In addition, this rifle is also equipped with a long-range sight and a folding three-point gun rack, and then it can be used as a sniper rifle by changing the shooting mode, which of course still has a certain gap compared with professional sniper equipment.


The armor of the Raider is made of special composite materials. It is specially made of astral fragments, that is, some scraps of astral column.
Even so, adding the star crystal fragment armor can well defend against some dark attacks, especially those with pollution and invasion characteristics.
Armor is also equipped with a multifunctional belt, which contains portable tool kits, energy packs and high-energy rations, which can support sublimation people to live alone in the opposite world for a while.
From these equipments, it is not difficult to see that the fortress attaches great importance to the sublimators. Even the storm army, which also needs anti-boundary warfare, will not be equipped with star marrow column materials.
Finally, the one made in Nightcrawler is a black high-necked gown with double-breasted buttons. There is a silver army coat on the chest and a silver bar on the black background dotted with a star emblem epaulettes. This is the sign of a second lieutenant.
This is the lowest rank of every sublimation in the fortress!
Tianyang was excited to wear it to his body and found that it fitted unexpectedly. Some special designs enabled him to move freely while wearing it, and special fabrics were made to make it not easy to wear.
Of course, even if it is worn out, you can apply for replacement of this financial subsidy. Nightcrawler still has it.
Suddenly there was a sound outside the door. It seemed that my mother had come back. Tianyang hurriedly took off the system and Nanfei was not happy to see it.
Hiding the mechanical armor box under the bed, Tianyang knocked on the door carefully, and it was his mother.
She is carrying a bag and taking out a bag of all-in-one vegetables from it to see the sample. She has just come back from the market in Shadow Street.
Tianyang took a deep breath and walked out of the bedroom. "Mom, are you back?"
Nanfei didn’t look up. "Well, I’ll cook for you now."
Tianyang cried, "Mom, I have something to tell you."
He wanted to apologize, but Nanfei seemed to want to avoid it. She said, "We’ll talk about it later. It’s getting late. I’m hungry if you’re not hungry."
Pack your things and go to the kitchen.
After dinner, the worker of Nanfei Bar went out again.
Nai Tianyang returned to the room and received a document in the com. The juvenile point turned out to be a briefing.
Nightcrawler is going to recycle Tianyang, and Feng Ling ordered Tianyang to report to the transit platform early the day after tomorrow.
At that time, he will temporarily join the Raven Team as a guide.
This time, the base salary is 2 contribution points, which depends on the specific performance on the way.
There is also information about the raven squad leader in the briefing. Looking at each other, his eyes are deep and his face is full of stubble. Tianyang, a Cang Sang man, hopes that this captain Han Shu is an easy-going person.
Chapter 16 Hostility
Another day passed, and Yang had already had surgery. He paid 2,000 contributions out of his own pocket and now installed a tactical eye in his left eye.
In addition to normal visual function, it also has thermal imaging, infrared ray, ultra-long sight distance and other functions.
If you find your opponent’s Amp one second earlier in the inverse bound, you will gain one point.
So Tianyang is not stingy to spend half of his contribution points. After all, if there is no contribution point, can there be one life?
Tactical eyes look different from ordinary eyes, except that the occasional surge will make the depths of the pupils light up a little blue light, which will not make people feel weird.
Tianyang finally brought the blindfold. That night, he planned to tell Nanfei something, but his mother seemed to feel something.
She avoided talking about it and gave Tianyang no chance to clean up the house, even if there was nothing to clean up in the humble shack.
Young Ting Nai not only didn’t get a chance to say something was wrong, but also couldn’t say that apology.
The next day, he woke up and Nanfei had gone out, so there was no way to leave a note saying that he would go out and talk to her again.
After breakfast, Tianyang put on his equipment and drove the magnetic locomotive to the transfer platform.
Deck No.7, Zone 3, Junction Platform
There was no one when Tianyang came.
Looks like it’s early
The teenager parked his motorcycle in the corner and was about to park a cold stereo. "This is the meeting point of Raven Team. Which team are you? Don’t park your car casually."
There is a young man behind Tianyang who looks older than himself, but there are only two kinds of blue crow-colored long hair with a ponytail and an excessively delicate face. It is easy to misunderstand that it is a girl
Also dressed in Nightcrawler’s black armor, those lines are shining with stars and crystals, and Yin Hui is the special armor that Sublimator is preparing.
There are some differences between the style and Tianyang, and there are many scratches on the surface. On the other hand, the owner is not a novice at the beginning of the battlefield
The young man’s negative sword scabbard has a special design that both sides of the narrow scabbard are closed, which is convenient for him to take this excessively long sword out at any time to defend against the enemy.
To be honest, Tianyang’s superficial knowledge of weapons knows that neither sword nor sword should be too long.
Unless there is a special need, a sword that is too long is really not conducive to play.
"Hey, what’s wrong with you? Is this the quality of new people? It is simply to send a head to the black people. "The young man looked very dissatisfied with Tianyang’s reaction
I looked at each other’s epaulettes. Like myself, Tianyang came to the mouth with the word "Sir" and swallowed "My name is Tianyangling Zongcan and asked me to report to the Raven Team"
The young man stared blankly and then his eyes welled up with disgust. "It turned out to be you. I heard that you killed yourself once when you became a sublime person."
Tianyang smelled faint hostility from his body, and he didn’t know what this man hated himself, but he didn’t intend to explain it.
Since lovers are lovers, the sun is too lazy to talk nonsense with him and turns to find a quiet corner to stay.
Put one hand on his shoulder
When the sun turns back, the handsome young man’s face is as cold as ice
"Don’t take yourself too seriously as a mere citizen!" Junxiu youth has a cold tone.
Tianyang patted his palm. "Have I offended you?"
"That’s not true. I just think it’s disgusting that you do those things." The young man clenched his fist and gently twisted his two beautiful eyebrows against his mouth, as if he were going to vomit at any time. "Come on, a citizen left the shit and became a sublime person, and he got carried away. He may have done something wrong, but since he is a citizen, even if he made a big mistake, he shouldn’t be executed and his hands should not be damned!"
"You people at the bottom of life will never know how to be grateful and complain, and you don’t want to think about whether you parasites can live safely in the fortress without our people’s sacrifice?"
Tianyang sneered. "Then do you know that the so-called noble people in your mouth shot me in the leg so that I could attract wanderers for him? Why don’t people die and deserve to be bait?"
Young Zheng, although he heard something about Yu Tianyang, really didn’t know there were such details in it.
Tianyang continued, "I’m also a citizen now. Please stop worrying about your sense of superiority!"
The young man snorted arrogantly. "You’re the only one who ordered yourself to call the people? The real people are those families with surnames. Do you have your own surnames? "
Tianyang indifferently said, "I will have it sooner or later."
"That’s what makes me sick. I feel sick at the thought that those bastards born of prostitutes will one day be able to have their own surnames." The young man put his hand over his mouth and his expression was painful like physical discomfort
Tianyang reached for the handle. "Say it again if you have guts!"
The young man leaned back and gently supported the hilt. "What, am I wrong?"
"You can say whatever you want about me, but you can’t slander my mother!" Tianyang growled and the combating Dao was drawn one inch.
"Oh, I can’t see you are still a …"