This is a Carling Cup match between the weak team and the strong team. The weak team is still at a disadvantage away from home, but it is this kind of game that has no suspense. As a result, the weak team hardened the strong team and the weak team striker played a hat trick.


Everyone can imagine that Zhang Tiehan really became famous in World War I from today.
Become famous in World War I!
It may be nothing to become famous in professional football, but how many people can really do it?
Most of the stars have become famous step by step, and few people can become famous in World War I. Count all the stars who really became famous in World War I. For example, Rooney, a young striker who just moved to Manchester United, definitely became famous in World War I. He scored two goals for Everton for the first time before attracting England’s attention.
Apart from Rooney, players like Manchester United-Ronaldo, Chelsea Lampard, Terry Liverpool-Gerrard, Carragher Arsenal starlet Fabregas, Henry the Great, etc. None of them became famous in World War I. They all became famous gradually after playing for a long time with the stability of one game after another.
Now Zhang Tiehan has done it.
Although the game has just begun, some people who know the professional football circle can imagine how hot the news is, and how many journalists will come to cover it when they return to Wigan.
When Zhang man of iron finally broke free from the enthusiasm of his teammates and walked out of the crowd, his lean short hair had been stuck to his brain and his face was torn with some dye of unknown material. His embarrassing appearance looked like he had just experienced a street fight.
Zhang Tiehan didn’t care that he picked up the roll head and waved it.
It feels good to win! Especially when you are the biggest contributor to winning, it feels … great!
"Ha ha ha I really bad! Three balls, three balls! " Zhang Tiehan face with arrogant smile.
There is a voice next to "No.13"
Zhang Tiehan was so happy that he didn’t realize it was him until the man patted him on the shoulder.
Terry came over with his jersey. "Hello, Zhang. Can I exchange jerseys with you?"
Terry is nearly 1.9 meters tall, and Zhang Tiehan is definitely tall among football players. It seems that they are both strong together, like two iron towers.
There are many people who have noticed it.
Zhang Tiehan was stunned. It was the first time someone asked him to exchange jerseys. This man still defended himself in the game, Terry.
This guy can’t help himself in the game. He defended himself with another’ old’ guy and let himself score the third goal.
It’s my first time to exchange jerseys. The first time is very meaningful.
First time, first time.
Zhang Tiehan considered that although he felt that this guy was not qualified in front of him, after all, the other party was very burly and he was of the same kind. If it weren’t for the competition, he would probably talk to himself and not want those thin sissies … Thought of here, he also deliberately left his eyes and came to ellington.
"All right," Zhang Tiehan took off his dirty jersey and gave it to Terry, who also handed over his jersey.
The two exchanged jerseys and talked a few words.
"Zhang, are you Asian?" Terry asked, "Few Asians can play so well."
Many people will ask similar questions, but Zhang man of iron feels awkward every time.
If it is the original Zhang Tiehan, he will definitely not hesitate to say that he is German. After all, he grew up in Germany since he was a child. Even though he has China blood, Europeans don’t value blood. They value living environment.
If you grow up in Germany, you are German; if you grow up in Britain, you are British.
However, Zhang Tiehan is from China after all, and he still insists that "I am from China, but my nationality is German".
Terry was at a loss. He didn’t quite understand Zhang Tiehan’s words, but he didn’t go too far into it. "I’ve seen the young man named Rooney, a Manchester United genius. He’s very good, but I think you are better."
"Really?" Zhang Tiehan’s face was blank and expressionless, and he was very happy. Rooney, that’s England’s talented striker Rooney
He quickly said thank you and shook his fist confidently. "John, when I meet Rooney in the game, I will let him know!" "
Terry couldn’t help laughing. He thought Zhang Tiehan was really interesting, but the loser, he and his team, were destined to be the foil today.
"I’m going back. You go and enjoy the victory with them."
Zhang Tiehan nodded to Terry and solemnly said, "John, mark my words and I will do it!"
"Okay," Terry said and turned to leave.
He thinks he should talk to his teammates about what happened just now, and they will certainly find this Wigan Athletic No.13 very interesting. What the other party said, he was a little behind, and praised the other party. I didn’t expect him to take it seriously.
What an interesting guy.
After Terry left, many off-site reporters also rushed into the stadium. They quickly gathered around and handed the microphone to Zhang man of iron’s mouth.
"Zhang! Congratulations … By the way, can you understand when I speak English? "
Zhang Tiehan nodded with a black face. "Of course, I am high flyers who is proficient in German, English and Chinese." So Zhang Tiehan really felt that he was high flyers.
Proficient in three languages
Whether Chinese is the mother tongue or German is the mother tongue, there are always two foreign languages, and these two foreign languages are not fluent, but they can really communicate with people, and even some local dialects can be understood.
The reporters around were all amused. They thought Zhang Tiehan was joking.
"Ha ha! Zhang, you are so humorous. Let’s talk about your feelings of victory! "
"feelings? Say something? " Zhang Tiehan was puzzled.
"Your team beat Chelsea. You scored three goals and finished the hat. Don’t you have anything to say?"
-This Zhang Tiehan is here. What do you want to say? I want to say too much
He asked, "Can you say anything?"