However, I didn’t expect that their enemies were not only the Wu Soul Hall, Zhao was more threatening than the Wu Soul Hall, but also the Nine Treasures Liulizong was hooked up with Zhao, and the Blue Overlord Sect ignored the national situation …


This situation has already exceeded his imagination.
The empire of heaven is gone
Now, he wants to take a chance to eradicate all the forces in the Wu Soul Hall of Tiandou Empire and everyone around Zhao to vent his hatred.
He can’t be humiliated by the snowy night emperor.
Shrek college teaching office
Shrek College has been completely famous in mainland China since Zhao was a peerless genius. With the further excavation of the identity and strength of other students in Shrek College, Shrek College has become completely famous.
Every day, several young girls come to Shrek College to study, or they want to pay their respects to Zhao, the most outstanding and peerless tianjiao in the history of China-Douro mainland.
Today, however, Shrek College is not so calm.
All the top leaders of Shrek College have come here, as well as Brigitte Ziji, the strong people around Zhao.
Several armies are sending out all over the sky and threatening to surround Shrek College. There are also several strong people. Although there is no title of Douro, there are many strong people with the soul holy level. Almost all of them came to Shrek College.
They have an avalanche of revenge for destroying Shrek College and catching Zhao’s women in Shrek College.
Chapter 4 the number of troops in the empire of heaven fights
"Hum hakodate emperor this is deceives me Shrek college? Actually, the direct army surrounded me at Shrek College. "
"I have thousands of teachers and students at Shrek College. What does he want to do?" Flanders said coldly, his eyes became cold. Thousands of Shrek college teachers and students were not highly educated, and so many troops could still hate it.
The imperial army of Tiandou is not only ordinary soldiers, but also many of them are from the Soul College all over the country. Shrek College is strong, but compared with one country, it is suspected to be a worm and elephant.
"Dean Flanders can rest assured that we won’t be in any danger at Shrek College." Bridget smiled. She was confident that although there were too many imperial troops, their strength was not weak, and people like Yanyaya were not bad now.
It is their strength that will make it difficult to protect the whole Shrek College. On the one hand, the college is too big and there are so many people that they can’t care too much.
"That’s natural." Flanders smiled and looked at Brigitte and they couldn’t help but marvel.
Zhao is a real treasure house. There are so many beautiful women around him, and everyone’s breath is so strong. He doesn’t want to know that the strength of these people is much higher than his.
And each of these people can be called absolute beauty, but Zhao monopolizes them, and even he Flanders can’t help but envy them.
Erlong is also a Zhao woman now, and she can still wear beautiful skirts when she is around Zhao. It’s really more popular than people. What makes Zhao Yanfu so good?
Erlong Liu also gawked at Brigitte and others at this time, and felt a sense of shame. She was confident in her beauty, especially her mature charm, which had a strong attraction to Zhao, but now she could not help feeling ashamed in front of these people. Her strength was too strong, and she was not even Contra.
Thought of here, Erlong Liu could not help but clenched her fist gently. She also has her own pride and must not be inferior to others.
The whole hall, Brigitte, smells from their bodies, which may give someone a boost in the place.
"Before Ye Zhao came, he killed nearly 50 thousand troops of Tiandou Empire outside, and his strength should become stronger again," Flanders said excitedly
How powerful is the imperial army of fifty thousand days?
Even if so many people consume, they can consume a contra at will. If it is weak, it will be nine deaths because there are not only ordinary people but also many strong people in an army.
But in the Royal Hunting Ground, Zhao’s enemies slaughtered tens of thousands of people.
No one in an army came out of Zhao’s hand alive, and even the bodies disappeared.
Prince Snow Star Avalanches and the Imperial Body Falls.
"Ha ha ha … our Shrek College is lucky to have such a genius as Zhao." Flanders could not help but say that although Zhao caught up with his cherished Erlong Liu, in his heart Zhao was still the most outstanding genius of their Shrek College and the pride of Shrek College.
"In time, Zhao will become the most powerful person in Douro, and at that time, the prestige of our Shrek College will surpass all other colleges."
It was not long before all the Shrek students gathered in the square.
The little dance Zhu Zhu Qing Meng is still here … They are getting stronger and stronger at Shrek College, and their strength has already surpassed other students in the college.
"Little Dance, don’t walk around behind us." Brigitte charged at Little Dance.
Although these troops are here to attack Shrek College, their main goal is Xiao Wu. Although their strength is good, they are nothing in front of so many troops. If they are caught by the enemy, it will be very troublesome.
"Well, Sister Bridget, we know," Xiaowu said softly. A long pink dress is still so beautiful.
There is Zhao in her beautiful eyes at this time.
What should she do after she heard that Zhao went to save Qianqixue, but Qianqixue was like the Hall of the Soul? Now Zhao doesn’t know that she and Wu Soul Hall hate her and can’t blame Zhao. What should we do? If she advised Zhao not to be with Qian Shenxue, would Zhao agree?
Zhao is not that kind of man. If he is with Qianqixue, I am afraid he will not abandon Qianqixue easily.
There is a huge statue in the center of Shrek College.
This is the statue of Zhao, because many people come to worship Zhao’s figure every day after Zhao’s fame spread far and wide. Flanders simply built a statue, and by the way, he could earn some extra money from other colleges.
The statue is made of special materials and is as powerful as Zhao’s sword in one hand. Seeing this statue, everyone seems to have returned to the scene of Zhao’s sword destroying the enemy
All Shrek brothers are here looking at the statue of Zhao with a little reverence and fanaticism.