We have confirmed the standard shares.


He said that Zhang Jun’s heart was already white, and it must be the stock of Tibet Road, but he didn’t respond but listened quietly.
He went on to say that this time we are eating in Changzhuang for three months. During this period, we should eat as many chips as possible and spend less money. It will be half a year before the goods are ready. This is a long battle
Think it over. Jiahui smiled and said
In fact, they had been very prepared before coming, but I didn’t expect them to trade in Yili. It is estimated that it is necessary to directly understand the distraction. Whether it is supervised or not is just an excuse.
After a brief talk, of course, we got together late at the dinner table, but there were some specific requirements and details. Yang Jiahui was very white about this, so his uncle didn’t nag too much about this issue. He asked to do more with less money.
After everything was done, the two men took Xiaolin and waited for the bus to return to the hotel again. When they were about to part, she said that Jiahui would go to Yi’s place the next day, a middle-aged person, and she would give you the account password.
Okay, bye.
Although the two people returned to the hotel and lived in the same room, there were two beds in the two rooms, one door was a natural hazard. Jiahui closed the door when he slept and warned him not to cross it casually.
Zhang Jun wandered around the outhouse for a while, just about to go to bed, and suddenly he felt convenient, but the hygiene was in the back room. He had a hard time knocking on the door several times.
Mao Mao
What are you doing? Jiahui is lazy in the back room and asks
Toilet stroll
Why don’t you sleep well and run there? Jiahui is still lazy in there.
Zhang Jun was in a hurry, and regardless of other things, he just knocked on the door and quietly walked in. This is the problem in this room. When Zhang Jun was convenient in the back room, he felt refreshed. When he saw Jiahui lying in bed and rubbing his temples, he asked what was wrong with his headache.
Jiahui is still lazy in bed. Zhang Jun thinks that she is strange, so she leaned over and stretched out her hand and touched her forehead. When she found that it was not hot, she said that she didn’t have a cold and should have no rest.
Go to sleep. I’m fine. Jiahui said with a smile
Kiss and leave. Zhang Jun kissed gently and quietly returned to his room.
It’s a long and short night. It’s brighter in Shenzhen than in Liaoying. It hasn’t been more than 6 o’clock yet. The sun has risen high. Zhang Jun rubbed his eyes in bed and sat up. He came to the window and pushed it out to see the road outside. People on the sidewalks of various cars are also rushing on. He thought to himself that the speed in Shenzhen is very unusual. This is going to be in Liaoying, but he can’t see such a scene.
He stretched and made a few simple moves before knocking at the door and coming to the back room. At this time, Jiahui had already got up and picked up the bedding. When he saw him coming, he asked if he slept well last night.
Good headache? Zhang Jun asked.
No Thanks!
Today is everything. After breakfast in the restaurant, they left together, because today is their first day. It’s easy to go. There are many stocks in Shenzhen. They are going to be one of them. It’s not too far from this hotel. It’s only two corners away. It’s a four-or five-story building with beautiful wall design. It’s also a scenery in Xingheli. It’s easy to see. It’s still closed. They wandered around for a long time elsewhere.
It wasn’t until 8: 03 p.m. that the Yimen gate was slowly hit. Two people walked in and took a look. I felt that there was no difference between Liaoying and Yiyi. In the lobby on the first floor, rows of brains were still scattered on the brain table and rows of chairs were placed in front of the table. The workers there were nervously wiping the tables and chairs.
Because they are not in a hurry to go upstairs, they choose to wander around the hall. Two people come to a computer to play and then look at the information market at will. In fact, they are not looking at any more information. They are actually waiting for how much anger, sorrow and joy to spread here to decide that they can plan easily.
It’s hard to stay up until 9 o’clock in the afternoon, and they didn’t see much scattered. There is no difference between all the Liao camps here, and there are few people in Yi Reagan.
Let’s go, Jia Hui said, pulling Zhang Jun away.
Their room is on the top floor. According to Xiaolin, two people soon found the door half open. Zhang Jun gently pushed the door and two people looked into the room. This is a small room. There are a dozen brains on one side of the room and a row of sofas on the other side. A young woman is sitting on the sofa. When she sees this woman in her thirties, her hair is like a black waterfall behind her head, and then she looks at her face. But when she sees her pink cheeks and a pair of big eyes, her eyes will laugh together. It’s like a cherry with a small mouth. Why don’t you look at it like a middle-aged person?
Hello, it’s Yang Jiahui Zhang Jun, right? She got up and greeted her.
Yes, you are. Jiahui asked
I’m Luo Shuyan, the chief secret, and I’m here to wait for you today.
When I got close to Zhang Jun, I found that this woman had several shallow crow’s feet around her eyes. It seems that she is not a young age.
After a simple ceremony, she handed me a small one from her purse and said that the account password here always said that she wanted you to be familiar with it. Then you should keep this and don’t lose it.
Jiahui will take a look at it.
Then I’ll go. You will subsidize 1 yuan food in this room at noon every day.
But Jiahui’s answer is still very simple
Just the two of us, Zhang Jun asked
After a while, people came to Luo Shuyan and replied
She got up and walked out after the simple replacement. When she came to the door, she turned around and said that I would often come to ask for anything, but I said I would guarantee your request directly.
thank you
Can you drink? Zhang Jun asked with a smile
Annoying Jiahui stared his one eye very much.