Patrice Evra kept Turan alive for a while, but he shifted the ball to Gao Shunyao in the middle. Although the football was still under his control, he no longer had much hope for this goal. After all, Gao Shunyao is still just past the midfield position, which is not a good opportunity.


What’s more, when he played the ball, Michael Carrick was close to him. Although the Manchester United midfielder played quite unremarkable on the court, he made a good judgment on this selection. When Gao Shunyao got the ball, he was already facing Michael Carrick’s defense. What should Gao Shunyao do to score?
Turan doesn’t think Gao Shunyao has a way, but Gao Shunyao has his own opinion in his heart.
Forced impact!
When Gao Shunyao received the ball, he suddenly had a strange idea in his heart. Because of his poor condition this season, Gao Shunyao rarely faced his opponent’s players raw, but this time he suddenly had this idea when facing Carrick.
Maybe it’s because Carrick doesn’t seem to be so aggressive compared with other Manchester United players. Maybe it’s because his defense seems to be intercepting the ball owner throughout the game. When he doesn’t face him much, Gao Shunyao suddenly has another feeling that if he faces him forcibly, he may not have no chance.
In my heart, I thought that Gao Shunyao didn’t hesitate to catch the ball. After he suddenly plucked the ball with one foot and made a false move, he rushed directly with the ball!
Gao Shunyao’s feint is never very good. He got rid of people and often failed to achieve good results. This time, he was also very stable in the face of defensive positions. Carrick got rid of it by changing the direction and failed to completely get rid of his entanglement. When Gao Shunyao ran, Carrick stuck up and tried to stop him from raiding by pressing.
But his interception was not so easy.
Carrick has always been an atypical English player. He is no different from his compatriots in defensive position. His choice is always excellent. Unfortunately, he is an atypical English player. His physical confrontation is not small compared with his compatriots. His defense did not cause too much trouble to Gao Shunyao. When two people collided, Gao Shunyao was crooked with the ball, but Carrick was directly pushed to the ground by him and directly lost his defensive ability!
Gao Shunyao succeeded in eating hard this time!
Even Gao Shunyao himself couldn’t believe that he was really successful. After half a season of playing football, he broke through such a strong team as Manchester United. His heart was full of confidence for a while, which made him a little tired and rushed towards the goal!
Gao Shunyao’s sudden successful breakthrough made the whole game tense. During the whole game, both sides played stiffly. Together, they scored a positioning ball. Now Gao Shunyao actually broke through in the middle of the road, which is completely different from the whole game. The two sides seemed to jump into the magma from the hot spring. Their horses realized that the ball was different from the ball just now!
Gao Shunyao broke through Carrick Wolfsburg on the middle road and ushered in the best opportunity!
Almost at the same time when Gao Shunyao forcibly broke through, Perisic and Olic quickly inserted from both sides of Gao Shunyao. They didn’t expect Gao Shunyao to kick the ball, but wanted to help Gao Shunyao pull away. When Smalin and Lenny were suddenly disturbed by their insertion, there was no way to support Gao Shunyao on the middle road, forming a one-on-one situation with Vidic.
Taking the ball forward and hitting Gao Shunyao’s footsteps without hesitation, the idea of making the ball has been forgotten. He wants to score one by himself now, but if it is a few years, Vidic Gao Shunyao may feel terrible. After all, he is not Torres and has no confidence, but there is no reason to admit defeat in the face of an old Vidic Gao Shunyao.
He adjusted his pace and slowed down a little bit. He wanted to excel in technology, which was something he had to do. If Nemanja Vidic saw him adjust his speed, he might be close to it. But now he dare not bet that his explosive power is better than Gao Shunyao, so he dared to watch from a distance, and he watched and made Gao Shunyao adjust. Just when the two men were close, Gao Shunyao suddenly turned to him, and his speed suddenly accelerated and rushed past Nemanja Vidic!
This time, he made a beautiful turn, and his outburst made Vidic look forward to sighing. On the edge of the penalty area, Gao Shunyao got rid of Vidic by his explosive power and forced himself into the penalty area.
Seven minutes into the game, Gao Shunyao finally got a single-handed chance.
Goalkeeper Degea has abandoned the door to attack, but Gao Shunyao once again proved that he is not Torres. Facing the attack on Degea, he is not interested in passing anyone again. During the running, his calf suddenly swung and the football was suddenly kicked out by him, flying directly towards the far corner of the goal like a shell!
In the face of this ball, Degea can’t come if he wants to throw himself down. Gao Shunyao shoots and conquers Manchester United!
Once again, the ball scene was noisy and Gao Shunyao scored the second goal in Wolfsburg, and the fans could see that this goal was definitely the decisive goal!
The fourth and third quarter in good condition
As the fans thought, when Gao Shunyao’s second goal successfully broke through Manchester United, the game officially entered the end. It is not impossible for the moyers team to catch up with the opponent with one goal behind, but it is too difficult to tie the opponent with two goals behind.
After the score was determined, Wolfsburg quickly made adjustments. The whole game played exceptionally well. Shaheen was replaced by Wolfsburg. At this moment, they replaced Makoto Hasebe as a substitute to play football.
Compared with Shaheen Makoto Hasebe, his offensive ability is naturally much weaker, but he is diligent and very careful when playing football, which is also his greatest advantage. With his outstanding skills, Shaheen Wolfsburg’s intention is obviously very obvious. They just want to hold on to the last minute to prevent Manchester United from getting a chance.
Wolfsburg Gustavo, after all, has just joined the team. Although he has been well integrated now, he is still an unstable factor in the key battle. Wolfsburg is well aware of this, so he will change Makoto Hasebe to further strengthen his defense
Being a weak team and away from home, Wolfsburg has no psychological burden for showing weakness immediately after taking the lead. Instead, it is a Manchester United player. After all, Wolfsburg’s defense is also quite good, and when they completely gave up the attack and began to pull their faces to defend, Manchester United’s attack line was completely gone
At the last minute, Manchester United were able to offer unsuccessful attacks again and again. Van Persie was still trying to score goals, but in the constant confrontation, he gradually lost his way. This goal was confirmed from Gao Shunyao’s goal, and no one could reverse the situation.
Seven minutes’ goal determines nine minutes’ game. If Manchester United lost to Wolfsburg at home, Wolfsburg successfully led the group with six points after the second round of the Champions League group stage.
"The unexpected victory is shocking. I just lost to Bayern Wolfsburg in the weekend league and defeated Manchester United, a European giant, in the Champions League in midweek. Wolfsburg seems to repeat the story of Dortmund last season. They brought the most incredible victory to the whole football world."
The victory over Manchester United made Wolfsburg successfully jump to the top of the group, and at the same time, it also brought them a lot of attention. When Wolfsburg returned to Germany, the whole German media regarded them as the focus.
This season, the signing of German teams is not very good. Except Bayern, several teams have played extremely hard, and even failed to qualify. Now Wolfsburg has defeated Manchester United, which is a shot in the arm for German football. The media are also excited about their victory.
Beating Manchester United away from home, they almost settled the most difficult game in the group stage, and were able to return to Old Trafford smoothly. Wolfsburg can be sure that other games in this group have been difficult to stop them. Compared with Leverkusen and Dortmund, Wolfsburg are still struggling, adding a lot of color to their group qualifying process early. This game, Wolfsburg can be said to be a hero.
Since he is a hero, the two goals of Wolfsburg in the game have also been commented by many people. The performance of Gao Shunyao and Olic has also made many people lament that Man Zukic is injured, but at the same time, Wolfsburg’s attack has never been interrupted. Their strikers are still so good and still scoring goals.
Of course, people lament in different directions. For example, Olic’s goal reminds people more of the game, and his goal seems to remind people of some buried memories.
Olic also played with Manchester United when he was still in Bayern in 1 year, and in that meeting, Olic made Manchester United eliminated from the Champions League at the last second. It was perhaps the most regrettable thing for Manchester United, who entered the Champions League final in 8911. Olic’s fame was probably deeply remembered by Manchester United fans at that time, but people didn’t expect that Olic could score when he met Manchester United again several years later.
A player who can’t play the main force in the club can keep scoring goals against the giants-the giants’ killing such players will always make people talk about Olic’s destructive power to Manchester United and make people discuss it enthusiastically.
Of course, on the bright side, Olic’s goal did not hurt Manchester United once. After all, it was a group match, and the set-piece goal was not something to boast about, but in any case, Manchester United’s door was broken, which can’t be said to be a good thing
It’s a shame that the door of a big team is broken. It doesn’t matter how to break the door. What’s more, although Olic scored a set-piece, Gao Shunyao scored a sports goal, and it was a pretty sports goal.
Compared with Olic’s goal, Gao Shunyao’s goal is qualitatively different. He played two goals in a row at Old Trafford. Gao Shunyao’s game immediately caused a sensation after the game, and Olic’s goal made people remember the past differently. His goal has made many people look forward to the future.
"If anyone is the most noteworthy striker in this game, it is definitely Gao Shunyao, not Van Persie. Compared with the Dutch, they have hardly done anything eye-catching. Gao Shunyao’s goal can be said to have robbed the limelight. It is at the season level that we Asian players have lost all Dutch players."
Gao Shunyao’s goal is really wonderful, which also makes the German media have a lot of comments after the game, more than some comments have been pointed out directly. Gao Shunyao played better than Van Persie, a superstar.
In all fairness, Gao Shunyao’s performance in this game is not necessarily better than Van Persie’s. After all, Van Persie is a single striker and the whole game is actively sought by Wolfsburg Nadal and Kyar. He has been playing in hand-to-hand combat almost all the time. Compared with Gao Shunyao, it is not a little bit difficult. He did not directly succeed in the middle of the game because of excessive confrontation. It is really not his fault for not scoring.
However, the media won’t care about such things. After the game, they also accused the whole Manchester United that the top giants lost to Wolfsburg, so the players couldn’t escape the responsibility. Similarly, it is impossible for the weak striker to beat the giants like Manchester United without being noticed. What’s more, this is not the first time that Gao Shunyao has been in good shape in the face of giants, and Manchester United is not the first time he has played against giants.
Gao Shunyao is not the No.1 star in the Wolfsburg team, but it is undeniable that he has always played brilliantly here for several years. He has played well against Bayern, Arsenal and Real Madrid, and now he has also scored beautiful goals against Manchester United. For a player, he has no stage fright in the face of giants. This is that he successfully scored against giants once, which is accidental, but it is another matter to be able to play well against giants in a row.
Gao Shunyao has proved his standard through a series of games. After the game, some people once again said that Gao Shunyao was taken a fancy to by the giants-this is not particularly new news, and people are convinced that Gao Shunyao really has a reason to let the giants pay attention to him.
Of course, some people have different views on this game. For example, many British media are complaining that this game may not be that Gao Shunyao is too strong but that Manchester United is too weak.
After all, Gao Shunyao has been out of form all the time this season, and people are not unaware that he has rarely played hard against Bundesliga players. However, this time against Manchester United, he actually found his state again, relying on his body to eat Michael Carrick and forcibly breaking away from Nemanja Vidic. His goal is really beautiful, but it is also a big question whether he is strong or because Manchester United is too weak
Maybe it’s not Gao Shunyao. It’s great to score a beautiful goal against Manchester United. It’s moyers who completely ruined Manchester United in moyers. Carrick seems to be invisible and Vidic’s level has plummeted.
The British media’s comments after the game were not sour, but they paid more attention to Manchester United’s goal against Gao Shunyao, which they thought was a coincidence.
But their comments, such as Wolfsburg, don’t particularly care about Gao Shunyao, especially so. What’s more, their statements are not without merit.
He admitted that he was lucky enough to score against Manchester United, and he did have problems with his opponent’s strength, but even so, what about it? Opponents may have problems with their strength, but their fame really brings confidence to themselves and is real. Anyway, after this game, he has got his state back. Will he lose it again?
I’m back in shape, which is more important than anything else. What I have to do now is not to compete with the media, but to score goals myself.
Gao Shunyao knew that the best counterattack for players was to score goals. When the league came on the weekend, Gao Shunyao also offered his own counterattack against Brunswick.
In the competition, Gao Shunyao scored twice, only two days later, Gao Shunyao gave his best performance in the competition again.
Section 431 Hulk
For Wolfsburg, this season’s schedule is quite unfriendly. Because their team is extremely tired after the Champions League match, it is their greatest blessing to meet a newly promoted Brunswick. What is more gratifying than that is that Gao Shunyao continued his good state against Manchester United. He played a wonderful game.
Gao Shunyao scored a beautiful goal himself shortly after the opening of the game. Wolfsburg immediately launched an offensive after the opening, and soon Gao Shunyao got a long-range shot in front of the restricted area. Facing this opportunity, Gao Shunyao did not hesitate and hesitated. He directly shot through the opponent’s defense line and scored a score. After the opening, Gao Shunyao first took the lead on the team.
Of course, this goal was not the goal of Gao Shunyao. Three minutes after the game, Gao Shunyao found the opportunity again. This time, Pericic pushed the ball to his feet at the front of the penalty area. Gao Shunyao took the ball and rushed into the penalty area. When the opponent posted the defense, he suddenly stopped and lost his opponent, and then pushed it to expand the score again.
After scoring goals in succession, Gao Shunyao was replaced shortly after the start of the half-time, but it was a pity that Pericic made a breakthrough and tripped over the opposing player in the penalty area shortly after Gao Shunyao’s game, and Wolfsburg ushered in a penalty opportunity.
This penalty made the fans feel sorry. If Gao Shunyao had not been replaced at this time, he would have scored a hat trick-Gao Shunyao has never scored a hat trick in the club since he arrived in Europe, which is also a big regret. It is a pity to have such an opportunity but miss it.
However, Gao Shunyao himself doesn’t care much about this kind of thing. Anyway, his state is back, and winning the team is more important than anything else. Just like facing augsburg in the next game, he didn’t score, but it didn’t prevent Wolfsburg from winning this time. Turan punished the ball into 3 points and let Wolfsburg win cleanly.
This game and a different away game, Wolfsburg, have just finished the national team game, so the players are quite tired, so they also play defensive counter-attack tactics. In this game, Gao Shunyao didn’t go to the front to support him, and his position was slightly behind, guiding his teammates to score goals.
He stepped back to help his teammates better. In a fast break, when Pericic sent the ball to his feet with an oblique kick, he didn’t move his position and directly sent the ball to Olic in front. Although his ball seemed a little big, it wasn’t particularly good, Olic still caught the football and shot it into the door.
The score is not very good, but it is still a victory. Gao Shunyao cherishes this victory as much as it is the result of his hard work.
After defeating augsburg, Wolfsburg also ushered in its third Champions League game against Dzenit.
Dzenit’s team has some quite unusual significance for the Bundesliga, because just a few years ago, this team met Bayern, the Bundesliga boss, in the European game.