"step!" Xiao Fan’s mouth gently spits out a word, and when he takes a step forward, every step immediately raises a mountain peak, which is connected with the sitting mountain peak, making the whole pole split into a mountain range instantly!


Blocked by this endless mountain range, many extreme brothers attacked Xiao Fan again, and they tried to get out of this maze-like mountain range and approach Xiao Fan again no matter how they flew.
"Maybe it’s best to do this …" Xiao Fan smiled and never hurt a close cousin, which is too difficult for a master in the late period of distraction.
It’s like a person walking in the grass can’t trample one or two ants to death.
When Xiao Fan went straight into the hall like a human being, it was the innermost magic weapon of the hall. The elders of the hall didn’t know that someone had broken in like this.
For them, the separation of families is like an unbreakable fortress, and people dare to break into it.
This magic weapon was born in a house with a goatee and a thin figure. Yan Xiao was grinning like a sun and bent down to pour green tea into two tea bowls.
On both sides of the table with tea bowls, there are two people sitting, one with a big square face and red eyes, which is the highest ranking elder in this hall, Elder Zeng!
At the other end is a young man with a handsome face and extraordinary momentum. If Xiao Fan sees this person, he will be surprised. If I had known this person, I wouldn’t just send a weak earth member here.
This man is Xiao Fan who has made a feud in the extreme door branch, claiming to be the first master of the extreme door branch, and he has a mind to repair Han Yang in the early days!
But the real Han Yang should be divided into peak cultivation. Obviously, Han Yang sitting here is a busy person!
After all, Han Yang is the first day in the extremely important branch, so how can he not tear the Dafa by the Yuan God?
"This time, Brother Han came to this remote and humble northern branch hall, which really made the whole northern branch hall shine!" Once the elders took the bowl with a smile polite way
"Elder Zeng is seriously ill, and now I don’t know what to do in the whole extreme branch, which makes the atmosphere tense. Compared with those old guys who are holding me all day to train potential brothers, I am not bored, but I can also let the two of us get some air to relieve a mood!" Han Yang took a sip of green tea gently and said, "Hey, it seems that there is going to be another big move in this situation!"
"oh? What’s the situation? Do you even know such masters as Brother Han? " Once the elders picked their eyebrows and asked tentatively
Although his position is the elder of the branch hall, all aspects of Han Yang’s thinking are worthless, so he can be called Brother Han Yang by his age, which means he can find a little balance in his heart!
"Well, those old guys mysteriously put the department into a state of preparation a hundred years ago. I really don’t know what to do!" Han Yang nods a way
"Oh, so that’s it ….." Elder Zeng’s eyes flashed in his heart, and it seems that the devastating disaster also has the level of elders to know that these guys are kept in the dark!
But even if this is Han Yang in two places at once, he can’t neglect it. After all, it’s good for him to decide high gloves with such a decision, but it’s good for him!
"Hehe, what wind should Elder Zeng hear from Elder Yi, the branch of Shenjimen?" Han Yang asked with a smile, "If Elder Zeng used to be my father’s old department in terms of seniority, it’s no big deal to call you an uncle!"
"Hey, let’s not talk about seniority according to ability!" Elder Zeng quickly waved his hand and said, "It’s a pity that although I’m also an elder of the Extremely Gate Division, I’m not an outsider. How can an elder who lives in the extreme north of Yunhe mainland and drinks northwest wind all the year round know that there are too many things?"
Han Yang’s father used to be the elder of the Extremely Gate Division, and he fell in a battle to destroy the magic. Before that, he had always been close to Han Yang’s father’s hand.
"So? It’s really strange! " Han Yang CuO CuO Ba
"Teacher Han, since you were a freshman, you have come here when it’s inconvenient. It’s already your home here. Now that you’re here, stay a little longer. Anyway, just stay in the branch … Is it important?" Elder Zeng laughed
"Well, that’s natural. That’s exactly what I’m going to do, and … I have to find someone by the way!" Han Yang’s eyes sparkled with evil light. "A guy who makes me very unhappy and bored can’t kill him, but he must be taught a lesson!"
"oh? Who is the person mentioned by Teacher Han? Can there be any guy in Yunhe Mainland who dares to compete with Teacher Han? " Elder Zeng heard one leng.
"That’s right. The name of that person is Elder Xiao Fanzeng. Surely you know this person?" Han Yang grimaced and said
"Xiao Fan!" Elder Zeng’s eyes shrank slightly. "You mean Xiao Fan, the leader of Qingyang League, the first alliance of Yunhe Mainland?"
"It is this person!" Han Yang nodded his head.
"The original Korean teacher younger brother wanted by him! This Xiao Fan is not ordinary! " Elder Zeng nodded thoughtfully. "But no matter how powerful he is, he can never be the opponent of Teacher Han!"
"Yes, that Xiao Fan is really hateful. If it weren’t for his enemies, I would have cramped my bones and refined my soul!" Yanxiao said maliciously.
"Ha ha ha! Elder Yan Xiao, I’ve heard about your son’s finger-tip grievances. Don’t worry, if I find that smelly little boy, I will definitely get back justice for your son! " Han Yang said that the fierceness in his eyes was even better. "In order to prevent him from harassing caindy again, I can follow the example of a general and castrate him completely!"
Although Du Jie, the branch of Xiao Fan’s polar gate, caused the thunder power to subdue Han Yang at that time, Han Yang recognized that it was impossible to survive that terrible doom by relying on Xiao Fan’s dirty level.
Later, when he saw the scarred elders, he was even more sure of this idea in his heart. I’m afraid these elders helped him from Du Jie to the end. Otherwise, how could they ruin Du Jie Station and make the elders end up in such a mess?
After figuring this out, Han Yang disdains Xiao Fan and thinks that he wants to deal with Xiao Fan himself. A slap in the face can shoot him to death!
Somehow, although the strength of this busy person is very different from that of the statue, it also has the initial strength of 2.6 billion yuan, and it has absolute control. If it can’t cope with a mere Xiao Fan?
But he didn’t know that Xiao Fan had fought with Moro Blood Jun, who was in the same realm of separation, but he also deeply understood that the master of separation was in charge of things, and when he reached the late stage of detachment, he also vaguely touched the threshold of control, and he realized that even if he met Moro Blood Jun again, he would not be afraid of his distortion!
Rapid growth in the battle and fighting once can see through each other’s means, which is what Xiao Fan is best at!
Just then, a younger brother rushed in. "Tell the elders that someone forced his way into the northern branch hall. This man took extreme measures to bully all his younger brothers, even protecting the large array!"
"What? Someone invaded? " Elder Zeng raised his eyebrows and said, "How dare you? Where did the guy with no eyes come to die?"
"What are the casualties?" Yanxiao hurriedly asked
"This … there are no casualties. The man seems to despise hurting people …" My brother hesitated.
"Damn it, this is the root that didn’t put us in the eye!" Elder Zeng struck the table angrily.