A faint spark is like a milli-weight falling in the middle.


Staggering and flickering gives people the feeling that it will go out in a moment.
However, it was in such a trivial spark that it finally stubbornly landed on the bar of billiards bar, followed by a "bang" bar burning.
God knows what kind of liquor Matt dipped his finger in, just like industrial alcohol, it was instantly ignited by the fire and turned into a raging flame.
The flame burns along the alcohol left by Matt, forming a killing logo consisting of two interconnected diamond patterns, and then writing a letter next to the unique Peugeot of Daredevil: "Never forget your heart when you are in the dark and longing for the light!"
It all happened so fast that it evaporated in the air for a long time, and the alcohol could not last long. When it burned, it gave off a flash of light and then quickly returned to darkness.
A little residual fire lit up Imil’s face. He silently looked at Matt in front of the bar and left him a message, "Don’t forget your heart when you are in the dark and longing for the light?"
"Is it my heart? But where is my’ heart’? " Imil closed his eyes tightly and kept flashing past lives in his mind, as well as the memory fragments of this world. He also came to belong to the body of "Imil"
He can clearly perceive all kinds of negative emotions such as fear of death, sadness and pain left by his body "Imil"
"So you’re not willing to let it go?"
A smile appeared on the corner of Imil’s mouth. He has found his heart. Now that he has come to this world, live well in this world.
It’s really precious to have a chance to live again, whether it’s yourself or the dead "Imil"
In particular, he not only got this precious opportunity to do heavy work, but also gained super power that ordinary people can’t imagine. In that case, he should take this power to protect what he once cherished, friendship, love and family ties.
Maybe that’s what Matt really meant. Daredevil didn’t expect himself to be a nice gentleman who didn’t answer back or fight back, or a superhero who was active in the city. He hoped that he could keep his mind and not be a "crazy" who was afraid of being controlled by negative emotions!
Chapter 21 to learn
Just like Matt, he became Daredevil not because he had super abilities beyond ordinary people, but because he protected what he thought he should, and he loved his father and swore!
As Matt said when his father "the devil" Jack died, "no one cares about a washed-up professional boxer except me"
He will keep his promise, and he will help the weak who can’t get help.
He wants to extend justice, even by hook or by crook
This is what Daredevil Matt Murdoch tried to tell Imil that the root of power is not strength; But what the mind wants to protect that precious emotion in the heart.
Without saying a word, Imil pinched her lips tightly and turned to walk behind him. The owner of billiards bar, Jeffrey, looked at the burning and killing sign at the bar and suddenly woke up and asked, "Sir, don’t you, are you Daredevil?"
He felt that he was an affront to Imil, and quickly lowered his voice and said mysteriously, "Or is that blind Mr. Matt really Daredevil? And you, sir? Are you a superhero too? Is it Spider-Man? Or Iron Man? "
Imil shook his head after a pause and said, "Mr. Jeffer doesn’t have Daredevil, and I’m not a superhero. Those smells are like crocodiles in waterways are a kind of city."
Urban theory refers to stories that are widely circulated in cities, and these stories are all unreal and incredible things, such as paranormal, horror, strange humorous plots and so on
There was a time when crocodile pets were popular in Europe and America, but after the epidemic, many people washed crocodiles into waterways and abandoned them.
From this, there is a saying that the young crocodiles that were washed into the waterway did not die. They lived in the depths of the waterway and lived by eating and maintaining the waterway workers and all kinds of garbage. Some people even knew the exact number of crocodiles.
Jeff looked at the bar flame with one arm in his arms and muttered, "How can this be true after all these years?"
He looked up. "So, Mr. Imil, the crocodile in the waterway may be fake, but have you ever heard of the lizard man in the waterway? That must be true. He’s really here! My friend works in Horn Daily. He said to me, "James, the boss of Horn Daily."
"Where are you?" Jeff stared blankly at himself, playing billiards. There is no other figure except himself. Imil has got what he needs from Matt. He is not in the mood to continue listening to billiards here now.
However, when Imil came home, he was surprised to find that his sister Kathleen had also arrived at the door from Stark’s company. He was puzzled and looked at his watch. It turned out that it was almost six o’clock. How quickly the day passed.
Kathleen welcomed Imil into the house with a gentle smile. Instead of asking him where he was going for the day, she asked, "How does Imil feel better?"
Imil struggled to swallow Kathleen’s food on his plate to prove that his health was complete and his sister didn’t need to worry.
He nodded and said, "Sister, I’m well and I’m going back to school tomorrow."
Kathleen was a little surprised and nervous and said, "No, I helped you ask for sick leave at school. Can you get used to going back to school so soon?" Although the study is important, the body is also very important! "
Imil looked up and said, "Don’t worry, sister, you know that most of the courses in Columbia University are self-study. If I feel unwell, I will stop studying at any time."
He said, "I don’t know why I feel like a new student after coming back from the hospital this time, so I can’t wait to go out and breathe some fresh air, but it will not be suitable for my physical recovery at home."
This is just one reason, and another reason is that Imil can’t tell Kathleen for the time being.
And leaving home, Imil believes that she can always find some part-time jobs to do less, but Kathleen can lighten some burdens.
Columbia University is located in Manhattan, new york, USA, not far from Imil’s home. Kathleen thought about it after seeing Imil’s firmness and agreed to come.
However, she repeatedly told Imil, "If you feel unwell, don’t force yourself to call your sister at any time. I will pick you up from school."
Imil gave a wry smile and said, "Sister, I am an adult at the age of 1."
He is very doubtful whether his body was timid and cowardly before his death, and it is quite natural for him to grow up in such a greenhouse and not be able to develop a strong character.
Kathleen was stunned. She and Imil lost their parents when they were young. Both parents have always been brought up by her own hands. It can be said that Imil is both her brother and her son in Kathleen’s heart.
In her impression, Imil was still the weak bean sprout when she was a child, and she never realized that her brother was an adult. He should have grown into a hero who could fight, kill and fight hard in the kitchen of hell!
Therefore, although Imil casually said a word, Kathleen’s eyes were filled with a layer of water mist as if she were going to cry
Imil got up from the table in a hurry, took out some tissues from the paper box and handed them to Kathleen. "Sister, I put my foot in my mouth. You know I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry."
Kathleen borrowed tissue from Imil and gently wiped her eyes with hazy tears. "It’s not that my sister didn’t blame your sister. It’s that I suddenly feel that Imil has grown into a man and no longer needs my sister’s love."
Imil was at a loss. He shook his head again and again. "Sister, no matter how Imil grows and changes, her love for her will never change!"
Take the initiative to clean up after dinner. Imil watched Kathleen return to her room with some sadness. He silently added, "But it used to be my sister who took care of me when I grew up. Now it’s my turn for Imil to protect my sister!"
Chapter 22 Columbia University
In the morning, Imil bounced in place and finally said that Kathleen had absolutely no sequelae left over from her body, which won her a person to study.
Oh, come on, he’s not a kid anymore.
Although Imil has been carefully hiding his super ability in front of Kathleen, he is a one-year-old man anyway, and constitutionally, he is also an adult American citizen with the ability to finish his job.
Columbia University is the most promising institution of higher learning in the world. It is located in the morning highland of Manhattan, new york City, USA, near the Hudson River. The notorious Hell Kitchen is also located in Imil, Manhattan. You can commute between school and home by school bus.
Before the school bus enters the school, you can see the vast campus of Columbia University.
Its school name comes from Columbus, discovery of america, and its English spelling is different from that of Colombian, a South American country.
In the United States, Uncle Sam is an American male pronoun; On the other hand, Colombian women often call this Imil, who is physically weak before his death.