After a few minutes, she slowed down, found an exit, took the highway, and then drove to a tree-lined field and stopped.


I was relieved.
"Xue Jing, why are you doing this?" I looked at her "where is this? What are you doing here? "
Before she finished speaking, she untied her belt and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a lingering and warm kiss.
I couldn’t help hugging her.
She gently pushed me away, holding my face, shortness of breath and hot eyes looking at me. "Don’t you want me in the car?"
"Xue Jing …" My eyes instantly moistened. "Do you remember me?"
She kissed me back, and our tears were intertwined and we could never be separated again.
I don’t want to talk, either. I reached out and pressed the button to level the seat, and then I pulled her over and put her in the seat …
The car feels good.
About half an hour later, I lay still on her body. During the touching process, we never stopped kissing each other, and our lips hardly separated from each other.
Maybe we really like each other too much.
"Why don’t you give me the note?" She murmured.
"I want you to be good … I want you to be happy …"
"How can I be happy without you?" She clung to my neck.
"Fool … Are you willing to part with me?" I smiled bitterly. "My heart has been hurting these days, but I dare not admit it."
She let go of me. "Am I your little white deer?"
"It’s you and me!" I looked at her emotionally.
She looked at me seriously. "I’m afraid you won’t write a memo for my mobile phone. I saw it yesterday and remembered it. I just wanted to go to your father and told me that you want to go back and you don’t want to see me …" She cried. "I don’t want me …"
"How could I not want you? I don’t know how to remind you of me." I wiped away our tears. "Xue Jing, what do you remember?"
"I remember you and the charm you gave me," she sobbed. "Dad said I would always wear this charm and change it every year. What happened to me?"
"Don’t ask," I kissed the tip of her nose. "If you wear it, you will be healthy and happy. If you live, everything will be fine."
"hmm!" She nodded happily. "Lin Zhuo’s father said I could go on a trip. I can go anywhere for as long as I want. Let’s go together and have fun for a few days."
I smiled, "OK, I’ll go with you wherever you want to go!"
She was very happy and gently pushed me. "Then can you let me get up and get dressed?" Although it is remote here, it will be bad if someone comes to see it. "
I stroked her hair. "Was it your idea that Qiao Yun and GAI left me?"
She smiled and nodded her head.
"How do you calculate this account when you play with me in partnership?" I stared at her.
Her face turned red. "Can I pay you back later? Don’t do this. I’m afraid people will see it. "
"I’m not afraid!" My eyes are hot again. "I’m not afraid even uncle will suddenly appear outside!"
She smiled and glanced behind me. "Aunt!"
I was shocked and looked back quickly. There was nothing outside.
"You lied to me, didn’t you?" I stared at her.
"Ha ha ha ….. also said that he was not afraid of my father …" She laughed straight at her chest. "As soon as I called my aunt … you just … ha ha ha …"
I smiled faintly. "Okay, don’t you dare fool me."
She stopped laughing. "I was wrong! You don’t … "
I held her hand like a hungry wolf and looked at my prey. "If it’s too late, you can’t call grandpa!"
3 Haomennv
In the following days, Jinan, Qingdao and Nanjing Sea were crazy. One thing we used to do was to travel instead of going to scenic spots. We went shopping, ate, watched movies and played games during the day and stayed in the hotel at night.
I said Xue Jing wouldn’t get pregnant for a while, but before I knew it, the shelf life had already passed. I thought about doing some safety measures, but I thought that I had promised my sister and I couldn’t help but hesitate. Xue Jing saw my mind and took the initiative to put me in the shopping cart to return it.
"We don’t do this," she said.
"So you’re … not afraid of getting pregnant?" I looked at her.
"Are you afraid?" She asked me.
"I want to have a baby, but you …" I looked at her lovingly. "You are only 22 years old."
"Since you want it, if I really have it, I will be born," she said seriously
"Then your dad won’t know?" I said, "Didn’t you say not to tell him?"
"Anyway, if we don’t admit it, he won’t be sure," she said. "If I’m really pregnant, I’ll hide and have a baby. He shouldn’t doubt it."
I can’t help laughing. She will be naive for a while and really look like a child. But isn’t that what I like about her?
Xue Jing and Ye Huan are different. She can enjoy people’s happiness after Du Jie. How I spoil her and how she hurts is fine. For a man like me, she is really eager to pamper herself. For a woman, it is the same for Ye Huan and Xue Jing. But there is no way that Ye Huan is destined to be repaired. Before I can spoil her, she almost lost her life. Only a strong man can understand this is a loss.
The first time I openly talked to people about Ye Huan and Xue Jingshi having Japanese food with GAI that day, she said that without Xue Jing, my injury would not heal and I would be affected by Ye Huan when I returned to Beijing. I said that it would not be because of Ye Huan, and no one in my heart could replace it.
GAI smiled and pointed to the soy sauce and mustard on the plate, saying that some people can have soy sauce and some mustard when eating, but for most people, both are indispensable. She said that Ye Huan is like soy sauce and Xue Jing is mustard, and no one can replace anyone.
After the last night before leaving the sea, Xue Jing finally asked about my girlfriend. I didn’t hide everything and told her everything. Of course, before Ye Huan, the seal and I were going to face the apocalypse.
After listening, she stopped talking and lay in my arms thoughtfully.
"Are you in a bad mood after listening to these?" I looked at her, "but I don’t want to hide it from you and I can’t hide it from you."
She pulled my left hand and stroked my finger with a red jade ring. "You can’t wear a wedding ring with this, so you can’t marry Ye Huan or me, can you?"
I nodded. "This ring belongs to our Lins’ ancestors. According to my sister, many ancestors and grandmothers have privately married our ancestors for life. We Lins may all be illegitimate."
She smiled faintly. "Who is not illegitimate from the root?"
"Xue Jing, now you know what I throw, so sign it?" I sighed gently. "I hate to part with you, but you Xue family is a big family. How can Miss Xue family not get married? That will make people … "
"Do you know Beijing Longjia?" She suddenly asked
"I know. Why?"
"My grandfather and Dragon’s grandfather were sworn brothers. They fought together in Korea," Xue Jing said. "So our Xue family and Dragon’s family are family friends. It’s very good that my father can know Xiao Qiye because there is no boy in the younger generation of Dragon’s family. There is a girl named Long Ziyuan. She is also a rich woman, but she is still single until now. Do you know anything?"
"Because of Xiao Qiye," I said.
She nodded. "Xiao Qiye is married. It’s miss Sui’s family in Beijing. At least people can have a hope. You can wish that a generation can’t get married … it’s time to be cautious to like your girl."
I looked at her. "Then should you be cautious?"
She smiled. "I don’t want to hear what you call a rich woman. You know, my grandfather actually gave birth to four children, two sons and two daughters. The eldest son is my uncle Xue Jianguang, and the second son is my father. In addition, I have two aunts, Xue Jianping, who is married to the Chen family in Guangdong. The Chen family is also a rich family and has many business contacts with the Xue family. Grandpa married her in order to consolidate this interest alliance. I also have a little aunt Xue Jianning, who is favored by her youngest son. My uncle is a politician."
"China giants can’t do without politics and business …" I said with emotion.
"The so-called rich women are not married by themselves, and they are not necessarily the people they like, but they are all tools to safeguard family interests." She paused. "So I am very fond of Sister Pei Long. She has a unique vision and loves one of the greatest Feng Shui masters in China. My father often said that Sister Long is great. A few years ago, she said that the Dragon family business is less than half of our Xue family, but it was only a few years after she was with Xiao Qiye. Now the Dragon family business has far surpassed the Xue family."
The luxurious villa of Dragon Girl came to my mind.
"It’s easy to cause misunderstanding when I say this," she said lightly. "I don’t doubt that Sister Long has a deep love for Xiao Qiye. I admire her for daring to make choices. Many so-called rich girls often end up sacrificing her but have nothing. I told my mother a long time ago that I don’t want to be a marriage tool like my aunt and her in the future."
"Isn’t uncle and aunt free to fall in love?" I was stunned. "How do you say that she is also a tool?"
She gave me a look. "The Fang family and the Xue family are also family friends. My grandfather, Grandpa Long, is also a friend. This circle is so small." She smiled. "At that time, the so-called free love between mom and dad was that parents told you that this girl could associate with that boy, and then they even said it was marriage. Otherwise, why would my aunt complain about my grandmother? Not because she was not chosen? "
"You also know this?" I frown.
"Mom has told me everything," she paused. "I don’t know if dad will introduce me to a boy I don’t know in the future and then tell me that Xue Jing, you’d better marry him in the future and look around. At the beginning, Tan Wei meant something like this. At least he and I grew up together. If I were a stranger, I would be really crazy."
I don’t know what to say. I hugged her tightly.
"Lin Zhuo, I’m your woman, and I won’t talk to anyone else in my life." She looked at me. "Promise me that you won’t want me in front of Ye Huan. She and I are your two worlds, and we both love you, but these two worlds … shouldn’t have too much communication."
I nodded and kissed her gently on the forehead. "I see."
After we left the sea, we went to Zhejiang to play for another week. On the contrary, the conversation that night didn’t create a estrangement between us. Xue Jing said that she and Ye Huan are two different worlds, so I just want to be kind to her.
Our last one is Beijing.