Meng Fei shook his head mockingly, and his eyes swept through these noble bodies. Finally, he returned to Royev’s body and asked about his blood and several scars. It seems that you have just experienced a battle.


Royev look breath don’t know what to answer.
At this time, he lost the courage to lie, and finally it was a stupid thing for Bai Qian to prove himself to Xuanyuan Wang by force.
Fortunately, Meng Fei didn’t ask.
Meng Fei Gherardini looked at Royev and asked again, "I saw 30 nobles. Well, if I remember correctly, there should be 42 noble families in Xuanyuan."
The king’s order is that all the gate forces must send representatives to lead 1 million private soldiers to participate in the Great Patriotic War. Then who will tell me about other aristocratic families? Are they all traitors?
When asked about this sentence, the nobleman felt that his heart was beating like a giant hammer.
I told the other seven aristocratic families in the temple that they openly disobeyed the king’s order and didn’t send anyone to the king’s city. Royev didn’t dare to neglect the truth.
At this time, he didn’t know what the mood was. He also planned to get rid of the seven aristocratic families who had never been in tune with each other with Meng Fei. At this time, when he said these words, he felt more difficult than a sense of sadness.
Well, it really means that the nobles in the kingdom don’t want to fight for the kingdom. Tell me, is it still necessary for such nobles? Meng Fei spoke and then turned his head to tell four of the top ten leaders.
My military orders sent 500 elite dead men to bring the heads of the seven noble families. I want to hear their explanation. If you resist, shoot them.
Yes, the Four Commanders bowed down and soon disappeared into the hall with a murderous look.
Since it’s a rotten stall, it needs brave medicine to cure it.
The situation is this crisis. Meng Fei has no patience. Like these moths, he said that the nobles are riddled and scheming. They must use thunder to plow and sweep the cave and obliterate all the discordant factors in Xuanyuan country in order to make up their hands to deal with the Black Dragon country wholeheartedly.
Farchuan Meng Fei waved.
In the Lord, you ordered Farchuan to come over.
Record every word I just said to the issuing country and add this sentence. The Black Dragon country invaded our country, and a soldier who died in our country will receive ten black crystal coins for his family.
Soldiers injured in battle can get five black crystal coins as rewards. One black crystal coin is awarded for killing one enemy in battle. One black crystal coin is awarded for meritorious service in battle. After each battle, the logistics department will evaluate the credit level and get the promotion award of black crystal coin rank.
Meng Fei palm rubbed the throne while thinking without doubt.
Yes, Lord Farchuan, record everything Meng Fei said.
Meng Fei quietly looked at the hope and was silent for a few seconds. Then he added, After the Logistics Department has evaluated the military book, it must be submitted to the king for review and approval before the award can be issued. If anyone dares to make a fuss about the military book, then.
Said that Meng Fei suddenly paused here and didn’t return his backhand. He waved back lightly.
The fist front did not respond to a noble, and the body burst into a blood fog.
Scattered blood splashed down on the faces of his colleagues and nobles like raindrops.
The warm, moist and nerve-racking feeling of blood on the face made some timid aristocrats directly collapse to the ground and scream, while more people were trembling, and even Prime Minister Royev was no exception.
The last trace in his heart was proud of the second-class hereditary aristocratic status of the imperial dynasty, but he barely survived the courage and finally disappeared at this bloody moment.
The noble body was blasted with one punch and jumped to the ground in silence. Chapter one thousand and twenty-five Kill it.
This noble wanted to cut off Falchuan’s head and give Meng Fei a Mawei guy.
Dare to disobey the king’s order and die. Meng Fei stood quietly in the hall with a firm tone and no doubt, as if nothing had happened. The nobles who knelt on the ground with the hula department continued without doubt.
Just now, I said that all laws passed through the country after sending people, with special emphasis on people who dare to make an article in the military book. Just now, this noble was a scene.
Yes, Lord Farchuan respectfully recorded every word Meng Fei said.
Meng Fei nodded and looked back at the nobles kneeling on the ground and turned cold.
Gathering soldiers in one place refused to meet Wang Jun in the city, and they were unwilling to send troops to protect Xuanyuan people. They gave the border land to the Black Dragon country, which led to the slaughter of 20 million civilians and the withdrawal of private soldiers during the war. They even indulged the guards to burn and rob in Xuanyuan.
Hum, good, good. Is this your answer to the king? Don’t you wonder what you have done all these years.
Kneeling on the ground is a noble, and their guards are sweating so hard that they can’t even breathe.
According to the laws of the kingdom, it’s treason and treason for you to do so. Damn it, Meng Fei asked him ten thousand times.
When I heard the word treason, from Meng Fei’s mouth, the nobles knelt on the ground and trembled with lightning. They leaned over and kowtowed and pounded garlic and cried for mercy.