Now Xiao Zhi, the chairman of Xiao Tuan, is the most extraordinary one among a handful of elites.


At the age of eleven, he entered the juvenile class of Blue Star University to study mathematics. An old professor who won the Fields Medal said to him after class, "I don’t deserve to teach you."
In the tone, it is awesome to admire the vicissitudes of life.
When his peers stayed up late reading comics and playing games, Xiao Zhi had graduated from the highest institution of Blue Star and handled the family business with his parents. He used the mediation of a group of 50-year-old veterans to deceive them around.
Xiao Zhi was ten years old when his parents died unexpectedly, and he prematurely became the chairman of the Xiao Group with assets of hundreds of billions.
Everyone laughed off the teething underage doll and became the chairman? Is there no one else in Xiao’s family? They take pills!
After three years, Xiao not only didn’t finish the game, but also took advantage of the wind. In just three years, he contracted an entire seabed resource exploitation industrial chain and gained huge benefits.
Xiao is incredibly intelligent, and some people say that he is born again with a hundred-year-old soul in his shell.
General Xiao Zhi, with his immature face, simply and neatly destroys one opponent after another like a demon.
The four glass windows on the top floor of the building are like a crystal when the skylight penetrates.
A glass window is not as high as a person’s height, and the high-strength wind blows into the room.
There is a man at the window. He may fall from a height of 1000 meters if he moves a little step with his back facing inward.
He has been scared to death, and his nose and tears are all over his face.
Behind the desk is a small boy sipping milk tea. He looks like a cute male high school student wearing a pink sweater and a white baseball cap upside down.
But he is the chairman of the Xiao clique.
Another gust of wind roared past the window, and the people were so scared that they were paralyzed. Their knees were sore and they cried, "Xiao Dong, please give me a break."
Smell speech xiao know a face of naive to ask "uncle, what does this mean? You said yourself that if you don’t bring my brother back in one piece, you will jump from the top floor of Shaw Building. "
After this sentence, Xiao Zhiyin became sharp because of anger. "Three years have passed." !”
Kneeling on the ground, the man called Zhao Lin. He had a snot and a tear. "The wind was too strong that day to track Xiao Dagong’s micro-bombing | and it missed the position. It should have hit one side of the wing and hit the engine. The spaceship exploded for three years. Xiao Dagong he he he …"
Xiao Zhi interrupted him with indifference. "Uncle Suo can either bring his brother back completely or jump to choose for himself."
How can you bring them back when people are dead? Zhao Lin cried so hard that he landed on all fours and took two steps forward on his knees.
"Go back," Xiao said coldly as soon as his knowledge changed.
Zhao Lin felt a quiver of extreme fear. He stood up and opened the window.
He has been a frequent visitor on this floor since Xiao Yanru died.
Xiao Zhi seems naive, but in fact, there are thousands of ways to torture people with malice.
At first, a long-time safety belt was tied around him to push him off the cliff, while he was laughing and betting with others that the safety belt would break.
Later, he threw him into a small protruding place on the cliff and let him climb by himself.
Every time he climbs to the edge of the cliff, Xiao Zhi throws stones at his face with a childlike look.
Now every full moon Xiao Zhi will "invite" him over and let him open the window at the top floor for a whole day.
Euphemistically, Xiao Yanru likes the moon best, so let Zhao Lin follow him to enjoy the moon.
In the past three years, Zhao Lin has lived in the shadow of death every day. It can be said that life is worse than death, and he can’t die in the ocean with Xiao Yanru.
But he still has a wife and children. If he flinches, it will be his family who will suffer.
After reading the report, Xiao Zhi pinched the milk tea cup into a ball and threw it into Zhao Linshen jokingly.
The wind was too strong and the light milk tea cup was blown back
Xiao Shi was very unhappy. He picked up the desktop paperweight and threw it at Zhao Linshen.
This time, I hit Zhao Lin’s body shaking violently like Pu Wei in the wind, and it was hard to hold it steady. It was already cold sweat dripping all over and I couldn’t cry.
Xiao Shi clapped his hands happily. "Uncle is great and steady. It’s nice to chat with you today. Good night! See you tomorrow!"
Before you leave, don’t forget to wake up with kindness. "There is a monitor in the office. Uncle dares to move forward and think about your daughter. Is she going to junior high school soon?"
Zhao Lin shivering "is … is …"
Xiao said with pity, "The campus violence of junior high school students is terrible. You don’t want your daughter to be spoiled by twenty people, do you?"
Zhao Lin broke down in tears.
When I left the office, I came to the secret in a hurry. "The chairman has a student named Lin Xiuyuan who has been to Luo Zonglan’s private villa."
Hearing Luo Zonglan’s name, Xiao Zhi’s cute face was extremely distorted for a moment.
That guy is a big fan of Xiao Yanru.
When he was silent, he rang the black iron gate of Xiao Manor several times, and Xiao Zhi never responded.