Miss, it’s not very kind of you to do this. Let’s have a drink with friends. Gently stretch out a hand to stop Janice’s direction. The man’s face is still with a smile, and his deep eyes are staring at Janice with deep affection.


Well, uncle, if you want to drink, it’s a real drink. After listening to Brother Kuan’s suggestion, the girl sat down again. The bartender gave me a bottle of Master Kong black tea.
The bartender looked at Brother Kuan and secretly felt a little funny. The little girl was in a daze just now. Now it seems that she is even pretending, but he didn’t expect that Janice’s performance just now was a real headache.
Have a cup of pink lady’s black tea. What? This is a bar. How can that be?
However, the uncle girl reached a finger and pointed to a student not far away from her with a tray of black tea in her hand.
I was poked in the face, but my face expression hasn’t changed at all. Are you coming to return the black tea tonight? Let’s have a drink.
Not a cup, but a bottle of uncle. I won’t drink the leftovers of others’ drinks. I left my pie mouth slightly discontentedly. The girl showed a somewhat dissatisfied look. Uncle, you won’t even give up a bottle of black tea, will you? Oh, black tea in the bar is very expensive. It costs three or four yuan outside, but it costs ten or twenty yuan here to buy a bottle.
Brother Kuan took a deep breath and Xiao Liu gave me a bottle of black tea.
The girl who took the black tea from the bartender carefully looked at the bottle mouth and then gently twisted Uncle Gai. Thank you. Let’s drink a toast.
After drinking a lot of wine, Janice’s sex also slightly became a little jumping and playing tricks on people. She took a sip of black tea at random and fell to the ground with a slight jump. Goodbye, uncle, with a sly face and a wave, she gently swayed in the direction of the gate
By this time, Brother Kuan knew that this little girl was fooling herself even in stupidity. Her face changed, and her eyes showed some anger. With a wave of her hand, a young man at a table not far away immediately got up and stopped in front of Janice before walking quickly.
Uncle, if you do this, the sky will definitely be full of diarrhea and foaming at the mouth. Oh, turn around and smile at Brother Kuan with a standard tooth. Janice turned his head and looked at the four young people standing in front of him with a wave of his hand and said casually, Let’s all let it go. Look, it’s not difficult for me to pay the bill for you.
This remark is obviously very arrogant, but after listening to this sentence, the four young people really stepped back a few steps to the side and let the position go. I didn’t intend to do that in my heart, but my body moved involuntarily, as if the girl’s voice had a magic power.
Well, that’s what the good girl nodded with satisfaction. The girl swaggered past the four people. She walked much faster this time than before, but in just a few seconds, she was almost at the entrance of the bar hall.
Seeing my own hands, I really let her go because of that little girl’s words. Brother Kuan’s heart was annoyed, but it aggravated a lot of hands. When the cocktail glass was shaken, the amber wine in the glass immediately spilled into the mouths of my younger brothers. What happened to you losers? You let people go, but you didn’t hurry up and get them back. You still want to leave as a joke easily. Hurry up.
Is wide elder brother four younger brother did not go to wipe their faces and turned to chase the past, while chasing also wondering that a few people were possessed at that time to let the past?
These younger brothers ran much faster than Janice walked, and the four of them showed a lot of eagerness. Finally, they intercepted her again at the place where Janice was about to go to the door. Four of them drew their horses at the waist and touched a stainless steel knife. In that machine, they pressed a glistening blade and immediately bounced at the Janice chick. We want to talk to you.
Ah, it’s really a group of people who are in a bad mood. Now I’m angry and squint lazily. Janice looks at the knife in the hands of four people and kneels for me. Everyone slaps each other for 30 slaps and can’t show mercy.
Applauded listening to the girl who was louder than a slap in the face snorted coldly. Without looking at those slaps behind her, her face swelled up and the four of them went straight to the bar.
This new thing at the door of the bar makes people feel very novel. One by one, they put their glasses in their hands, or looked at the door with blurred eyes. Four people slapped each other in the face, and every time they slapped each other, there would be a crisp slap, and the other person was also assigned to twist their heads. This slap was obviously less than ten slaps, and four people’s faces had already flushed and swollen up. When they slapped twenty slaps, their cheeks were completely unconscious. Only when the eyes were full of fear, when they slapped thirty, the four people’s mouths and corners of their mouths had already oozed blood and even their heads had some.
Being blown by the cool breeze outside the bar, Janice’s brain suddenly woke up a lot, even though she was still slightly drunk, but she was generally able to walk smoothly. The girl with a dizzy mind was completely unable to wake herself up. This feeling of drowsiness allowed her to temporarily forget the pain in her heart.
Looking at the ground lazily, the girl walked forward gently and blindly, and kept coming to the people around her to talk.
Hey, buddy, let me tell you something special.
What’s up?
Hey, hey, you don’t know. Isn’t the old cow in our unit always blind to the pursuit of small butterflies?
Yeah, what’s wrong with that?
It must scare you to death. I heard that Butterfly got the old cow drunk last night and took medicine. The two of them cooked rice and just after work, they were already flirting with the adulterer and prostitute, and their performance was not much worse.
Wow, I really can’t see it. The little butterfly usually works quietly and pushes the old cow so fiercely. How are they now?
What do you think? We’re still together. I heard those old ladies say that Butterfly is planning to move.
Gee, why don’t we have such good luck? Why don’t we have beautiful women to push me back?
Come on, you look like a sow who won’t bite you and wants to be pushed back by a beautiful woman.
What’s the big deal about pushing back? Isn’t that just pushing back? I’m going to Guangwu Road.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Well
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Finally ask for a ticket.
The girl’s feet gave birth to wind, which was far more daring than usual, and soon she came to a crossroads on Guangwu Road.
My head is dizzy. What’s going on? Suddenly, a stumbling girl leans against the wall so that she can keep her body balanced. The girl gently narrowed her eyes and murmured that dizziness would disappear.
No change, go to the unfavorable words first, but it doesn’t work at this time. The dizziness has not been alleviated, but it has increased a lot because of this sentence. Compared with just now, I can’t see everything clearly. Nai girl can sit with her back against the wall and slightly lost her eyes.
At 11: 30 in the middle of the night, there are very few pedestrians on the street. A girl sitting against the wall and swinging in the street is quite conspicuous, and being alone in the middle of the night or being a weak woman is easy to be noticed by some self-protection thugs.
Little sister, what’s wrong with you? Are you unwell? Do you want me to take you to rest? An abrupt voice rang around the girl, disturbing the girl who almost fell asleep.
The girl rubbed her forehead and opened her eyes to see what was going on in front of her eyes, but now she is dizzy and can see a hazy shadow in front of her.
It seems to be aware that the girl is not feeling well at this time, and the sound is even more dissolute. She smiled a few times. Hey, hey, little sister and brother, you seem a little cold. Why don’t you go to my brother’s room and let me help you warm up and have a good sleep?
Although her head is groggy, the girl easily listens to obscenity from that sound, covering her forehead with anger and humming. It’s shameless to roll away from me.
The girl’s words did rise, but in this state, her mind was shocked by the fact that she was not really stable. She suddenly fainted with pale face, and her body could no longer be deliberately balanced, and finally she fell soft. However, the gangster rolled around like a middle-aged housekeeper in the girl’s home, and it was still relatively strange to roll around alone. However, it was close to midnight, and even the passing cars were extremely fast, and no one would notice this scene.
Sometimes I have to say that a person is lucky, so even if he fainted outside, he would meet someone he wanted to see.
It is said that Tang Yi was scattered before, and even with glasses, it is unlikely to notice the figure lying on the street wall, but now his vision has not only recovered, but also vaguely surpassed that of the average person. He just swept away and saw the girl lying on the ground.
Even in the dark, I can’t see the girl’s face clearly, but with the humanitarian spirit, Tang Yi will not pretend not to see it and let a girl faint in the street and gently pointed to the girl’s direction, so he took Fei Li and walked past.