Of course, Leitian also dare not start work on Li Bihu even if he hates Li Bihu.


One is that people are not strong, and the other is that Li Bihu will rebel. If two or three bombs are detonated in that humanitarian Fang Ding, they will die.
When two people came to that place, the scale of the present hell was not small, and the embryonic form of the capital was now leitian, thinking that he didn’t know where the tauren had let himself deal with people. He wanted the tauren to solve this matter, but he had almost traveled all over Kyushu and didn’t realize that the man was there.
Humanitarian Fang Ding hid in the reincarnation peak and took Li Bihu to the reincarnation peak to summon humanitarian Fang Ding. Two people entered Fang Ding Leitian to take the roller.
This roller is not a white tiger, but a military symbol.
Leitian told Li Bihu’s predecessors that I want to refine the purest Dragon Immortal Gang refined by the God Emperor. I must first restore the power of the millstone of heaven and earth, and the soul mark of the ghost phoenix in this reincarnation peak. I will resurrect her first. Wait a minute.
Ok, do it. Li Bihu holds the roller in his hand and caresses it gently, but he can’t feel the power in the roller.
This thing is really a magical martial art power, which has been taken away by the immortal. I didn’t expect this pure martial art rule to be returned in humanity.
Leitian urges yin gas in the underworld to pour into the reincarnation peak to find the ghost phoenix soul mark. The reincarnation peak has 120,000 ue orifices. The score of each ue orifice is Leitian. After discovering the ghost phoenix soul mark in a ue orifice, ji will live it immediately.
Ghost phoenix’s weak body flew from the soul mark and called a master’s eyes to tears
Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Slicing place
Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Slicing place
Now her soul strength is extremely weak, which is equivalent to the real-time update of a demon spirit in the gasification period. The latest update is all in lvse search.
In this way, the soul has lost the road to success, and it is hard to say whether it can survive the Zhou Yuan disaster even if it is sheltered from the sky.
For the sake of white, Ghost Phoenix is also sad in this heart. He took a small gourd with a cruel heart, but he deployed Qing Di Yongsheng Dan in it.
This Dan Y is liquid, and it’s because I’m afraid I’ve been killed and my avatar is not qualified enough to prepare this gourd Dan liquid.
This gourd Dan liquid can repair the broken soul by adding the residual Fuxi Shencao, even if the soul is completely destroyed, it can be restored if it can find a brand in the long river of fate.
This is Qing Di Yongsheng Dan. Hey, Ming Feng, have you?
Ghost phoenix also don’t know this Qing Di eternal life Dan precious took it and gently took a sip. Suddenly I felt that my soul flew from the long river of fate, and several pieces of my soul were poured into it to fill my soul.
All this happened so quickly that Mingfeng got a fright and didn’t dare to take a second sip.
Let’s go on in vain. It’s for myself. It’s not enough for you to drink one mouthful. It’s meaningless for me to resurrect my soul.
Ghost phoenix said in her heart that she was not moved. She was just a spirit, and it was not leitian training at the beginning of her birth.
For immortals, it is only by cultivating the spirit that they can be loyal to nv.
Ghost phoenix slightly bent down to call a master.
Leitian laughed and called him master like a child.
Ming Feng nodded with a red face and promised to restore the souls lost during the battle when she was born in the long river of fate of Qing Di Yongsheng Dan Department, and update lvse in real time.
And her soul force is still expanding. Leitian threw the millstone of heaven and earth into the past, and the ghost phoenix opened her mouth to spit the ghost fire. This time, her ghost fire was purely on top of the world and directly refined the millstone that day again.
Ming Feng feels that her strength is rising, and it is very complicated to give her Dan yy liquid from Leitian. Her realm has risen from the gas period to the realm of Luo Jinxian, which is beyond Leitian.
However, strength alone is still stronger than leitian.
She found that she was a past life, although her memory was not very clear, but she could also know that she was a pick Jin Xian who was injured and refined her soul, and a ghost phoenix soul merged together to transform the spirit.
She suppressed her anger and sadness, thinking that her life was a leitian, that she could remember her enemies, and asked Leitian whether she should take revenge.
If you don’t, you’d better take revenge secretly. The powerful enemy is a celestial immortal.
If leitian can’t fight.
She felt that she was doing something wrong, but she shouldn’t cheat Leitian, but she shouldn’t get involved in Leitian. Is it just a matter of refining her soul?
Leitian also don’t know what’s going on in Ghost Phoenix’s heart. Ghost Phoenix didn’t delay refining that day because of things in her heart. This time Leitian gave her the millstone ji of heaven and earth. She is not a demon spirit, but a demon spirit. Although demon fairy is not suitable for this thing, she is still handy because she is a demon spirit who controls the millstone of heaven and earth.
I’ll give you this millstone for self-defense.
Thank you, sir. Ghost Phoenix is no longer a spirit, so it will have a chance to win the road. This millstone is equivalent to its own body, not a fairy, but a monster.
In this way, there is no physical regret, even if it is supplemented, Du Jie’s millstone can protect against Armageddon, and no matter how powerful it is, it can survive. 5 Read the latest chapter.
Leitian, this will bring the ghost phoenix to meet Li Bihu, the reincarnation peak.
Li Bihu took one look at Ghost Phoenix’s dialogue and said, "You do your best to nng these weird things. This is the reincarnation of the demon spirit. Actually, the millstone of heaven and earth is regarded as a ru body. This millstone body is much faster to practice than the demon spirit body. How do you want him to practice for a period of time in the humanitarian Fang Ding to stabilize the realm?"
Then as soon as possible, the gods will lose three gods, and they will definitely not let it go.
so what
The celestial arrangement made it difficult for the protoss to attack Xianzhou in the south, but imagine what if the protoss changed his mind in case.
Let’s change our thinking. Let’s go from leitian to white. Li Bihu said
Attacking xianzhou is worried about being attacked from behind, but directly attacking rongzhou?
Since the heaven has arranged such a strong defense, it must be because Rongzhou is very important to the heaven, so it can attract the power of the heaven to forcibly attack Rongzhou, which makes the heaven send more celestial emperors to fight the battle in Rongzhou Protoss.
Once the heaven fails, the protoss will turn around and attack the salty state, and it will be broken and directly taken into the heaven channel.
Heaven came with good intentions to protect its own safety, but the power sent to the five heavenly emperors was not too strong, and the protoss misunderstanding was also caused by.
This is really a blessing and a curse. I have to finish what I have in front of me as soon as possible and concentrate on dealing with the invasion of the protoss. Once the protoss attacks, the heaven can’t hold on, and I have to transfer my brother Qing N with a demon spirit gourd.