I’ve been listening to us with my virtual body. Xingyun’s face changed immediately after listening to Lisa’s words. This is also a bad aunt. Don’t let these two people conflict. I quickly said to Qinglin


Qinglin, please go home with your two sisters. I may have to wait a few days before I can go back. I have to design a railway route with Xingyun and there are still many things to do.
Well, we’ve been here for several days, too. If we don’t go back, aunt should look for us everywhere. We should go first and then drag the two sisters out of the hall to see them go. I looked at some sad expressions and said to Xing Yun
I know how you feel in your heart. You’d better design a body for yourself. Based on the biotechnology technology we have mastered and my refining technology, I think we can all realize what kind of body you want, so that you can experience the fun of ordinary human life and look at me without this expression. I can’t blame others. I can blame you for benzene. Didn’t you move the upgrade function? I said.
Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. I’m upgrading the function, but building a human body for yourself is not an upgrade. At best, it’s a function expansion. I can just move. My other abilities haven’t changed. I’m going to design my own body now, and I’m leaving when I’m finished. I hurried to say
Xingyun, don’t worry. Let’s design the railway route first, and then the two of us will design your body together to ensure that your body is the best and most perfect in the world. How about your body?
Don’t lie to me, or I’ll make you look at Xingyun and promise me something.
How dare I? I’m still waiting for your help, I said quickly
I have designed the railway route map, and I will show it to you now. It says that the map of the mainland is showing on the opposite wall. A train starts from Songfengling City, twists and turns all the way through many mountains, crosses most of the territory of the Maltese Empire, and then comes to Blackstone City, then turns south from Blackstone City and enters the Kruma Empire. After passing through the territory controlled by King Edward, it enters the wilderness and crosses the wilderness. After that, it ends at a place by the sea.
How do I pass by places that are desolate? I asked about Xingyun’s virtual big eyes and gave me a white look and said
Isn’t that what you mean? The purpose of our railway design is to prosper the economy along the way from time to time, but we plan that we need him to transport all kinds of minerals. This is what I designed with various mineral resources distribution maps. You look at the other wall and first draw a map of mainland mineral resources.
Along the railway, there are places with the largest variety and quantity of minerals, including all kinds of metal and nonmetal deposits we need, as well as a large number of rare metals. In addition, there are one or two beryl mines, which are among the best in mainland China in terms of quantity and quality. Except for one or two places discovered by dwarves, no one has discovered them because they are not as advanced as us.
In addition, I want you to discuss a magic spar. Sister Sally told me that the magic spar is something that mainland magicians all want. The magic spar has no attribute, and it is pure magic. Other magicians can benefit from it, while the magic nucleus is separate. Magicians can benefit from it. Magic in the magic spar can be absorbed and quickly restore their magic. Unfortunately, after the magic in the magic spar is absorbed, the crystal becomes powder. So the magic spar is a one-time consumption. The low-level magic nucleus is much worse than the magic spar, and the low-level magic nucleus calls for less magic, but the high-level magic nucleus is different. They can be
Since the magic spar can be sucked by any magician, have you ever thought about letting us sharpen the magic spar in the practitioner to quickly improve our skills? I think you must have experienced the magic spar in the past. Is it difficult to make an alchemy? Simply put, it is to change the sexual quality so that it can be sucked by the human body. We can refine some advanced pills with the magic spar. Our conventional forces will soon be able to catch up with the gods and demons, and they will soon lose their ability in World War I. What’s more, there is no demon clan in this world? I think the world is full of vitality and the rules of heaven and earth bind them. Even bigger, it is impossible to produce demon families. Once they become demons, it means that they have initially broken away from the rules. Think about the difference between various demon families of Warcraft, Dan. Haven’t you seen the dark magic nucleus? It’s just that Dan’s energy is purer than that of the magic nucleus, which can benefit these magic nuclei. Are we still worried? Xingyun said a lot.
I’m so fucking benzene alchemy is not for the benefit of these precious plants. All kinds of minerals containing vitality can also be used as alchemy medicine, especially for the demon family Dan, because they often contain more vitality than plants. If this idea can be realized, what am I worried about? I just have to show it to the gods and demons.
Xingyun, thank you so much. You design the body you want first. I’ll go to the experiment to see if our idea can work. Give me an idea, that is, I’m going to train Feisheng Dan to improve my mood in Du Jie as soon as possible. I’ve long since lost my strength and accumulated benefits. Drugs have little effect on me. After I wait for Du Jie, we will not worry about the two families of ghosts and gods. I said that two immortal can wipe out the two families of ghosts and gods.
Just do it. I hurried back to the territory and searched for some magic stones. I went back to the Lord’s house. People said that I would go into the secret room to experiment. It took me five or six days to look at the Dan medicine in my hand. I thought about whether it would succeed or not. It depends on the situation. I feel that the Dan medicine in my hand is full of vitality, but I have to be able to suck it before I can try it for the Warcraft at home. These inhumane people search against these guys. Their skin is rough and their body is tough. They are very energetic. It won’t hurt. Strange to say, these guys have been following me for more than ten years. Every day, except for sneaking around with me, they lie in the Juyuan array to absorb their vitality. But there is no movement except that the carbon head is upgraded into a beast. If they can all be upgraded to a beast, it will be a big force. Dan medicine should start to give it a try and maybe cultivate one or two demon families. Don’t forget that their wisdom is not low
I found Xiaoqing and fed her a new alchemy medicine. At the same time, the gods also entered Xiaoqing’s stomach and quickly decomposed and absorbed the vitality. Xiaoqing felt very satisfied. Lickitung licked it in my hand without any discomfort. It seems that there is no problem. Luo Jiawa found several people in raising orphans. Both men and women gave the magic pill to several people to make them knot on the spot. I am very satisfied that no one is now in any abnormal situation. The alchemy plan seems to be successful. I roughly estimated the method of this alchemy, the same medicine Dan. The output of medicine will be three times as high as before, and my Orc Empire will need troops to worry about in the next five years, so that there will be no problem, that is, I will not worry about the troops in my own territory, and enough magic troops will be trained continuously.
After teleporting to Sing Tao base and entering the base department, I was happy to say to Xingyun
Xingyun, I succeeded. I made magic spar, and those rare medicinal materials have the same function as Dapeiyuan’s elixir. In this way, we can make a large number of elixirs, so that we can quickly narrow the gap between the gods and demons in conventional power.
What are you so happy for? The two families of ghosts and gods sent troops in the great war. We also estimate that the strength of the two families will not be less than two million. We can’t train all the people in your territory into soldiers, even the semi-orc population. We can’t train so many people in a short time. Besides, if you can train so many people, so what’s the matter? You have said from time to time that we are going to protect rather than fight. Xing Yun said
There is another question. We don’t know when the war between gods and demons will break out. Maybe it will be a day, maybe it will be another 20 years. We can’t put our hopes on our conventional strength, or we should prepare weapons with deterrent ability. The super master of weapons of mass destruction is the choice. I have designed a new type of nuclear bomb. I can’t withstand the calculation power of the protoss, so we should upgrade as soon as possible. This is what we really choose. Don’t forget that we have to travel in the universe. You know better than I do. Don’t want you to be in Du Jie now. Early strength is natural enemy. In the universe, a little thing may kill you. You still have to refine Dan. I’ll give you an idea. We can find dragons to do something. We can help them advance quickly. They should give us some rewards. I think many dragons have died for thousands of years. Can they refine Dan and Xingyun go on to say.
Tao Xingyun is to calculate all kinds of plans, and when they reach her, they will be set to be perfect, lacking in loopholes, and I am just not good at these things, so I’d better listen to her.
Tell me about your plan. I’ll just listen to you. I said
Well, my opinion is to do both. According to the information we got from the satellite, there is no sign of a military force at all. If you want to prepare for this scale of about two million troops, it will take at least half a year to prepare for the plan. I estimate that the two families will not set foot on the mainland this year. We plan to pay back one year less for the preparation. On the one hand, you should go to the dragon party as soon as possible to make these high-grade magic cores as much as possible. We need this kind of thing not to make an alchemist, but also to make the core of robots. Those scientific and technological means are much worse than these things. We need a
On the second hand, the company plans to carry out the railway construction plan as usual. Don’t forget that our ultimate goal is to fly this planet to find a way back in the universe, not to defeat the gods and demons. The specific plan for this railway to our future is to implement the urban plan of the Orc Empire as soon as possible. I am going to break up and build the railway at the same time. I will send robots to know that the modern machinery of underground dwarves will help quickly, and we will buy it for various mines along the railway. If you can’t buy it, we will take your plan by force. My opinion is that the Maltese Empire will be destroyed and replaced. This will help us plan the stars and express her intelligent life, which always chooses the most effective solution.
I don’t agree with this point. We can’t replace it. Even if the royal family of Malta dies, the rebellion of nobles everywhere will make us lose sight of one thing and lose sight of the other. It is impossible to carry out our plan. The more peaceful the imperial environment is, the better it will be for our plan to be implemented, I said
You also said that Xingyun replied.
Our railway construction and mine construction can be carried out at the same time, so the efficiency will be much higher.
I know, but where can we find so much labor? I asked
Call you stupid, don’t you admit that we must have people? Who am I? Ordinary technology refines materials to make high-level registered intelligent robots are not so good, but it’s good to build these production robots. Can’t we build mining robots? We say that we can’t broadcast these pure technologies on the mainland, but we can, although it has shocked the mainlanders a little, it is also good for them to let their eyes see. Do you think that the two families of ghosts and gods are really the products of genetic engineering as we imagined? What would they think if they knew our technology? Xing Yun asked slyly.
Creator wakes up or answers me.
Then it is doubtful whether the war between the gods and the demons can be carried out. I am the leader of the gods and demons. I am sure that the war will be carried out after all this has come to light. Let’s talk about it when we can win. Did we guide you? Can everyone learn this technology? Do you teach the dwarves lathe technology, but can the dwarves design it? I think it is impossible. When they can design it themselves, they may be able to imitate it. I think their walking is also a combination of magic, because they don’t have our energy charm.
All right, I said, but you and I arranged Sally to be the head of daily affairs in the territory. What do you think? I asked again
But my little girl is a stable person, and her ability to handle things is not bad, and she is also very responsible. She is much better than you, and Xingyun shouted mockingly and said
What do you know? What a good leader needs is to know people and be kind. This is a profound question. Do you understand? I said in a tone of lesson.
Chema doesn’t know his face is long, but he’s lazy. What do you say about knowing people and being good at xingyun? The tone is that he despises the lack of refining facilities in the base. You’d better build more melting furnaces for me. You know that most of our technology is alloy, which requires a lot of metal and nonmetal materials. I want to build a large number of mining robots. The six high-level intelligent robots are another place. It’s a great wave for them to come to mine and process. If nothing happens, just help the digging robots here. Xingyun went on to say.
I can’t be here with you. I have a lot of things to do in the mine, and I need to take care of them. Give me the railway route map. I’m going to the Imperial Capital to find the emperor and make sure that the mine will be done by the way. I don’t think the emperor is so accommodating. These monsters around me have been with me for so many years, but they haven’t changed much. I wonder. I’ll study them carefully. Maybe they will give us some surprises. After all, he is also a good helper. After all, it’s been so many years since then, I’m looking for a
You have built the intelligent chip production line for the melting furnace for me. You can go. The design drawings and other materials of the production line are all in the communicator. You have already gone to work. I won’t bother you. I went to chat with Qinglin’s sister Shalisha’s sisters. After talking about Xingyun, I left the poor man alone in the base hall.
I apologize for not being updated yesterday. I will make up for the lack of this chapter as soon as possible. Thank you, my friends. You are my motivation. Thank you.
One hundred and seventy-five
After living in Sing Tao base for five or six days, I built nine melting furnaces with different specifications and an intelligent robot core chip production line. I sneaked back to the base and returned to Songfengling City. Sally has accepted the daily management of the territory. Everything is in order, so I don’t need to worry about Baidu search. It’s spring ploughing and sowing, and everyone in the territory is busy, including orcs.
I swaggered in the street and walked in the beautiful weather, which was suitable for many places to wander around and express my feelings about what a wonderful life it was. I didn’t know until I got back to the Lord’s Mansion that all the passers-by in the Lord’s Mansion were waiting for me when it rained in the beautiful spring. Orcs such as Luojiawa were used to it. I often cared about the disappearance, but my two sisters Qing Lin knew where I was going, but they didn’t worry that most of them didn’t give me a good impression. A bunch of people were cold and waited for me in the Lord’s Mansion. Now I know that I have appeared, and a group The first person who asked to see me was Kieran. This guy is still in the territory. I, he has already gone back. In midsummer, he is a representative of various empires, and one is Fat Nubi. He is ready to go back to the Imperial City.
I think you’ve gone back to Temayat. Why haven’t you stayed enough? Don’t forget that our business is waiting for you to go back to the Lord. I watched Kieran come in and said
If it weren’t for waiting for you, I would have left long ago. You are young enough, but I called you a month ago, but your orc guard said you weren’t at your trot. Kieran sat across from me rudely.
I didn’t go there either. It was a long trip. What did you want to see me about? I asked.
What else can you know? I don’t lack a lot of weapons and equipment. It’s always because Dili is not strong, and it’s also the main reason why I want to develop an empire. Because I know that my brother’s ambition is not to expand the territory in Xinjiang, I can’t help but think about it as a member of the royal family of the Temayat Empire. I hope my brother can give us more weapons and equipment to increase our military strength, said Gillian.
Maybe these guys outside think like you, I asked.