"My friend grew up to be the best brother. He is optimistic about everything, including life and death. He said that people will die, die less and die brilliantly. I was weak when I was a child. He always protected me and didn’t allow others to bully me. Every time I did something wrong, he would take the initiative to take the punishment for me. I secretly swore that I would repay him well when I was promising." At this time, Ji Fang’s voice choked.


Taiwanese people have a presentiment that what he wants to say is suddenly a little depressed.
"But just a few days ago, in a clean-up operation, I watched him being bitten on the head by a mutant. I really want to avenge him, but the mutant is beyond our ability. Can you understand that deep feeling? Every night, this scene will torture me in my dreams. "Tears Ji Fang’s face is scarred and traces are left."
Li Xiangkun touched him a little. Although he didn’t grow up together, he thought his girlfriend was such an important person. He didn’t allow anyone to hurt her, even a mutant.
Ji Fang controlled an emotion, smiled and said to everyone with a serious expression, "Now that human beings are dead, we will be in the hands of heroes and recorded in history, or deserters will be labeled as weak forever. What will you choose?"
People in Taiwan are deeply attracted by what he said. People who seriously consider his problems can’t overcome their fears at once, but they will never overcome them unless they take this step.
"Hero!" It is Li Xiangkui who becomes unusually clear in a quiet atmosphere.
When people around you saw someone taking the lead, they all shouted "Hero! Hero! We want to be heroes! "
Gradually, this enthusiasm infected everyone and was filled with loud shouts.
Ji Fang watched with satisfaction that people showed that his goal had been achieved. "Good, then let’s become heroes and get ready!"
Then he disappeared from the stage. In the crowd, Li Xianglian didn’t know what to do next. There happened to be a guiding robot beside him. He asked, "What should I do next?"
"Hello, please go to the building career hall to choose a career." The robot said with a smile.
"Thank you." After thanking Li Xiangkun, he went downstairs to look for the career hall. After many inquiries, he finally found a place to come to him. However, he didn’t see anyone.
When he stepped into the career hall door, a strong suction sent him to a separate place.
Chapter IV Knife Training
Li Xiangkui watched around. It was a sphere, except for his feet on the ground. The screen showed a picture of stars, and one or two meteors crossed from time to time.
Suddenly a light spot appeared around him, and gradually more and more light spots appeared in front of him, condensed into a human figure, a woman
"Warrior, what’s your name?" The population asked.
Ask the player to name the character he wants to play.
"mutual affection"
"Hello Xiang, my name is Yawen, and I am the brain of this game." Yawen introduced himself to him.
"I want to know about the Second Life Professional System." Li Xiang asked himself a question.
"What kind of weapons are you interested in?" Yawen didn’t answer his question directly, but talked like a family.
"Well, I prefer to kill one person with ten steps, leaving a thousand miles," he said, scratching his head.
"Knife? It’s very interesting. According to my database analysis,% players like all kinds of guns, but less than 5% like knives. "Yawen raised his mouth and revealed his interest.
"I used to like to make swordsman characters feel very martial arts."
"That’s good. The Second Life Professional System doesn’t really distinguish between weapons that everyone can use, but different weapon proficiency will affect the effect of emissaries."
"How proficient is that weapon?" Li Xiangkun is a little curious. This setting is more flexible than professional games. Choose different weapons according to different situations.
"Weapon proficiency can be improved by constantly killing enemies. Of course, the higher the proficiency, the higher the level and number of enemies."
"Is there any skill?"
"If you don’t have the skills, you may be able to make your superpowers in the actual combat field. Do you think it is possible to throw fireballs, ice arrows and meteorites for a while?" Yavin rolled his eyes.
Li Xiangkun once again subverted the original understanding of online games, but he recognized Yawen’s truth that the real battlefield would not make you have so many fantasy scenes, but it also proved that the game was more difficult than you thought.
"That is to say, all exercises need to be completed by the players’ own flexibility. There is no shortcut to say that this is not a stand-alone game, it is a team game." Yawen Li Xiangyue went on without saying anything.
"What if our physical fitness is poor?" Li Xiangkui thought of this key problem.
"It doesn’t matter. First of all, everyone will be genetically modified to ensure that everyone’s physical fitness is hard and flexible enough. You can practice through various training cards in the training base and special gym players to tell you a secret. High-intensity training in your game is also good for the outside world. The game cabin will produce a kind of biomass to stimulate your muscle cells. Although it is very weak, long-term stimulation will still achieve certain results." Yawen said with a little mystery.
"well! I see. What should I do next? " Li Xiangkun nodded his head.
"I think since you are interested in knife weapons, why don’t you experience the feeling of a pair of knives?" Yawen made a suggestion.
"Then I’ll send you to the training room for knife weapons now." Say that finish, Yawen waved his hands and sent him to the array, and Li Xiang’s feet appeared.
"Can I see you again?" As soon as Li Xiangkun finished speaking, he was sucked away by a strong suction.
Yavin smiled at this scene and said to the air, "What an interesting man."
At this time, a few people in the training room of knife weapons tried various knives.
Li Xiangkui looked at the weapon rack. There were all kinds of knives. The funniest thing was that he even had a kitchen knife. He scanned it carefully and set his eyes on a wooden box.
He walked over and gently punched the box. Two left and right long knives came into view. The golden handles were engraved with incomprehensible ancient symbols, and the blades were shining with cold light.
Picked up a knife lightly and waved it at the air for a few times, as if it could break the virtual fingertip and lightly touch the blade. A tingling sensation instantly struck, and I felt a little bit of blood flowing from the fingertip. Li Xianglian had a good idea in his heart.
He picked up another knife and waved it in place to get used to the feeling of a pair of knives.
[Inform all players to go to the lobby to inoculate gene enhancer]
Suddenly the broadcast of the training base rang.
Li Xiangkun didn’t know where to go and followed several others and went out.
At this time, the hall was full of people. From time to time, people who had been inoculated with drugs were surprised and said, "It’s amazing. I feel like I have inexhaustible power."
Li Xiangkui was also full of curiosity about this medicine. As the team slowly advanced, it was his turn to see the robot rushing at Li Xiangkui’s neck with a syringe in his hand. Suddenly, a sharp pain disappeared, and a coolness slowly spread all over his body. He saw that his original thin body was getting stronger little by little, and the abdominal muscles that everyone envied also appeared.
After the surprise, he waved his arms a few times, feeling full of strength and the wind in his fist. He was eager to know what would happen if he used double knives now, so he went back to the training room for knife weapons.
Taking a double knife from the wooden box, I suddenly felt a knife meaning emerge, and the discomfort caused by the uneven muscle strength of both hands disappeared instantly. He easily waved the knife and walked awkwardly.
"Snapped" two applause from the door to see a white figure walked into the training room is JiFang.
"Young people have a good eye and found the weapon rack baby."
"Mr. Ji is good. I was just curious about the wooden box for a while. I didn’t expect to find such a good knife." Li Xiangkang said with some embarrassment.
"Just call me Major. You are now equivalent to the army, but we are now called Legion. Remember to call others ranks," Ji Fang corrected.
"Major, what do you mean by rank? Is there anything with us? " Li Xiangkun heard a new knowledge and asked curiously.
"Rank, as its name implies, is to give a title according to your honor. You can get an honor value by killing the number and grade of mutating creatures. When the honor value reaches a certain value, you can give the corresponding title." Ji Fang explained carefully.
"I understand. What do you say about these two knives, Major?" Li Xiangkang nodded and gathered the two knives together.
"I don’t know the specific situation of this Dao. We found it by accident when searching resources. Maybe Yawen will know the origin of this Dao, but this Dao looks very good at my level." Ji Fang couldn’t explain it clearly.
"Then can I use this knife?" Li Xiangkun looked at JiFang with some longing.
"It’s a pity that at present, you can’t control it well until you reach a certain level. I think you are interested in double knives, and I have some research on it. Today, I’ll teach you a few tricks." After that, I found a pair of sturdy knives in Ji Fang’s weapon rack and threw them to Li Xiangkun.
Li Xiangkui took the knife and felt that these two knives were not as light as those two and could not achieve the effect of cutting gas, but they were not bad. After all, the game should be practiced from novice weapons.
Ji Fang picked up the pair of nod knives and danced in an orderly way. At this time, Ji Fang seemed to have a strong resonance with the pair of knives, and the swing speed was getting faster and faster. Li Xianglian looked at him in surprise. Although he didn’t quite understand the mystery, he felt that there was a hidden danger in this seemingly beautiful pace.
Ji soon stopped his footsteps and sweated heartily. "I haven’t been so carefree for a long time. It’s a good Dao." Then I looked at Li Xiangkun. "Little old man called you a few simple tricks. These things are all summarized by yourself."
Ji Fang raised his knife and Li Xiangrou learned to raise his knife and chop Li Xiangrou. At the same time, the soles of his feet also imitated Ji Fang’s pace from very slow to slow, and Li Xiangrou followed it bit by bit. At this time, his body was soaked with sweat and his clothes showed strong muscles.
Ji Fang watched Li Xiang move at the same time. He felt that this small and talented learning speed would soon be practiced frequently and he would soon be able to master these moves.
Li Xiangkun didn’t know what was going on around him. There were two knives in his eyes. When one person moved, he moved. He felt that his speed was getting faster and faster. Suddenly, his body felt a sharp pain, and his eyes suddenly stopped and he gasped quickly to relieve the pain.
Ji Fang also stopped and looked at Li Xiangkui with a smile. "I’m not worried that this is your overload. You have to move at your own speed instead of mine. It’s a form and only you can realize that you believe that you just realized your learning ability. It’s very good. Practice hard and you will be able to master it soon."
"Thank you, Major, for pointing me out. I will practice hard to be a hero." Li Xiangkui’s eyes flashed a firmness.
"It’s so small that I didn’t know your name when I was young!" JiFang laughed a few asked
"Small call to each other"