Xiaoxiao smiles generously. Just call me Xiaoxiao, er, Sister Mo Ying. Come and listen to me.


Doudou is embarrassed to laugh a few times. Sister Ying is silent. Now Miss Lin is inactive, funny and casual. He really worships her more and more.
Lovely Xiaoxiao nodded with satisfaction and went on to drink porridge.
At this time, the door was suddenly pushed with a white shadow and dazzling in the morning light.
Adzuki bean turned around and got a fright, and hurriedly bowed down to report.
Xiaoxiao sat there and moved gracefully and wiped her mouth to stir up her eyebrows. She glared at her body and smelled chilly, but she was still handsome and had no place to talk about men.
Duan Yishen glance at adzuki bean immediately discretion said slave excused worry glance at xiaoxiao he left the room.
He walked slowly over and looked down at Xiaoxiao as if he were a different person, cold, strange and stained with a little evil spirit. His mouth slowly raised and evoked a mysterious arc. Chapter 51 was too kind to you.
Duan Yishen suddenly grabbed her wrist to make a sudden chill, and threw herself at her sleeve.
Xiaoxiao is surprised. Why are you feeding?
His fingers slowly caressed her smooth arm. Remember what the king said about the missing gift from the king. Wang Huilin’s family lost 17 lives to compensate.
Tell me something, will you? Xiaoxiao tried to break free, but his wrist was clenched tightly. It seems that if he tried harder, he would crush the bones.
What gift? You burned me. I have the nerve to say it’s a gift. Xiao Xiao was so angry that he was more than cruel.
Hehe, he sneered at the evil beauty and slowly approached her with an elegant face. Are you so naive as to capture a man? Immediately, he held her with long fingers and glared at her coldly. Who is that man?
What man? Xiaoxiao is mad with anger. Please don’t always say something inexplicable.
Duan Yi sank and grabbed her arm, and her anger overflowed a little bit. Where’s the palace sand? How could it disappear without having sex with a man?
Shougong Sha Xiaoxiao was surprised to stare at you. You gave me something like that.
Why do you still want to continue to disguise Duan Yishen’s pupil and become dull? He dragged Xiaoxiao to the bed without mercy and bullied her, tearing her clothes with his big hand.
Damn it, you’re crazy. Xiaoxiao tried to resist, but his shirt was torn to pieces in a few minutes.
Let me go, you let me go
You can give anything to other men, but you can’t give Wang Duan Yi anything. His eyes are red like a beast, and he will tear off her bra if he is rude.
Don’t touch me. Xiao Xiao can raise his hand and aim it at his handsome face.
Snap loud and harsh.
Duan Yishen’s cold cream cheek is now a clear palm print. Xiaoxiao was also scared by her own actions, but she had already beaten and begged for mercy. She would not come even if she was dead, but when she saw Duan Yishen’s complicated eyes, the words got stuck in her throat.
You hate Wang so much that you don’t hesitate to give yourself to others and despise Wang. His voice is faintly hurt.
This Duan Yishen made her feel distressed for a long time. Xiaoxiao just wanted to talk, but he turned over and turned his back on her by the bed. You woke up and the king shouldn’t be kind to you again.
Looking at his back, Xiao Xiao clenched his lips and his chest like a stone. She just didn’t let herself cry and tore her clothes, wrapped her naked body gently, and suddenly deja vu flashed through her mind.
She tightened her eyebrows and slowly stretched out her arms. Her skin was delicate and fair. She remembered that Guan Li had given her medicine to treat that scar after seeing it. Then she was robbed for no reason and almost raped by three beggars when she woke up.
Xiaoxiao’s eyes slightly raised her body. Modern people have never seen a real palace sand, but Guan Li can’t help but know what she doesn’t tell her and take the initiative to help her get rid of Chapter 5. This is what you owe me.
Suppose the man who robbed her is Guan Li, then the camp is trying to keep the palace sand beggar
Xiaoxiao slowly bowed his head, and the clothes in his hand became tighter and tighter. This assumption was so consistent.
Such an indifferent and quiet woman
The first person to save her after she came to this world.
The only friend she want to trust.
Is it really her?
The indifference of the corners of her mouth reminds her to tell who is not a friend but who is an enemy.
Suddenly Xiaoxiao thought of another question. When and how did Duan Yi sink the palace sand disappear? She didn’t care about her. She made a cold war. I remember that after she took the pills given to her by Guan Li, there was a puzzling heat wave in her body.
After sleeping for two days, her clothes were changed, and the first person I saw was
Things are getting clearer and clearer, but they are even more lost.