Vaguely, the dragon roars in the Dan furnace, and the sea roars, and a magnificent force is scattered.


Yuan Ye, with a wave of his hand, quarrelled with Dan furnace, and then those quarrelling slowly dissipated, and seven hundred and forty-nine Dan medicines immediately fell down.
Looking at these revered Dan Yuan Ye, I felt very excited and cried, and I finally succeeded in cultivating my soul for millions of years. It took him two million years, and I don’t know how much I suffered alone in these two million years.
Each of the forty-nine Dan medicines has reached the extreme state in one furnace, because Yuan Ye let three different treasures surround three spirit beads for 100,000 years. This level of Dan ordinary people can directly ascend to the three-attribute quasi-respect strength, while the quasi-respect will become a four-attribute quasi-respect after three levels of self-strength are higher than Bai Qi’s single-attribute quasi-respect, but this Dan medicine can become quasi-respect after it is not so god-eaten. He needs a process, and it is really negligible to practice for ten years.
Hum these forty-nine pills, and I, Heaven Sect of Science, will have forty-nine three attributes, and I’ll pay you back.
It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years, and it’s not too late for Zongmen to revive for a hundred years. Yuan Yeji once spoke to Li Mu, and he remembered very clearly that Shura Gate suppressed Yuan Yeyi for a day.
You’ve come to an end, haven’t you? Suddenly, the crisp sound of the life artifact is getting up.
Well, Yuan Ye immediately cheered up.
You can enter the tenth floor. I acknowledge your master status.
Haha, the prostitute gun said yes, patience and perseverance will surely succeed. Yuan Ye burst out laughing.
Hum, it’s not your perseverance that touched me. You are already the owner of the death artifact. Even if you stay here for 100 million years, I will never admit that you have two artifacts in the universe at the same time, and I don’t intend to make you the second one.
Then why do you admit that I am the master? Yuan Ye is stunned.
Someone suggested that I want you to be able to pass the artifact test, whether you are other artifacts or not, you should admit that your master status is not my other artifacts. He also suggested that if you are capable, you can have a third artifact and more artifacts.
Who is so awesome that you can suggest your artifact? You listened to Yuan Ye’s surprise when he suggested it. Even if Yuan Zun failed the artifact test, he was not qualified to get the artifact. I’m afraid that person can suggest the artifact. I don’t know how much higher than Yuan Zun.
I won’t listen to his advice. Life artifact seems to be very unpleasant.
Then you promised him
If you don’t accept his advice, he won’t recommend it. He threatened me. If I don’t agree, I will ruin it and create a new life artifact. Do you think I’m going to die or recognize you as the master?
Cowardly destroying artifacts and creating new artifacts Yuan Ye was surprised and speechless.
Property who is so big-tongued, surprised, is more than an artifact, which can’t be destroyed.
Hum, if you treat the ordinary big statue as a monkey, you will be transformed into a world, and if you destroy the artifact, you will destroy the artifact. Who else in the world but those two?
Ah, it’s their mentoring. Haha, I said, how did you promise to recognize Yuan Ye as the master? The night-terrorizing gun seems to be coming in an instant, that is, Yuan Ye vaguely knows that two level masters are life-threatening artifacts.
Don’t talk nonsense. You have been waiting for you for more than 100 thousand years. Now that you have passed my test, come in. I admit your identity as the master.
Haha, then I’m welcome. Yuan Ye laughed. Anyway, now the life artifact has admitted him.
Yuan Ye directly walked in. Although the life artifact is the same thing, the life breath makes people feel that the outside world is completely different. At this moment, Yuan Ye is looking at a long bow with a length of about one meter and two. The corner of the bow is bright green and the golden bow is also black and black. This bliss bow, Gong Xuan, is a strange way of refining in the fire, which has made the fifth artifact a reputation.
The artifact’s soul consciousness is not rooted in blood, and Yuan Ye, the master, directly holds the Blissful Bow in his hand.
Hey, hey, two artifacts Yuan Ye smiled with satisfaction. Hey, how do you restore my wife’s spirit?
The law of life is ok, but the power of the law of artifact is different with the master’s perception. An ancient fairy’s perception of heaven and a yuan’s perception of heaven are very different. Two people also understand the law of artifact. The first type of power is definitely different. To restore the mistress’s three souls and seven spirits, you may have the first type of law of life or the second type of law of life.
It may be the second law of life. Yuan Yemei’s head is frowning. When practicing for more than two million yuan, his strength, bones and muscles, defense, refining and alchemy, horizontal array, but his soul is strong for several grades. This understanding of heaven has not risen much. Maybe it can reach a brand-new height in an instant, and maybe it will not move in for millions of years. This is the most mysterious place of heaven. Of course, Yuan Ye has not made such progress for more than two million years, but it has made very little progress compared with other places. It is necessary to strengthen the law of artifacts. The law of understanding the top ten artifacts is that Yuan Ye’s strength can die once before the concrete expression of Heaven. After the first formula, the strength of the law will be exhausted. It will take several months to practice and supplement the retreat. Today, Yuan Yezu’s first formula of the law of death twice and it will take half a month to recover. However, this half a month must be a retreat and he can’t do anything else. Yuan Ye’s understanding of Heaven is not small, but he is still far from understanding the second formula. Yuan Ye’s understanding of the law of life should be no problem, but in case the first formula can’t save Duanmu Yunji and he doesn
Do you think I can save my wife if I understand the first formula of the law of life? Since the Blissful Bow can’t give me an answer, Yuan Ye can ask the night gun.
I know you can’t do anything.
Hey, it was agreed that you would let me sleep when you found the Blissful Bow. I slept, and the gun was lazy.
Don’t panic. My wife didn’t save you. Neither of you is allowed to sleep. Yuan Ye immediately shouted that the artifact may be a million years. Yuan Ye dare not let them sleep around.
No matter what, I can’t try first. I’ll understand the second law of heaven here. When will I go to my wife? I have to save it. Yuan Ye gritted his teeth and decided to gamble. The first thing is to take Duanmu Yunji’s three souls and five souls from the night-terrorizing gun to the bliss bow.
Ok, now you are the master. Listen to your bliss bow and don’t talk nonsense. Yuan Yeqi’s first law of life is direct.
Yuan Ye is deep in the tenth floor of the life artifact, but his soul has instantly entered another world. Winter goes and spring comes, and everything revives. Flowers, birds, birds and insects contend, presenting a thriving scene in front of Yuan Ye.
Night terrors show scenes like death artifacts. In the first world, Yuan Ye sees sadness, and here Yuan Ye sees hope.
The first law of life gives birth to hope.
The bliss bow in Yuan Ye’s hand suddenly hummed violently, and the white ripples containing the breath of life in heaven and earth rippled away with the humming of the gun at night. This humming instantly caused the resonance of heaven, and the breath of life in the field of life artifacts reached an extreme. Yuan Ye clearly felt that the breath of life was constantly pouring into the bliss bow, and Duanmu Yunji’s broken two spirits were also repaired in the breath of life.
In the law of life, the damage is recoverable, and the law of life can’t do anything for life, so it’s not called life artifact.
Duanmu Yunji has achieved three souls and seven spirits, but the law of life is still rippling, which belongs to Duanmu Yunji’s memory power.
After more than an hour, the law of life disappeared, and a soul flew from the law of life to directly transform the form of Yuan Ying.
Yunji, you finally woke up. Yuan Ye looked at Duanmu Yunji and trembled with excitement.
This is the field of life artifacts. My god artifact has gathered your three souls and seven spirits. Seeing Duanmu Yunji’s slap, Yuan Ye is full of smiles and shakes his bliss bow.
It will take time to cultivate the body and gradually recover Duanmu Yunji’s present state as if her body had just been destroyed.