Sun Hao, and he also learned a lot of knowledge about dealing with the body of the spirit beast. This is the first time.
"No, Hao Ge," Tong Li was almost ready to cry. "Without this, the frog isn’t dead yet." Well, with the effect of Sun Hao’s solution to Aoki, the strength of the fire frog’s limbs increased sharply, and the attack of Tong Li became more and more fierce. There was no time to wrangle with Sun Hao, and the earth shield was running rapidly and clinging to the fire frog’s head.
One person and one frog once again deadlocked, forming a landscape there.
Tong Li didn’t dare to cease fire, and the frog couldn’t stop, so the two of them just stood there.
Sun Hao began to deal with fire frogs in the hey hey smile.
Fire frogs will be flooded with low value, and there will be a big fire. The frog-like meat is disgusting. Generally, when you see a fire frog, you will lose your appetite, which will reduce a lot of low-level spirits and beasts. The skin of fire frog is uneven and disgusting because it is covered with pimples. Refining leather armor is also popular, but it can be used to refine white paper. However, compared with other raw materials, it is more difficult to refine because of bumps, and the cost performance is not high
Although this fire frog skin is ugly, it is more difficult to refine white paper, but it is also considered that the raw materials are not enough and the quantity is enough to meet the proficiency requirements of Sun Hao’s practice of white paper.
Sun strongmen endured the nausea in his heart, took out a thin tube from his arms and inserted it into the heart of the fire frog to run the annual ring wood qi and the five-element wheel spirit formula, which was a unique method to refine the fire frog’s painstaking efforts.
In the early stage of gas refining, the fire frog can refine a small drop with painstaking efforts, and in the middle stage, it can refine a large drop of 30. The fire frog has refined a small jade bottle with painstaking efforts enough to meet Sun Hao’s refining needs in one day.
Skinning after painstaking efforts is also a hard task. If the victim is sick and most of the acid bumps of the 30 fire frogs are not broken, it will be quite unpleasant if they are accidentally broken.
Sun Hao peeled the skin, and the child’s power still struggled with the fire frog. After a while, he couldn’t help but shout, "The true qi is insufficient, Hao Ge."
Corleone said "open your mouth" in a big way here.
Tong Li opened his mouth. Okay, a breath-returning Dan fell into his mouth.
Corleone just said "continue"
Tong Li suddenly speaks English.
In other words, this fire frog is specially reserved for Tong Li. Whether it’s an earth shield or a masochistic skill, especially if you want to make progress, you have to polish it vigorously. At present, the fire frog is the best whetstone for Tong Li.
This time, Tong Li will generally understand Sun Hao’s intention to compete with the fire frog in a resigned manner. The fire frog has acid claws and great strength. It is higher than Tong Li’s ability to be restrained by Tong Li. This is the stalemate. The protracted war is far more powerful than Tong Li’s good Tong Li. There is foreign aid Sun Hao returning to Qi Dan here. Actually, it is mainly Tong Li’s preparation.
Of course, because Tong Li is confronting the fire frog, Sun Hao can’t go far. After all, Tong Li is still relatively dangerous, and he is the fire frog who is most afraid of making trouble.
So Sun Hao sat in front of the earth wall and began to work on the frog skin. This skin is not very good. Even if you refine white paper, others will not choose this kind of unappreciative leather.
But Sun Hao is going to use this thing to refine white paper. It is difficult for Sun Hao to refine white paper with fire frog skin. Of course, Sun Hao knows it, but Sun Hao knows more about the difficulty. In a sense, proficiency can quickly refine white paper with fire frog skin. Will his raw materials be faster? Anyway, I can’t go away now, and I have to go back to the abode of fairies and immortals late. At the moment, it’s just right to look after Tong Li and refine the paper.
Sun Hao began to refine the paper and Tong Li began to be miserable again.
Because the frog skin Sun Hao, who doesn’t have a broken pimple, is always poked at Tong Li, and then an acid liquid rushes to Tong Li’s rustic shield to make a zit sound and emit a puff of smoke.
Tong Li wanted to cry, knowing that he couldn’t resist, and knowing that Sun Hao was helping himself to improve his strength, it was true that this fire frog acid was disgusting, so he shouted, "Hao Ge, come on, don’t take it like this."
Sun Hao, hey, hey, smile, still go its own way. Thirty pieces of fire frog skin are arranged completely
The principle of a complete fire frog skin can refine many pieces of white paper. My cousins have all studied the method of refining white paper, but they have never touched it. There is a big gap between theory and practice, especially this kind of fire frog skin is really not easy.
Sun Hao, who had enough good skins, began to forge crazily.
Dermatization, skinning, liposuction and layering … The first piece of skin was dismembered by Sun Hao, and Sun Haochang breathed a sigh of relief. The first piece of skin was processed and the first piece of white paper appeared in Brother Sun Hao’s career.
Sun Hao here has not come to appreciate his pride, and Tong Li there has burst out laughing.
Look at the so-called white paper with uneven thickness and shape in front of me. Sun Haoma has a white face and a red heart to say, I don’t believe it. Maybe.
Picked up the second fire frog skin and plunged in again.
Children’s power is dying and strong fire frogs are entangled. Sun Hao is fighting with a pile of fire frog skins. It is said that Aoki Zong’s brother can also practice a white paper art, but the skins or plants that these brothers practice are relatively easy to master, and it is naturally faster to practice.
Bai Fu paper is not complicated, the procedure is relatively fixed, and there are only a few materials needed, except the main material of animal skin. The process is relatively simple, but who asked Sun Hao to choose fire frog skin? If the difficulty of making white paper from his animal skin is ten, then the difficulty of making fire frog skin is 500, and the difficulty of making white paper with pimple fur and acidic liquid is really not as great as usual.
Well, although Sun Hao was psychologically prepared, he never expected that more than 30 pieces of fire frog skin would be consumed in the past half a day. Sun Hao was so busy that he didn’t make a decent white paper.
Sun Hao’s face turned blue, and his heart was full of frustration in front of a pile of broken chaos. There was a fight with the fire frog Youzi, and Tong Li burst out laughing again. This baby was unbalanced and happy to see Sun Hao beaten.
At this time, the fire frog that has been struggling with Tong Li for half a day is already depressed, so is many. Even if the fire frog is in the middle of refining gas, it will naturally weaken a lot of Tong Li after patting and beating for half a day. It is already easy to fight this fire frog hard, and it is thick and long. At this time, based on the earth, it has a lot of advantages. At first, it is necessary to return to Qi Dan to replenish Qi, but now it is unnecessary.
However, Sun Hao won’t let him easily look at the big man laughing at himself. When his eyes turn to the level of refining Bai Fu’s seal, two convex stakes strike a light, and the frog’s skin is raw, and it loses its breath after splashing a piece of acid.
Tong Li breathed a sigh of relief, and his tight face just relaxed when he heard that Sun Hao had said, "Let’s have another wave in a good position. It’s still early today, and we have to make two or three waves …" The words sound just fell and Sun Hao had already seen him rush to the fire frog swamp to attack a group of fire frogs.
All right! Can’t you give me a break if I come again? Tong Li rolled his eyes and whispered, "Hao Ge is really crazy when he is refined" and then refreshed, "Hao Ge, come on, I’m ready."
On this day, Sun Hao and Tong Li killed three waves of fast fire frogs by the same means, and there were more than twenty fire frogs in the middle stage of gas refining. Once Aoki Zong’s brother knew it, he had to be stunned. Every time he went out to try, he could harvest a few beasts, which was already a great harvest. Even if he was afraid of dreaming, he would laugh every day.
But despite killing more than a hundred fire frogs, the harvest this day is really pitiful
The skin of the fire frog was consumed by Sun Hao on the spot. In the past day, a piece of white paper has not been refined successfully. The only gain is a small jade bottle of fire frog’s painstaking efforts. Update Baidu search quickly.
If you don’t count the fire frog’s painstaking efforts, Sun Hao and Tong Li have lost on this day because Tong Li’s hard resistance to fire frogs has consumed three gas-returning pills.
Tong Li doesn’t know that rice, oil and salt are expensive, and he laughs at Sun Hao for refining a hundred pieces of fire frog skins in one breath, but Sun Hao begins to complain in his heart that he hopes the success rate of refining white paper will be high in the future, otherwise he can’t afford to lose.
Of course, in addition to harvesting grandchildren, Hao wants to know the invisible harvest effect, such as
First of all, the fire frog’s painstaking efforts don’t know what effect it will have after starting the round of fire fighting. Then, Sun Hao’s heart is full of expectations. Will the training method of Tong Li greatly improve his training efficiency? This training method is also specially designed by Sun Hao. According to the special nature of Wan Mo Jing, the fire frog grindstone will improve the quality and training progress of Tong Li Qi.
I was tired one day late. As soon as Tong Li returned to the abode of fairies and immortals, I lay down "I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted. Brother Hao, get something to eat. I want to sleep."
Sun Hao, hey hey, smiled and ran over and kicked him up from the ground and threw a Pigu Dan. "Get up and don’t want to sleep. Go back to refining gas and don’t sleep all night."
Tong Li took Pigu Dan and wanted to cry. "Hao Ge doesn’t bring it like this." At this time, the most cherished thing in everyone’s heart is Xiao Wan’s gentle embrace. I knew that this would never allow Sun Hao to suffer here, but when I came, I knew that Sun Hao would be good to himself. Tong Li threw Pigu Dan into his mouth and patted his chest. "Spell it" and plunged into his bedroom to start practicing hard.
Chapter 20 Practice Round Fire Decision
Tong Li, a big boy, has no mind’s eye.