After listening for a while, Siyou frowned disapprovingly and said to Xie, "Is it too simple?"


She is in charge of the altar card bss, and the altar card is tens of millions. She has not read all the plays, but she still knows something about the sixth level of difficulty.
"Yes, I just said that it’s all superficial speculation. It takes a little brain to get the sixth floor, which creates a very suitable environment and opportunity for everyone to stay."
Thank you for sending dark eyes like something heavy. He paused and continued
"And this is my best guess …"
Xie Quan gasped, "What is the best situation?"
Xie Ji shook his head. "I’m not sure yet. Let’s talk about it later. I always feel that the media index will change. Let’s call it a day. Everyone has a mobile phone."
The first question has limited clues, and everyone has not discussed whitewater kung fu in depth.
There is a single bed in the room. Fortunately, it is a little wider than the double bed of ordinary people. It may be rich to hold Jiang Ji’s early sleep posture.
Thank you for spending too much time at the window during the day, and then going back to bed early to get ready for bed.
He has a hunch that tonight will not be peaceful.
Three in the morning
Xie Ji slept soundly and was awakened by a word.
Before he said that A city is suitable for life, he didn’t just talk nonsense. In addition to the news media, A city’s economy and culture have also developed very well, and its scientific and technological level is also in line with this era. Mobile phones are dead brick machines.
"Hello, is this Minister Xie?" Listening is a genus of network media department.
It took Xie Ji, a young Li Sheng, a few seconds to wake up from deep sleep.
He soothingly pinched the neck of Jiang Zhichu, who was also awakened, and said "I am" to the mobile phone.
I just learned that a big news is rushing to the scene. Do you want Minister Xie to come over quickly?
Thank you for sending "what news?"
Is a "popular male singer Liao Yin suspected of murder! Liao Yin! Suspected of murder! "
The volume of the brick machine is quite amazing, especially when it is very excited. Thank you for having to take your mobile phone away. "Suspected of murder?" Has it been officially announced? "
Not yet, but the media in our building got the grapevine and I kept staring at them.
Thank you for sending "just a moment"
He kept talking and took Jiang Yunchu’s mobile phone and began to search.
In the real world, 5G is almost universal, and the speed of mobile phones in A city is still crawling like a snail.
Liao yin
A city has a large number of popular male singers, so it can be said that Yu Xiaoxie, a city economist, sent a glance and found that Liao Yin songs were played in several hair salons in Banlu.
There is no bureau in a city, and the official organization responsible for handling criminal cases is called JJ.
Chapter 148 Chapter 148
Liao Yin, a famous singer in A city, revealed that the whole snack street had been discussed by the time Xie Ji and Jiang Ji went to have breakfast at first light.
"Did you hear? Liao Yin killed someone! "
"Is that Liao Yin who sang" Drink water and drink cold and white "?"
"Yes, I heard that more than one person was killed."
"When did it happen?"
"It seems that I entered the police station two days ago."
"Oh, he can’t get the death penalty here?"
"I heard from a friend of mine that the verdict had come, and Liao Yin found it and sentenced it to thirteen years."
"What? Thirteen years for killing more than one person? If he wants to behave well in prison, won’t he come out in three or five years? "
"It’s good to have money!"
"Well, I quite like Liao Yinge."
Thank you for sending bean curd almost gushed out.
I went to the police station two days ago and was sentenced to thirteen years after two days. Even if I worked overtime, it was not so fast. Besides, he remembered that Liao Yin was still a suspect in yesterday’s words.