Although the mountain soldiers also lost hundreds of thousands, but this part of the dead mountain soldiers can be revived for a few days at most, and they are full of vitality.


This kind of fighting rhythm is that the gas refiners are most afraid that the four sects will change fairy beans and use fairy soldiers as cannon fodder to minimize the loss of their masters.
No matter how strong the gas refining equipment in Jin Ao Island is, it is impossible for one enemy to fall into the sky. The weakness of armor has also exposed that heaven has a large number of arrow cars, and a volley of arrow cars at a time is to release tens of thousands of iron arrows.
This kind of iron arrow is used to deal with monsters in the underworld, and it can bombard the city walls.
This kind of large weapon is the biggest threat to the armor of the falling sky. The gas refiner in the total armor can’t stand being penetrated. The armor has been hit hard. Once injured, the gas refiner in the armor will activate the energy shield in the armor and deal with the siege of the celestial soldiers. A few breaths will be cut to powder.
Heavenly soldiers fight the underworld all the year round. Even if they don’t have their heads, heavenly soldiers can only start work if they cut the enemy to death.
Playing dead will be invisible to the soldiers in heaven. Once wounded, the celestial army will attack the wounded and let the enemy die completely.
Leitian took more than 4,000 younger brothers to kill the seven-star volt magic gun and kill the Yang Ji, but the two weapons quickly rushed to the encirclement, so the price of breaking through was to wreck a thousand younger brothers.
Living people are dressed in star armor. This star armor is modeled after the star warrior armor. It is equipped with the falling sky armor weapon. It is also an experimental nature to combine at will. I didn’t expect that the star armor has much better productivity than the falling sky armor.
It’s not that there are any advantages or disadvantages between the two kinds of armor, but the armor that falls into the sky is the most suitable for monty. Monty can be commanded by Leitian, and these refiners can’t fight each other, and the armor that falls into the sky lacks the joint defense capability.
The single defense ability of the star armor is much higher, but it lacks the possibility of joint defense
After leitian came to kill, this is the chance to let your hand enter the demon gourd. These refined people finally know that the enemy is terrible. Those soldiers in heaven attack fiercely and are not afraid of death. Most of the time, they can cut a wound on you. Those soldiers would rather give their lives.
This kind of army is not found in the inferno.
These gas refiners in Jin Ao Island finally realized how ridiculous their thoughts are. The enemy doesn’t care about them or casualties.
Leitian doesn’t think so in his heart. He knows very well that he has framed millions of soldiers in heaven here, and the loss is not negligible for heaven. This ambush will cause heaven to retaliate against Jin Ao Island.
When the four sects built Xiongcheng there, they believed that Heaven would not attack at any cost, so they left a stronghold to lead. However, if Heaven suffered losses this time, it would be much more difficult for Kyushu refiners to talk about the conditions of sexual intercourse.
However, the four sects that have ambushed the celestial army can’t say anything bad, otherwise they can’t rule Kyushu even if Heaven gives in.
Head-on, an army came to Leitian, and it has already driven Lei Dunfei to fly high and chaotic. The celestial army is also driving Xiangyun in the low sea, and the speed is not fast.
Leitian Leidun was also in trouble and suddenly penetrated into a mezzanine.
I don’t know how much this mezzanine was squeezed into Leitian, which directly blocked the way back. When he came from this mezzanine, he had returned to the south of the island and was surrounded by the celestial army
Demon spirit gourd, some people who are in a big hurry in Jin Ao Island can’t help but call the leader to let us fight to the death.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-three Make an enemy Luo Fu
Leitian heard these brothers shouting to the gourd. Don’t worry, these troops can’t trap me.
In his heart, he feels better about his left brother. Many of these people are less afraid of death and know the value of being willing to go to the disaster first and save less.
If these people are timid, once they lose their courage, they will have no leitian. I don’t mind throwing them as cannon fodder
Although trapped in a tight encirclement, I am not worried at all.
Millions of troops around him want to catch Luo Xiu, and there is little hope that they can move to the Chinese Palace or even go directly to the underworld.
The size of that million troops and the millions of troops left around the island, the celestial gods will send an army again because of the news that more than three million people have lost. It is the Jin Ao island that launched an attack. This time, more than a dozen Jin Xian-level gods will move.
These gods will be very angry because they came to sleep in the artifact and now have to come to the sea body. Shou Yuan is constantly losing.
They are not immortals. Shou Yuan is much more precious than immortals. No matter how advanced they are, the length of Shou Yuan is not as big as that of immortals.
Immortals are not too afraid of Shou Yuan’s consumption of God when they are advanced to the Golden Fairy.
If it weren’t for such a big change, these Jin Xian-level gods would come to Shou Yuan in the decisive battle, and the consumption in the artifact would be negligible.
With such resentment, more than a dozen generals and commanders surrounded Leitian in it.
The first god will shout that the gas refiner will give you a free hand and spare your life.
Leitian laughed and fled into the sea. He now knows that if he flies into a mezzanine from the sky again, he may not be where he is now. If Jiuyuan City is now miserable, he must not escape.
I’m afraid there are tens of thousands of powerful immortals in Jiuyuan City, and the number of magic generals is more than billions. Even if Xiangang is detonated, it can’t escape.
Leitian plunged into the sea and went straight to the bottom of the sea.
He is extremely fast. When the Jin Xian-level God will chase him, he has already entered the sea and land. After he entered, he summoned the stars and gods to leave the ground.
With the monument to the stars and gods, his soil evasion has been accelerated by more than one time, and he can also see the dangerous cracks in the earth before, and he will be far away from it and avoid it.
In this way, his speed is a line faster than Jin Xian.
Chase leitian god will also find this, one of them raised his hand a huge bronze mirror to the ground as leitian Luo Xiu figure is now in the bronze mirror.
The bronze mirror shows a dragon head and a nine-headed snake.
These gods will be frightened. Is it that the inferno came to Kyushu?
No, it’s the demon race. These two people don’t have the slightest magic spirit, but they are so fast that it’s almost impossible for these gods to want to chase them.
It’s not good to let go and not chase. The previous three Jin Xian level gods don’t know how to suddenly lose their breath. This kind of thing, the immortals in Jiuyuan City will attach great importance to it. If you don’t check it out, these gods will be severely punished.
Leitian fled all the way back to Jin Ao Island, regardless of these gods gnashing their teeth. When he came to Jin Ao Island, he met a team of patrol Luo Fudi.
Those Luo Fudi drank when they saw the drill in the sea.