Although the Republic of China has accumulated a lot of wealth due to industrial development, it has consumed a lot of money in successive years over the years. It is unrealistic to complete such a large-scale acquisition!


Qiao Zhiyong asked, "You said there was money coming in? This fund comes from this? "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "If you don’t worry, it will take ten days to slow down, and it will definitely be implemented in one month. I want you to guarantee that this fund will not be less than 50 million pounds. If you are optimistic, it is possible to reach nearly 100 million pounds!"
Everyone around me was shocked. 50 million pounds less! Even the Russian part of the compensation is only so much money!
Zhang Jian was suspicious and puzzled. "Where did Jian get so much money?"
Zhang Yi laughed and replied, "It’s very simple. Now European and American enterprises can’t sell their products. They are frantically looking for the dumping market. Now our market has been regarded as a beacon by them. They must want to dump our goods or seek our support!"
Qiao Zhiyong wry smile way "you think it’s too optimistic, although we developed well in the Republic of China, but to be honest, the gap between European and American powers is still too big. Now our economic aggregate is only one-sixth of that of the United States, but one-fourth of that of Britain and one-fifth of that of Germany. It’s even unrealistic for us to want to give them’ sex’ support in their decision! We can’t sell them now, what’s worse for them? "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "It’s not that serious. Now that countries are in economic difficulties, those idle funds are definitely looking for new investment directions. Is there any place in the world that has more development potential than us? Moreover, now they are in trouble rather than desperate, and the economies of various countries are stagnant and declining, but it is not so serious. Even if the enterprises go bankrupt, it will only have a certain impact on people’s daily life. Zheng fu Bank is not short of funds now! If other countries in Europe and America ask for help, we can ignore it, but Germany and the United States ask for help, and we can really use our brains! "
Looking at the puzzled face of everyone, Zhang Yi laughed. "It’s very simple. Since they are eager to sell the business, can our market be opened to them in vain?" Let’s open our enterprise to them and not starve to death. What’s more, we don’t have any money. We are very poor. If you want us to eliminate them, you can lend me some money and we can buy them. You don’t lend me money, but you can’t afford it. Hahaha … "
Zhang Jian came to the president for nothing to borrow money from the United States and Germany again. Isn’t it silly to borrow money to buy a business brush between the United States and Germany?
We have to pay back the money from them sooner or later, and the debt of the Republic of China is already very high. Can we afford it after borrowing it? This is not a prodigal family. What is it?
Zhang Jian said urgently, "I can’t be strong! Absolutely not! Now we have borrowed enough foreign debts from the United States and Germany, and the debt we need to repay every year is close to silver * * million. We will borrow more money in the future, and our debt pressure will increase. Chief Financial Officer Liang will definitely not agree that it is a child’s play! "
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "My brother Ji Zhi, please enlarge your courage. These days, we are brave and hungry and timid. We borrow money not for eating and drinking, but for economic development. We will bring us more benefits in the future. This is called leverage. Only by borrowing leverage can we’ plug’ the real wings of our Republic’s economic take-off! To take a step back, in case we can’t afford it one day, we can also ask the United States and Germany to get rid of debts. The United States, especially Germany, need our Asian affairs and the world affairs to support them and stabilize their international status. They won’t watch us fall! "
Zhang Jian argued, "Even so, if we lend them money to buy their production, help them tide over the difficulties and pay them back in the end, then how can we do something like this without any benefit!"
Zhang Yi laughed. "Who says it’s not good? Didn’t we say we were going to buy their equipment and factories to attract their talents? What can we buy without their loan? These are all urgent needs for our development. They will sell them to us instead of the economic crisis. Even if they want to sell, can we afford it? "
Qiao Zhiyong aside suddenly realize the original strong meaning here!
Others are gradually returning to China, and it seems that this great president is a sword dancer and a loyal servant! It’s definitely the weasel’s kindness to pay a New Year call to’ Chicken’!
Zhang Jian wry smile way "strong you this guy’s conscience is really greatly broken than we businessmen’ rape’ cheat a few minutes …"
Zhang Yi ha ha smiled. "How can it be understood now? When the time comes, the loan departments of the two countries will enter Fengtian Bank, and the newly established Shanxi Merchants Group of China Construction Bank will dock with the German Qiaqing brother. You will organize official enterprise to dock with the United States. We will bleed them hard!"
Several people looked at each other a few times. The president was so cruel that everything could be thought out!
Zhang Jian said, "Are you really sure that we can get their loan? What about their interest? If the interest is high, we will lose money! "
Zhang Yi smiled coldly and replied, "Interest? Interest is my ass! If we can help them alleviate the crisis, they will have to burn incense and worship Buddha, thinking about asking us for interest and dreaming! Don’t give a penny of interest! "
Qiao Zhiyong asked, "Are you sure they will automatically find the door? We must know that the automatic’ door’ is very different from the face, but we must master the initiative! "
Zhang Yi laughed. "Don’t worry, William II already thought of this layer when the Germans bought our plane a few days ago, or would you and them be willing to make such a big sacrifice? They are showing us kindness in disguise, just waiting for us to take it. Hey, hey, don’t let them be stupid. They are very sophisticated, but our active fiscal policy and state intervention in the economy have never been tried by a country. If we don’t teach them, they will not be able to get rid of our market dependence in a short time! "
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-one Andrew nasty
Zhang Yi predicted that there was no mistake. Now Germany, the United States, even Britain, France and Russia have fallen into great difficulties. The leaders of various countries are worried about the backlog of businessmen. Countries in trouble have turned their eyes to the newly emerging market of the Republic of China, and the latest chapter visits:
The Republic of China now dominates more than half of China’s provinces, especially the three northeastern provinces. After several years of development, it has the largest market in Asia, and the steel, wood, cement, oil and trains needed by the large-scale infrastructure construction in the Republic of China are extremely huge. For overstocked businessmen in various countries, it is doubtful that they want to enter the market most!
It’s a pity that it is not so easy to enter the Republic of China.
During the Geng Incident, Zhang Yi once talked about withdrawing troops from all countries and then exchanged it for opening China’s market to the big powers. However, countries such as Britain and France were so proud that they were bent on crushing China completely by force. Unfortunately, things didn’t follow suit. Zhang Yi led the Chinese revolutionary army to beat the shit out of the allied forces of all countries and quit China in panic.
This time, it is difficult to think about letting Zhang Yi open the China market.
Fortunately, the Germans and Americans quit the war when they became wiser, and the Republic of China formed certain allies, especially the German Republic of China.
At this time, William II was no longer impatient.
William II in Berlin shouted, "No, we must get Zhang Yi’s consent as soon as possible to open the market of the Republic of China and allow our businessmen to enter the Republic of China as soon as possible to reduce our pressure!"
Murdoch, the chief industrial and commercial officer, said, "It’s not easy to let Zhang Jian open the market of the Republic of China. That man is a master who doesn’t see the rabbit and doesn’t scatter the eagle!"
William II cold hum a way "hum is not easy? Nothing is difficult to ask us for some benefits at most. Don’t forget that we have formed a community in China and the Republic of China. The so-called’ lip’ is cold. If we restrict the economic slide, it will not benefit them at all. Zhang Jian will not do such a thing. He is a wise man! "
Murdoch asked, "So what are you going to do?"
William II replied, "I intend to personally ask Zhang Yizhi to start talks on German businessmen entering the Republic of China for sales, and at the same time invite a short-term visit to Germany, which is like deepening economic and trade communication between the two countries!"
People around me have nodded, and now so have European and American countries. Now the situation in Germany and the United States is slightly better, and countries such as Britain, France and Russia are even more serious. No new market countries can get caught up in it, which will hit the economies of all countries like the economic crisis seven years ago.
William II went on to say, "Send a telegram to Andrew immediately and tell him that the Republic of China launched its own network power to lobby Zhang Jian to open the Chinese national market and meet Zhang Jian and Tang Shaoyi to urge negotiations to start this morning!"
Now Andrew has been urged by William II to come out at least three times a day to make a breakthrough as soon as possible and never delay the day!
Andrew is sick and tired of secretly complaining. It’s really sick and tired.
I have just finished the business of airplane trade in the Republic of China, and then it comes again. Even if I have a deep foundation and a wide network of contacts in the Republic of China, it is difficult to display my feelings. The so-called human feelings are borrowed and returned. Now you have to change them again and again.
However, in this situation, it is necessary for him not to contribute to the difficulties of the German Empire. He knows clearly that it is really troublesome without the help of the Republic of China!
Andrew had to travel back and forth to the embassy, the government of the Republic of China, and asked for Liang Cheng and Tang Shaoyi for many times to communicate on such issues, but it was difficult to achieve satisfactory results in the short term.
Andrew had no choice but to go straight into Xu Huaijin’s General Staff. At least half of the officers of the General Staff came from his’ door’. At least all the guards had listened to his lectures. The guards were very familiar with him. This is the chief of the General Staff, the director of the First Bureau, and all the military leaders are very arrogant. They rarely stop him.
It was not until Xu Huaijin’s office of the General Staff Department that the security staff stopped him.
Andrew said, "Young man, go in and tell me. I have something urgent to see the Chief of Staff!" "
Xu Rang, the guard staff officer, laughed. "Mr. Andrew, please let me go in and inform you later!"
In less than two minutes, Xu Huaijin came out of the office and said with a smile, "How did Mr. Andrew come to my general staff today?"
Andrew snorted and said, "Why didn’t you invite me in to sit in the teacher when you were young?"
Xu Huaijin hurriedly laughed. "Hehe, Mr. Andrew, you’re talking about the current president, but what’s inside my office? Don’t you think I ran to meet you as usual? Please come in."
Andrew came to see Xu Huaijin this time because he wanted Xu Huaijin to give himself an idea. I didn’t expect Zhang Yi to go one step at a time here now!
Andrew nodded and said, "Well, I have something to discuss with General Jian and you, so I’ll make two more trips."
Say this Xu Huaijin walked into the Xu Huaijin conference room.
Inside, Zhang Yi walked over and said, "Why did Andrew Pavilion suddenly visit our General Staff today?"
Andrew’s face turned red and said, "Isn’t this something? It’s just that I was going to contact Huai Jin first and then communicate with you. Since we meet, it’s better to meet and see how things can be solved together? "
Zhang Yi asked, "Oh, it seems that Mr. Andrew’s things are not small. Do you want to disturb my chief of staff? Hehe, tell me what equipment you want from us this time? "
Andrew thin nu way "equipment? What equipment? Now, what equipment can I see in the Republic of China? Besides airplanes, what weapons do you have that exceed our level? "
Zhang Yi laughed. "Oh, it seems that Mr. Andrew, your German Empire has already developed submachine guns in front of our Chinese Republic?"
Andrew Nye said, "Well, my president, don’t hurt me. This time I came to you for help because of the economic crisis of our German Empire. Okay, Mr. President, you can’t from ruin. You should remember clearly how our German Empire helped you out of trouble, right?"
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-two Priority procurement
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "Mr. Andrew is not that serious, is it?" I know a little, but your country is one of the best economic powers in the world, even in English! A little economic setback can’t hurt your vitality! "
Andrew’s face darkened and said, "Dear Mr. President, you don’t understand that China and the Republic of China have just entered the industrial society and have not experienced the world economic crisis. I don’t know that the economic crisis is terrible. I have experienced four economic crises since I graduated from school for more than 20 years. Every time, the German economy has been hit hard. Now the German Empire is leading the world in science and technology, and its ability to resist the economic crisis is a little better. Look at Russia now. Alas, the friendship between the two countries is deep. Since the Sino-Japanese War, our German Empire has helped your country enormously. You should
Zhang Yi nodded and replied, "What Mr. Andrew just said was a joke. Our two countries have been supporting each other for several years, which has made our Republic of China rise rapidly. Now that your country is in trouble, we will naturally not stand idly by!"
Zhang Yi paused and then said, "What’s more, I have received a report from William II in your country, and I will pay it back anyway."