Yu Xin smiled, "Don’t be unhappy with my class or you can accompany you on weekends."


Lu Qing looked at her expectantly. "Really?"
Yu Xin, "I have nothing else to say."
The road is clear. "Who knows if you will say something temporarily?"
Yu Xin wanted to think, "This is really hard to say."
The road was clear, so I immediately pulled my hand back. "Hum said it and didn’t say it."
Yu Xin looked at him. "So you don’t want it?"
The road was clear, and he opened his mouth and didn’t say a word. Of course he didn’t want it, but he said it was a little embarrassing, so he forbeared to speak.
When the car was quiet, Yu Xin didn’t speak again.
The road is clear and quiet, and I quietly look at her and find that she has started to lower her head and play with her mobile phone. It seems that there is no intention to continue talking to him.
Get angry as soon as the road is clear.
I wasn’t angry just now. This will be really unhappy.
He put on a straight face and looked straight ahead.
Yu Xin glanced at him and knew what was wrong with him but ignored him.
After a while, the car stopped
The driver "arrived"
Yu Xin paid for the car by mobile phone and said, "Let’s get to the car."
The road was clear and she ignored her. She opened the car door and got on the bus.
After the car, he stood commanding and said nothing with a cold face.
Yu Xin smiled at him and didn’t seem to take his small temper seriously at all. "Let’s go in first."
The road is clear "oh"
The road is clear, and I am determined not to talk to her more.
After they went in, Yu Xin reported Xu Ling’s name, and the hotel manager specially came out to entertain them.
Before she came, she called and ordered a luxury bag with Xu Ling’s name.
Xu Ling often brings guests here for dinner, and the boss knows him. After all, every time Xu Ling comes to a small place, there are tens of thousands. The attitude of the manager of this grand hotel is simply extremely enthusiastic.
Yu Xin and Lu Liang were sent to the bag. She wanted to wait for Xu Ling to come before ordering, but she thought that Lu Liang was hungry and asked the manager to bring the menu.
She handed it to the clear road, and she didn’t even look at it. She took the menu and looked at it. Generally, the names of dishes in this shop are based on poems, and I’m not sure what they are. He scanned a few pages and ordered several signature dishes with patterns.
The road is a little cooler, and then look at Yu Xin and return the menu to her.
Yu Xin took the menu, closed it and handed it to the manager, saying, "Come first when these are ready for the time being."
The manager should leave.
Yu Xin and the road are clear in the bag.
The road is clear, thinking that he is like this, Yu Xin is still the so-called sample.
Isn’t she angry at all?
Cann’t you see he’s unhappy?
Maybe she just doesn’t care about him.
He has never been in love, and all his experiences come from foreign friends, but Chinese and western cultures are bordered, and he doesn’t know if those experiences are suitable here.
And in his heart, Yu Xin is different from other women.
I am even more upset when I think of the clear road here.
He doesn’t know what to do.
At this time, Yu Xin suddenly said, "I’ll go out and make a message and ask when Xu Zong will arrive."
The road was clear and Yu Xin got up before he could speak.
Yu Xin, if you go out through the posterior road, you will go out and fight with a calm face and a lip.
It seems that Yu Xin is also angry.
Is it because you think he’s so boring?
The road was clear and fell into self-doubt
He thought about it and didn’t know whether to take the initiative to make peace with Yu Xin.
He didn’t do anything wrong
He wants to spend more time with Yu Xin, but Yu Xin is so-called. They all did that last night, and her attitude towards him has not changed at all, as if she were a guest and a brother.
The road was clear and there was a struggle in my heart until Yu Xin and Xu Ling came in together and he didn’t come up with a result.
"Louis, long time no see"
Xu Ling’s name is Lu Qinglie’s English name
Last year, Xu Ling went abroad and spent a few days in Luqingliejia Grape Manor. At that time, he liked Xu Ling very much and thought he was a very powerful person. They were quite different in age but got along well.
"Uncle Xu" road is clear.
Xu Ling sat on the opposite side of the clear road. "Sit down. I haven’t seen your hair this color for so long."
Lu Qing touched his hair and said casually, "It’s almost all black in the future, and I went to get one before returning home."