I wish I had a powerful magic sword. Meng Fei has never seen such a powerful magic sword with a murderous look. Fortunately, the magic prince was successfully attacked on seven nights just now. It would be unimaginable if he could wield the power of the magic sword department.


Seeing that jinlong town suppressed the magic sword for seven nights, it was difficult. Meng Fei immediately prompted several large arrays in the divination furnace to wrap the magic sword around, and then he flew up and entered the magic sword battle in the gods.
This is also his intention to exercise, and he refused to let go of the slightest opportunity. His fists condensed the true qi and sometimes he scattered his big hands and grabbed the magic sword.
The magic sword and the sky were sealed by the gods, and the large array of divination furnaces was greatly reduced, so Meng Fei was evenly matched in fighting.
Meng Fei, hurry up. This magic knife has been suppressed by me for seven nights, but it still makes waves. We can’t capsize in the gutter and the good situation will be destroyed.
Good Meng Fei repeatedly exerted his magical powers and at the same time exerted all his strength to suck milk. While fuelling the divination furnace, he put his true qi to work. Only then did he gradually suppress the magic sword and the sky, and then he was suppressed to the depths of the divination furnace and clamped hard to find opportunities for refining.
It’s really an eye-opener for me that the magic sword that lost its owner is still so powerful. Meng Fei suppressed the magic sword and secretly praised it. The more I feel that the magic sword’s lethality in the sky is deeply suitable for me.
Master, your strength has greatly improved. I think there are very few people in Xiaoyao Palace who can compare with you except the 72 main temples.
Especially if you refine this magic sword and fight against the sky, you will be afraid of fame. When you return to Xiaoyao Palace, we can set up another temple. Then Xiaoyao Palace will be afraid of seventy-three temples, and Purple Rain will fly to the gods list now.
You, how did you also break the border? Meng Fei smiled and was ready to speak. Suddenly, purple rain broke into the border, too.
I just sucked a little bit of the world tree to give off aura, and the horse broke through the purple rain. I waved my hand and smiled mischievously, master. I found it really the greatest blessing of my generation that I could follow you.
Of course, if you want to follow me, you will be indispensable. Seven nights, the magic prince, the big magic body and the treasures will be indispensable. The monty city is also a good star. Let’s go now.
Meng Fei got a great benefit this time, but he has to share it with himself. This monty city looks like the palace of the Seven Nights Devil, and some good things must be checked and copied.
Good property purple rain flew around looking for it, and soon found some Chinese herbal medicines planted in the castle garden, all of which were put into the list of gods.
At the same time, some precious minerals in the warehouse behind the castle were also included in the bag by Ziyu.
In addition, I didn’t find some Taoist treasures.
Meng Fei knows that the treasures of the Battle of God are very precious. They must be carried with you. Although things are very precious, it is impossible for a master to say that there is nothing.
I don’t know what this five-line holy water jade bottle is. When the soldiers saw the purple rain blowing for a while, Meng Fei picked up the jade bottle and found out a little bit about it. Now it looks like a small pond.
Jinlong actually sucked so many five lines of holy water. No wonder he recovered so quickly. Meng Fei couldn’t help but say with horror
Purple rain took over the jade bottle, and it was also divided into spiritual exploration. This jade bottle is as big as a small pond. How many five lines of holy water should I hold? I’m afraid there are only so many five lines of holy water for an immortal who sits in a big sect.
This time, it’s a big loss, but it’s a pity that I didn’t leave any, otherwise my water god tactic will condense the five elements of holy water and the true qi will be concise again
Just take this jade bottle and pack things. It’s also a good thing, Meng Fei said.
Purple rain gladly Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-three Dangerous
Let’s go get the monty outside now. Once the demon king is suppressed, the monty in this magic pond will not be a climate. We are most interested in taking Jinlong.
Going to Meng Fei is also very interested in taking Monty. Where will you miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and fly immediately?
He is not in a hurry to refine the magic sword and fight the sky. The more monty gets, the stronger the power is. Take millions of monty and you can refine the magic sword casually. The magic sword is wrapped up and refined together with the prince for seven nights.
Three people flew on the spot.
However, outside Monty City, Monty has been in chaos.
The demons are flying everywhere in the dancing days, and the dense monty reminds Meng Fei of a cat on hot bricks.
This magic pond has been stationed with 20 big fiends and seven nights’ demon king commander monty. Now the seven nights’ demon king has been suppressed, and several big fiends have fled in panic. Where are these monty still frying pans?
Meng Fei suddenly became big when he saw this scene.
This is tantamount to entering the treasure house and asking for it by yourself.
When offering the divination furnace, the deity list makes the purple rain three-legged sword Wu hold the king of heaven and earth full of rotation, and the head monty is sucked in. The divination furnace, the king of heaven and earth, the deity list department runs and sweeps the sky wherever it comes.
In a short time, hundreds of monty have been killed.
But this is far from enough. Fortunately, Meng Fei has embraced the world tree, a treasure that is breathing vigorously and never exhausted, and its power is getting bigger and bigger.
The last three treasures were suspended in the water, forming three huge black holes, and the powerful suction made it impossible for a hundred miles of monty to escape.
One hundred and twenty thousand
One hundred and fifty thousand