Jingmuyun looked at her and shook her head indifferently, refusing to speak at all. This little thing really can’t see the timing. Her father is preparing for life events. What a fool!


"Afraid" sees Jing Muyun ignoring himself. Xiao Jingyao insists on calling him "to play with cars"
shake one’s head
"Wood …" Chi Yao lovingly held Xiaojing Yao. "You will die after a while." Didn’t you see her daughter calling him so pathetic?
Chi Yao "snowed" and laughed. Jing Muyun also had such humor. "Well, Xiaoyao is going to play with milk tea. Mom and Dad are going to class."
"Well …" Xiaojing looked at Chiyao and then at Jingmuyun’s small mouth. Then he turned around and staggered back to his room. Milk tea just heard his name swinging his big tail and came along with his tongue sticking out behind Xiaojing Yao.
"Is she arrogant?" Looking at her daughter’s back, Chi Yao always feels that her back is very tragic! "She is just like you" Chi Yao shook his head and said.
JingMuYun noncommittally "biological"
When they went out, Jing Muyun asked, "I will pick you up tonight."
"Then take Xiaoyao, too," Chi Yao said. "It’s too poor to just refuse her."
"No" Jing Muyun refused. He hoped that today’s proposal was flawless. Chi Yao was too easily distracted by his daughter.
"Let’s go again that time. It’s too poor to be alone at home." Chi Yao still feels guilty.
Jingmuyun looked at Chi Yao and finally said, "I’ll pick you up later."
"…" So arbitrary?
Chi Yao came to the set with doubts. "Xiao Xuan, have you been to the military region recently?"
"No" Zhu Xiaoxuan shook his head. "What’s the matter?"
"No, I think there seems to be something wrong with Wood’s mood." Chi Yao said strangely, "He wants to invite me to dinner."
It should be normal for a husband to take his wife out for dinner. "It’s normal. What’s wrong?" ZhuXiaoXuan wanted to think, didn’t feel anything wrong?
"No …" Chi Yao wanted to think, but his hand shook off unconsciously. I didn’t expect a good word "anxiety … I feel a little anxious about wood"
Anxiety? Zhu Xiaoxuan seems to have heard something funny, and his mouth is wide. "Haha, don’t be ridiculous. Commanders never get anxious." After so many wars, when did commanders get anxious?
"I also know that he won’t do this, which makes me feel strange." Chi Yao shook his head. "Forget it and watch it later."
Zhu Xiaoxuan nodded. "Well, don’t think so much. Let’s go filming first."
The scene of the day soon ended, and Chi Yao breathed a sigh of relief. Today, the filming was finished, and it is not far from the end.
"Goodbye ChiYao" Shen Yu smiled and waved at ChiYao.
Lang Yan rubbed his wrist and came out. Chi Yao looked at him and said, "I’m sorry, my predecessors just hit him hard." Just now, when filming, I didn’t control my strength. Did props hit Lang Yan’s arm or did Lang Yan endure the pain before being called ng?
Lang Yan jilted cutting "where is the small matter" Lang Yan’s line of sight accidentally glanced at Chi Yao’s side Zhu Xiaoxuan. This woman was so impressed that he didn’t say a word, and the scene of drawing his sword made Lang Yan suddenly feel that it was not hurt!
"That’s good."
"Well … I’ll go home first, and you should go home early. It’s getting late."
Chi Yao nodded "know"
Zhu Xiaoxuan glanced at Lang Yan’s back. "How does he look at my eyes?" As if he regarded himself as a monster.
"You won’t be watching LangYan? No, what about Yufeng? " Chi Yao said with a smile
"What are you talking about!"
Chi Yao changed his clothes and came out. Zhu Xiaoxuan just answered the words and his expression was particularly excited. "Why are you so happy and convulsions?"
Weird guy!
Chi Yao and Zhu Xiaoxuan said goodbye and went to Jing Muyun’s car. "Have you been waiting long?" After getting off the bus, I found that Jing Muyun had changed into a white army and was dressed in formal clothes. "Why are you like this?"
"What kind?"
Chi Yao took a look at Jingmuyun. "Nothing" is also going out to eat and wearing military language. That’s weird, right?
Jing Muyun came to a romantic French restaurant with Chi Yao, probably because the price was too high. There was no one in the restaurant. Chi Yao knew that this restaurant was the most expensive in the city.
"This house is very expensive. Are you sure you want to eat here?" Chi Yao asked little.
"But the food is good."
Section 241
Well, anyway, it’s Jing Muyun’s treat, and Chiyao doesn’t care. The waiter takes himself to a huge table, and the table has been set and there are some small dishes.
"This restaurant … is quite emotional." Chi Yao looked at the rose petals on the dining table and made it into a perfect heart-shaped restaurant. The lights were dimmed, and many faces were filled with candles, which made it look brighter. Chi Yao’s face lit up.