Sword light, flash, blood, five steps!


Zhao Haiyue’s right arm has been cut off shoulder-length.
Hot blood shot out of the floor and left a big pool of shocking blood.
"Bold Li Xuandao, how dare you do it?"
"Looking for death!"
"Don’t you look at what place is here?"
Zhao’s dozen younger brothers were blown into a ball and surrounded by Li Xuandao with a lance in their hands.
Li Xuandao turned a blind eye and slowly put away the mark. broken arrow looked cold and said, "Today, when I cut your right arm, I will teach you a lesson. I don’t want to kill people and give you three breaths."
A burst of drinking is like thunder.
Everyone tried to cover their ears and their faces showed pain.
The whole hall is Li Xuandao roaring and trembling.
"Kill him … Fourth Uncle killed him for me!"
Zhao Haiyue suddenly roared with a broken right arm.
He looked at Li Xuandao like crazy, and his eyes were red.
In the future, the so-called fourth uncle will make a noise at the entrance of the refining division association, and dozens of deputy armed guards will rush in.
"Zhao Xuanhai, I advise you not to make a move."
A rich sound suddenly sounded.
A man named Zhao Xuanhai’s face changed wildly. Looking at the crowd coming slowly, the old man’s eyes froze and said, "Master Chixiao?"
"That’s right!"
Before Master Chixiao saluted Li Xuandao, he slowly turned around and said, "Li Xuandao is a distinguished guest of our alchemist’s guild. If one of you dares to hurt Li Xuandao, it is an enemy of our alchemist’s guild."
Everyone looked at this incredible scene, which was once unpopular.
Master Bai Lian tried his best to maintain Li Xuandao, which is understandable because Li Xuandao is a master refiner.
But what does Master Chixiao mean?
He will defend Li Xuandao like this for anything?
"Good, good!"
Zhao Xuanhai was trembling with anger. He tried to move out of Zhao’s gloomy way by learning from Zhao Haiyue. "Li Xuandao and our Zhao family are deadly enemies. Whoever dares to collude with Li Xuandao is my enemy!"
"Master Chixiao, are you … ready to fight the enemy of Zhao?"
Facing Zhao Xuanhai’s threat, Master Chixiao sneered repeatedly.
As soon as he turned over his sleeve robe, he violently blew everyone around him back. "If Zhao Cai said this to me, I may have some scruples, but what are you, Zhao Xuanhai, and why do you represent the whole Zhao family?"
"My Martial Uncle has said that I will give you three breaks and get out."
"Otherwise, my alchemist’s guild will start work!"
Suddenly there was silence.
Everyone just looked at Master Chixiao as if he were petrified.
I don’t know who shouted, and the whole refining division association was in an uproar.
"Did I hear you right? Master Chixiao was called Uncle Li Xuandao?"
"This … Li Xuandao will also be an alchemist?"
"The identity of the young master plus the alchemist can already compete with the Zhao family!"
Everyone was dumbfounded.
No one thought that Li Xuandao and Master Chixiao had such a thing.
"Didn’t you understand what my uncle just said?"
Master Chixiao was impatient with Sen’s cold eyes scanning Zhao Xuanhai and others.
"Fourth Uncle, what shall we do?"
Zhao Haiyue is very anxious.
I was sure of Li Xuandao, but I didn’t expect a master of Chixiao to suddenly appear.
Zhao Xuanhai was livid. He hesitated for a long time and shook his head. "Today … let’s leave Li Xuandao alive for the time being. Let’s retreat first and then make a decision after I go back and report to the bodhi old zu!"
Zhao Haiyue hates!
He was humiliated by Li Xuandao and expelled from his legacy. Even his right arm was cut off!
But he also knows that the combination of Master Chixiao and Master Bailian is far from what more than a dozen of them can do.
He can be unwilling to shout at top of his voice and be helped out of the refining division association by several Zhao Jiadi.
Before he left, he suddenly turned to look at Li Xuandao.
Anyone can see Bai Zhao Haiyue’s vengeful personality and will inevitably find Li Xuandao trouble again!
Li Xuandao turned a blind eye.
He talked and laughed with Master Chixiao and didn’t put Zhao Haiyue in the eye.
It was not until the Zhao family left that Master Bailian quickly ordered someone to clean up the blood. Then he bowed his hand to Master Chixiao and said, "Brother Chixiao, thanks to you this time, if you don’t come, I’m afraid there will be a real fight, bro. Thank you here!"
"Bailian bro, don’t look at your face. I’m not you, but my uncle!"
Master Chixiao laughed wantonly. "I am afraid that Martial Uncle will get angry and slaughter a group of Zhao people. Although Martial Uncle’s status may not put Zhao people in the eye, it is necessary for Martial Uncle to be as knowledgeable as these ants!"
When this statement came out, everyone was surprised.
Everyone looked at each other and could see each other’s eyes with horror.
Uncle Shi’s status …
May not take Zhao seriously?
My goodness!