What is this road?


The wind laughed and maple son heard the news. You three go and tell him that the protoss has been noticed. Don’t tell him to be so publicity. Kill as little as possible without too much energy.
Hongxue Xianer couldn’t help but feel happy and nervous when she heard the news of night maple. Hongxue said, Is Aunt Feng really awake?
Xianer also asked where Feng Yi and Feng Ge were, and we will go immediately.
The wind smiles and says, "Where is Maple?" The curtain knows that you should go quickly, so don’t spoil the broth.
Is mom know aunt wind after two rings a golden light flashed three people to disappear.
Brother Feng, my heart, is leaving you again. I’m not afraid that Brother Feng will come back soon. Ye Feng is reluctant to take a look at the beauty in the crystal coffin, and there is a crystal coffin left in the hole when the purple light flashes.
Just when everyone was in a daze, a powerful momentum came to them, and the cold war immediately became vigilant, and the fireball was ready.
Hongsheng felt that this was night maple energy and said that cold brother was not so nervous. This is night maple energy. Haven’t you sensed it yet?
In the cold war, I blushed when I heard Hongsheng say this, and the magic said, Hehe, I’m getting old.
Just after the cold war, there was a flash of purple light. Night maple is now in front of everyone, and big brother Shierle can’t help but be happy to pounce on night maple.
Ah, Twelve Music was not close to the night maple for ten meters when it was driven upside down by the momentum of the night maple to see that it was about to fall to the ground. Suddenly Twelve Music felt that she had been hugged. When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t help blushing when she hung on her big brother day and night.
Night maple scattered momentum holding twelve music slowly walked to the front of everyone and found a place to sit in her arms. Twelve music said, Sister, thank you very much.
Twelve happy little face rises slightly with a layer of red path to protect big brother, which is what I want, and I don’t want to live if anything happens to big brother.
Night maple put twelve music on the side, smiled and said hello to the dream family. Night maple said to Leng Wei ‘er three people that little ya ya had not seen more and more beautiful for more than a year, and her bravery was getting bigger and bigger. Little ya ya clung to her later and was afraid to look down at night maple.
Leng Wei’s eyes are getting more and more complicated now. He has too many secrets. The most important thing is whether Yefeng is a god or not.
Worrying about water Xin doesn’t like Ye Feng’s face, saying, "What are you talking about? You don’t have a smile like that. You always feel that others owe you money."
Night maple’s eyes swept through the water, and the heart was cold, and she hugged her shoulder tightly, for fear that night maple would come over and eat herself.
Little ya ya lowered her head and pouted, saying that people skipped class and wanted to help you. She felt so wronged that she finally cried.
Yaqi looked at the little ya ya and tried to say something nice for her.
Don’t cry. Ye Feng suddenly shouted, and everyone was shocked, even for four days. Ye Feng kept a close eye on the Cold War and said, You really want to find excitement, don’t you? Do you want to try again now?
The cold war was blushed by Ye Feng’s words and he coughed twice on purpose. Ye Feng said that I didn’t know it was my fault that things would turn out like this that day.
Hongsheng saw that the Cold War was so embarrassed by Ye Feng, especially if he didn’t find a terrace in front of a group of young players. He didn’t mix up in front of these people in the future. Hongsheng said to Ye Feng, forget it. He was also impulsive. That dozen people didn’t lose their lives because of his daughter’s emergency rescue. Let’s let it go now.
Who is the cold war night maple doesn’t care about him, but Hongsheng wants to give a face. Hongsheng night maple has sensed from the fluctuation of Hongsheng’s energy that their life breath is the same, that is, he is a dream family. This face is even more embarrassing for everyone.
Dream went to the other side of the night maple, blinked his eyes and looked at the night maple and said, forget it, big brother. My brothers and sisters are all right. That’s my father, mother and sister’s dream. Finally, I introduced it one by one.
Ye Feng put on a sullen smile and said to Hong Sheng Xia Wa, "Hello, three. You are dream sisters and relatives, that is, my night maple relatives. I recognized my dream as a sister long ago, and now it’s too late for you to go back on your word."
When will everyone laugh and laugh at the night maple? Haha, Hongsheng laughs. Brother Yefeng is very kind of you to respect my daughter, but I dare not recognize you as a god. If you respect me, just call me big brother.
It’s the first time I’ve seen this word in everyone’s mind.
I feel dizzy in my dream, and my father Ye Feng is my big brother, but you call me big brother. You are my father, so how can I call you like this? Aren’t we confused?
Hong sheng ye feng said with different mouths, no, you are you, we are. When we finished, the two of them laughed at each other
They looked at the two laughing people and sweated wildly, thinking that a madman is a madman
Ye Feng said after laughing that he would be respectful and disobedient. If I refused Ye Feng, it would seem that I was a big brother. Thank you for saving them, otherwise they would not be sitting here.
Hongsheng said that I didn’t save it, it was a dream. If you want to thank you, thank you for being your daughter. Then Hongsheng laughed again.
Dream to her father is a slap in the face. She has lived for tens of thousands of years. The old monster is still joking with her daughter. After I called my mother, I stopped talking to you. After that, I turned to chat with her mother.
Anyway, it was your family who saved them. If anything happens after my night maple is a kind reporter, you can say that my night maple knife mountain hot pot is also diligent.
Hongsheng stared at Ye Feng and said that brothers are also temperamental people, so don’t say more about those common sayings, but since you said it, I will also say something. I will tell you when I find your help afterwards.
Eve interjected and laughed. Even if he doesn’t tell you, I will tell you.
Well, sister-in-law, listen, if the eldest brother bullies you, you tell me at the first time and let me punish him.
Hongsheng was rinsed by night maple once and again, unwilling to rinse back. Just when he wanted to talk, he felt three times stronger than night maple, and the energy approached him. He wanted to tell people to avoid it, but night maple spread his hand and spread an enchantment to cover everyone.
The golden light flashed through the night, the red snow and the fiber were now outside the enchantment, and the night maple came from the enchantment without looking at it. I forgot that you are gods and ordinary people can’t stand your momentum, so don’t put it up.
The three people remembered that the three people raised their momentum after the night maple, and the night maple hand lifted to cover the enchantment of all people. The night said, eldest brother, where did you go yesterday? Everyone was worried sick. Are you still in charge?
Night maple hands back light said, where am I going? Don’t worry, you won’t die yet.
When I heard the words of night maple, my heart ached and I said that Brother Feng suddenly didn’t have your breath and energy fluctuation yesterday. Everyone was really worried.
Ye Feng coldly interrupted Xian Er’s words and said in a high voice, "Where did I go in the past? Don’t you worry that you won’t die yet? Didn’t you hear me?"
Who are you? Sister Xianer is worried about you. Do you have to be that big to others? Hongxue feels wronged for Xianer. Don’t.