Shura is lazy and says it’s not easy to tie that bitch up and peel her skin. That strange old man will definitely be present.


Xiaoxiao gave her a dirty look and covered her abdomen. Can you stop talking about such bloody things all the time? It will affect prenatal education.
Glancing at her belly, Shura took a cold look at those two annoying kids in your house and knew that Duan Fei was so kind, and this one in your belly wouldn’t be annoying.
Listen to her as if she were commenting on a breeding pig. She is angry and funny, and then she looks down and says, I bet he’s not dead this time. I’ll try to attract him.
Shura Shuer smiled at Xiaoxiao and looked at her puzzled.
What a surprise! Don’t you think it’s strange that I should have a long talk with you?
Xiaoxiao smiles, everyone is like this, and their identity is changing at any time because of their interests. No one is an eternal enemy.
Well, you can preach
By the way, how’s it going at the Ghost Gate?
Shura pursed her lips and slowly said Duan Xiaoqi, that fellow wants to kill us all and dream his big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period. Aunt won’t let him succeed. Sooner or later, this Qinglan Dynasty will fall into my hands. At this time, her eyes are fierce and her mouth is cruel.
Xiaoxiao hopes that she will ask you slowly if you are doing this right or wrong. She knows that Duan Fei is the only blood of the royal family, and Shura, a former courtier, refers to her belly marriage. Everything she does is the goal of restoring the country. It is hard to say right or wrong.
Shura closed her eyes and looked unpredictable. Even I don’t know whether I killed him or not.
Hehe, Xiaoxiao smiled, cocked his head and raised his smart eyes. Hey, another question. I’ve always been curious.
Shura eyebrows a pick what?
Xiaoxiao leaned over and wrote a novel in her ear, what shura zheng, and then her face turned slightly red and stared back at her intensely. What’s in your woman’s mind?
Haha, Xiaoxiao laughed and saw her face, otherwise she suddenly realized that Shura was actually quite cute. Guess what Xiaoxiao asked. Hey, hey, evil, evil. Chapter 199 was demoted to ordinary people.
The majestic royal palace is a solemn place. I sincerely hope that all the officials on both sides of the main hall will retreat one person in turn.
Duan Yi was dressed in white, even in the DPRK, and he didn’t change his habit of dressing arrogantly. He dared not come and go.
Duan Xiaoqi, dressed in a yellow dragon robe, sat in the cold eyes of the dragon chair, which was a little more ingenious. He waved Fang Qiu’s domineering gaze and stared at people in front of him.
Duan Yi is gloomy, evil, beautiful, deceptive, handsome and handsome, with a hint of insignificance and a little smile. My brother is not fit to lead troops to fight.
Duan Xiaoqi Yang Yang’s thick eyebrows are colder. Is it uncomfortable or not because she is there?
Now that the emperor has decided that no matter what my brother says, he is not as calm as Duan Yi, as if he doesn’t care about the seat.
Duan Xiao Qi Mi’s cold eyes are full of strong rage. Do you want me to cure you of the crime of resisting purport?
Hehe, Duan Yishen has never been to the fourth brother. You are the emperor. I don’t care what the sixth brother wants. Let’s say it. Let’s hand it over. My brother is excused.
Turn around and stride away
Staring at his back, Duan Xiaoqi’s face is getting ugly. Next to Yan San’s former emperor, the six princes show their intention to resist the purport. Do you really want to punish him?
Duan Xiaoqi’s eyes were cold and determined, and his thin lips took a sip and said that even if I knew he was fighting against the purport, I couldn’t cure him.
Yan San knows this is the truth. It was not Duan Yishen who voluntarily gave up the throne, and it was not his turn to sit at home. Now, don’t look at him, but it is also quite powerful in the DPRK. Plus, he secretly cultivated strength. Absolutely not underestimated.
While Yan Wu is not so calm, he can’t help it for a long time. Why is the emperor afraid of him? Can he climb to the emperor’s head again? Just do it and he’ll be finished
Yan Wu Yan San is unwilling to face away after drinking for a while.
Duan Xiaoqi gathered his eyes and the iceberg’s cheeks didn’t change for a long time. I will cut off his title and return to his salary. From now on, I will demote the common people
A few people a surprised immediately should comply with the decree.
Duan Yishen, who took the imperial edict from his father-in-law, did not even change his look, but was calm. If Liu Shu, the housekeeper of the golden seal, sent the imperial edict away, he would come back to report with a bitter face. What can I do? The emperor is really cruel and wants to do a report.
Duan Yi sank his long eyes and closed them, laughing more evil. He was too impatient and walked back carelessly. Liu Shu quickly followed.
If I were a little ambitious, I would take this opportunity to stay away from his monitoring and then secretly prepare to wait until the right time to do it again. Hehe, he is putting a tiger on the mountain.
When he said that Liu Shu understood, he nodded and said according to the report, so this is every cloud has a silver lining. What should we do next? The emperor is not stupid, even if he cuts the title of the report, he will definitely not let go of the report.
Duan Yi stopped slowly and lowered his eyes. The opportunity is fleeting. I can’t hold it. That’s the strange tone in the eyes of a generation of losses. The report’s fourth brother is still afraid to move. I am an ordinary citizen, and he will scruple about these means of consolidating politics. Now the emperor has improved very much.