Li Yueling also smiled and laughed. Don’t praise it. This big guy will push his luck.


Sucked up a lot of Xuan Ming crystal beads, but just now it swallowed up the ten thousand-year-old turtle essence, Yuan Shen, and now Mokun is more considerate than before, even though he can’t talk well. Actually, he can understand the words of The Hunger Zun Li Yueling at the moment when Li Yueling’s voice fell, and Mokun actually made his big head naughty and topped Li Yueling’s back with a burst of grace.
Look at this guy. Li Yueling took credit for his horse. At the same time, he didn’t let Mo Kun work in vain. He took a hundred Xuan Ming crystal beads from the cold-fighting ring and threw them into his big mouth to save some food. After that, he was eager to give it to you.
And don’t ink Kun flew aside to digest it, and worked hard to get a reward. The Hunger pointed to the huge turtle shell that Ink Kun carried back, my dear. This Xuanwu green turtle shell is a good thing. If it is a magic weapon, its value is even more than the ghost staff in the secret treasure hole of hades.
It’s a pity that this green turtle shell is harder than extraordinary fire, but only three skyfires can melt refining.
Li Yueling actually noticed early in the morning that this turtle shell exudes a faint green light. It is a kind of extremely refined material. Today, it is easy to laugh at The Hunger’s words. If you need three skyfires, the younger generation will find a way to talk.
A bunch of white flames rose from Li Yueling’s palm. What else could it be if it wasn’t that skyfire?
Overlord The Hunger Zun and others have seen the flames rising from the palm of Li Yueling’s hand, and they can’t help but say that my dear nephew is really hand-eye and sky-borne. It turns out that even the three skyfires can be controlled quickly, so that this green turtle shell can be melted into other refined materials when the time comes.
When can be refined into a powerful very magic weapon?
Li Yueling put the green turtle shell into the bag and took it instead. The ghost staff robbed the hole before, and it killed the elder. If the younger generation can get into the eyes of the elder, it is the elder.
It’s really inappropriate for you to bully The Hunger even if you are a generous person, and you don’t mince your words directly. It’s a golden fairy and a pulse, but you’re not welcome.
After some talks, at the moment, The Hunger Zun is already quite familiar with Li Yueling, and both of them have played a smile at each other at the same time.
Li Yueling said that this poem is still waiting for you in The Hunger. If my predecessors have achieved this goal, can’t we go together?
The Hunger, the overlord, spread his hand and said, "I’m here for what purpose? I’m thinking about the chaos of the Thirty-six Road, which caused chaos in The Hunger."
And my old bones repair strength is not enough. bring up the rear only sneaked into hades to try to upgrade. Over the years, it has been some progress. Although it has not reached the immortal emperor level, it is enough to deal with those who betrayed us in The Hunger.
When Li Yueling was unlucky, The Hunger Zun both took off hades, and both were enchanted women.
Ah, Yueling, you really got the master back. Great, master. You just lost your poems, no matter how worried you are about dying.
Still waiting for you in the mouth of the cave, Jiang Shishi ignored the image and rushed forward to snuggle up to bully The Hunger’s side and cried
Coming here, the relationship between the mentoring and the mentoring is deeper than I expected. Looking at Jiang Shishi’s still tearful eyes, Li Yueling can’t help but sigh. At the same time, he is also thinking about taking Jiang Shishi away from The Hunger.
It’s not just that you’re a silly child’s master will never return. You’re worried about which bully The Hunger is loving and patting Jiang Shishi’s powder back. It’s also touching to think that Naha The Hunger has been known as Wang Ba in this secluded The Hunger for more than ten thousand years, but he has also shown such a different expression to such a lover as Jiang Shishi.
One side, the three magic statues saw the bully The Hunger statue and knelt respectfully on the ground. In their minds, the bully The Hunger statue is high.
Teacher and pupil are catching up with each other, and The Hunger Zun also saw one side. The three demons immediately stepped forward and kissed the three of them to help them up. It’s really hard to wait these days when Zun is not here.
The magic Lord should serve the same purpose as the three magic lords.
Take care of The Hunger’s respect for the road. Three good words want me to take care of the blood. In one day, the three of you will always be your right-hand man. Haha
After the excitement passed, Jiang Shishi flew to Li Yueling’s side and smiled. Yue Lingjin’s master has returned to his old man’s house. Is it time for you to kiss?
Li Yueling smell speech first one leng a long time to react, before I kiss my good wife, your teacher is not I don’t know you and I need this?
Jiang Shishi deliberately refused to let Li Yueling’s big hand hook his shoulder and follow Chen Tao. Not only did you kiss another person to get married?
Who asked Li Yueling consciousness?
You can’t stay here, but who is Warm Jade Sister? Ask me whether you are in the human world or the celestial world. Have you ever proposed to Warm Jade Sister? Of course, I also want to tell you that as early as in the human world, Warm Jade Sister is the only one who has done this. If you do it, don’t blame me for joining Warm Jade Sister in not wanting you.
Li Yueling showed an epiphany expression, patting her head and smirking. This is my fault. How could I forget such an important ceremony? This kiss is not only to make a sensation in the world.
See Li Yueling first speak well followed by a wry smile Jiang Shishi not strange asked.
But I’m afraid I’m not only going to marry you on her, but also Cher needs to marry her at home.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Lei Yi Lei
Ba The Hunger Zun learned from Jiang’s poems that the battle of the Temple of Monty has already counted several ministers in the Imperial Palace, but Ba The Hunger Zun had to sigh a heroic place.
After a few days in the Imperial Palace, Li Yueling always honored the return of Tai Chi fairy stars to Ba The Hunger with Jiang Shishi. However, Li Yueling not only led Jiang Shishi to return, but invited Ba The Hunger to go to the guest. The reason is very simple. Jiang Shishi is also her only elder in all circles. How can Li Yueling’s wedding day be without Ba The Hunger’s respect?
After coming into contact with Ba The Hunger in the past few days, I also got a thorough understanding of Li Yueling. I was surprised that Li Yueling’s identity was actually the new Western Taiji Emperor, and at the same time I was surprised that Daniel lee Ling was the one who could deal with the 36-way chaotic devil.
As early as in the underworld, The Hunger Zun had seen Li Yueling’s extraordinary means. At that time, he was already thinking that this was no ordinary person, but he didn’t want Li Yueling to be so big that he was scared to death.
Disciple wants to marry The Hunger, the great devil statue of this mixed world, and it is also a hundred trials and turns into a round finger. However, it is full of promises. After handing over all the things in the Imperial Palace to the three magic kings, Ba The Hunger, Li Yueling and Jiang Shishi stepped into the array together to go to Taiji Fairy Star.
The most lively street in Duxian Town is full of fairy shops. Although the celestial paradise has been overturned by chaotic demons, it is still impossible for the demand of the vast number of immortals to decrease. The big deal is barter, which is a street with modern commercial characteristics in Duxian Town.
But then again, if it weren’t for the fact that it is in Taiji Xianxing, a place where even the chaotic devil is afraid, everyone still has to consider whether it can be guaranteed or not, so why are they interested in doing business?
From the Great Sage of the Demon Clan of Heaven to refine two million holy soul beads, 100,000 Luo Jin Xian Hou Tai Chi Xian Xing has become the only paradise except the Western Buddhism after the chaotic times.
It’s not too arbitrary to say that the only immortal star that hasn’t been slaughtered by chaotic demons is Taiji Fairy Star, but it’s unknown that Taiji Fairy Star got a promised land.
However, it is because of this that the population of Taiji Xianxing has soared recently.
Almost in just half a month, the number of Jin Xian, the Tai Chi fairy star, has more than tripled, including many demon-cultivated and magic-cultivated, and even several famous immortals and emperors have come to Tai Chi fairy star.
Walking in this fairy-demon-shared commercial street has gathered most powerful breath, which shows that Li Yueling, who is holding a beautiful woman around him, is it necessary to come here for a wedding? What do you need? Just ask.
Dave promised to get it done.
Before Li Yueling left the golden jade mouth, Li Yueling hooked his arm on his right hand. Cher is already out of line. Don’t you stupid goose know that women just love shopping? Whether it’s dust or purple mansion.