Ah Xiaoxiao woke up suddenly and got up in panic. Who are you?


Hold her down quickly
Don’t let her escape.
Three people were blinded by ugly desires, and their eyes were red. One grabbed Xiaoxiao, one held her legs, and the other was panting and eager to tear off her profane skirt.
Bastard rolled like a madman, struggling as hard as he could, and all this happened suddenly, which really scared her, but she would never let them kill her.
She flung her feet free and kicked the beggar across the street.
Damn it, the other person is burying his face in anger and riding until she is facing her face, so he bows around and scolds the bitch. If you dare to beat the old woman, I’ll let you taste the old one today.
Xiaoxiao felt that his ears were buzzing and his mouth smelled of blood. His face had long been beaten unconscious.
All right, all right, the other two quickly advised to hurry up. It would be too bad if someone came later.
Bah, he spat, straightened up and undressed to his feet.
No, Xiaoxiao saw the ugliest picture in front of him, screaming in despair and screaming, get out, don’t touch me, help me, who will help me?
Beggars sneer at rudeness, divide their legs and want to be gentle when they get old. Hum, this is what you are looking for.
No, no, I want to go home. Let me go home. Xiaoxiao twisted wildly. She was scared. She was really scared. She didn’t want to stay in this terrible time. People here are terrible. She wants to go home. She wants to go home.
Her last dress was torn, and the cold air got into her bare skin and reached the bottom of despair. Help me! Somebody help me!
The beggar’s breathing is getting heavier and heavier. Bend over.
Tears blurred her vision.
Suddenly, the beggar screamed and fell to one side, covering his body, and blood ran down his fingers.
The other two were blindsided, too scared to move.
I don’t know when a man dressed in shabby clothes looked pale but beautiful like a god, and his eyes swept their red lips and rolled gently.
Two people to react quickly to help the whine more than companions fled away.
Xiaoxiao bit his teeth and touched one side. He had torn his clothes and blocked his body. He sat up and curled up in the corner, burying his face in his knees. His shoulders shook violently and tears rushed to his eyes.
In this way, two people sit with one another, one looks at the other and cries. Chapter 38 No.
For a long time, it was not until Xiaoxiao stopped crying that he went over and glanced at her. She was so broken that she couldn’t cover her body. She slowly took off her robe and covered her body slowly.
come on
The sound is light and low, like coming from the distant sky.
Who are you? She looked at him with blurred eyes.
The person who came to save her was Fei.
Xiaoxiao grabbed the tights, took a deep breath and held the wall up. Suddenly, his feet were soft and planted in his direction.
He lightly falls back and Xiaoxiao falls to the ground directly.
When he heard her cry, he was still expressionless and had no sympathy.
Xiaoxiao’s hands are on the ground, breathing becomes heavy, like a fiery flame burning from the bottom of my heart and igniting her body in an instant.