Liu Chengong listened carefully. These are all valuable information. Shi Hao and Ye Fan are still young and not people. They are certainly not as detailed as Lao Wang.


"Predecessors mean that the world we know is taboo first and then one day? The law of everything comes from taboo? "
Lu Chen was shocked by what Lao Wang said, because it subverted his understanding of the world.
That is to say, did many laws of heaven and earth and the concept theory of everything have some taboos before they were born?
"The world is constantly evolving. For example, there was no light in this world. I don’t mean that there is no light in the opposite situation of dark light, but that there is no light. The concept of light was born after a certain taboo, which changed the way all beings see the world. In the ancient times, all beings saw the world not with their eyes, because there was no light. They didn’t look at the world but felt it."
Lao Wang explained, "By analogy, the laws you are familiar with and the rules of the operation of heaven and earth were born after the birth of ancient taboos. These laws are pieced together and become the worlds you are now familiar with."
Liu Chen surprised in my heart "every law is! ?”
"No, but it’s almost there."
Lao Wang smoked a cigarette. "At first, the world was very quiet. There was no darkness or light, and the first taboo was born. He gave birth to the world. At first, the rules had a basic framework, and then the taboos filled it, or it was not their intention because they had a new concept when they were born."
"In the end, the heavens and the earth gradually flourish. According to the world, there are also different types of laws. This is because some taboo laws will conflict and concepts cannot be shared. In a very few worlds, you may also see contradictory heaven and earth rules, such as daytime gravity and night will become repulsion, which is the result of collision and fluctuation of taboo concepts."
Speaking of this, Lao Wang seems to have some regrets. "People always say that today’s people are better than the ancients because of the development and changes of the times, but this sentence is not suitable for all worlds. The stronger the ancient creatures are, this is a basic law. Those taboos of the initial world freeze concept are indeed stronger than those of later generations because they are creators."
For example, he said, "For example, if you know the man who seeks light in the Yang world, he has great talent in controlling the laws of light and darkness, and he can prove that Tao is beyond taboo, but he is certainly not as good as the man who gave birth to the taboo of dividing light and darkness in these two fields, and he later created his own new law with new concepts."
Hearing this, Lu Chen was a little curious. "What is the new concept of Brother Xunguang?"
Lao Wang smiled and shook his head. "I don’t know everything. Why don’t you ask someone else?"
Lu Chen thought thoughtfully and felt that some places were not right. "But I know Shi Hao and Ye Fan, and they have also entered the taboo field, but I don’t think they have created any new concepts and rules?"
Lao Wang knocked on the cigarette rod lightly. "So I said that it is difficult for today’s people to surpass the ancients because there are too many concepts of conventional laws. The new birth taboos of later generations may not have their own exclusive concepts. It is the taboo that the world environment is free from a bound and detached from the world sea. If the future road cannot create its own new concepts, it is not as good as the unique concept taboo."
"I’m still a young man in Ye Fan, Shi Hao. It’s because of this that they fought so hard before …"
Lu Chen mused that he realized something because Ye Fan and Shi Hao were detached only after watching other people’s roads hit the door of the new world, but these two people had never deduced themselves to be taboo.
To put it simply, Shi Hao and Ye Fan became taboo too quickly and too hastily, and failed to push out their own new concepts. This level of taboo belongs to the class.
They are at the same level as the nine-wing taboo, the red gold taboo and the devourer. They have taboo means, but their comprehensive strength and concept are much weaker than those of Pangu and Xunguang.
"New concept … it’s hard to imagine. Do you want to create your own new rules? Add new rules to heaven and earth, a new concept …"
Lu Chen has some regrets. He feels that this is a test of people’s imagination.
Before the law, you need a concept. For example, before the concept of light and darkness appeared, creatures in the world probably felt that life was quite normal, and they would not feel dark or harsh, because there was no concept of light and darkness.
Further thinking, there may be many people’s common sense concepts. At first, they don’t feel pain, such as being beaten. Maybe there is no concept of pain at first. Then there is no pain, perhaps no concept of fear, no concept of life and death when creatures fight …
Once you think about this kind of thing deeply, you will feel that you have no head, just like the abyss.
"How does it feel difficult to be a powerful taboo?"
Lao Wang asked with a smile and saw Lu Chen’s distress.
"It feels too complicated. I always thought it would be good to chop my opponent to death."
Lu Chen scratched his head and smiled and asked another question, "Does the concept of common sense in the world now mean that the ancient taboos have not died out?"
Lao Wang didn’t spit out Lu Chen’s simple mind, but shook his head. "The oldest taboos did fall. Taboos are not absolutely immortal, but they were dissolved after death, leaving the concept in a strange state. Even if there are creatures calling their real names, they can’t come back. Because the concept says they are dead, they can’t be said to have disappeared completely."
"What’s the difference?"
Lu Chen is puzzled.
"Of course, there is a difference. Death is also a concept and a taboo to create a concept. From this point of view, it is a state. Taboos will die but will not disappear completely. They will create a concept forever unless there is the ultimate, the creator who is above all concept manipulators …"
When Lao Wang said this, he looked serious and stared at Lu Chen’s eyes. "Say it … the tenth order!"
Liu Chen pupil shrinks "the tenth order! ?”
His mind trembled. Isn’t it the culmination of the seeker’s ninth order? There’s another rank behind?
"Yes, since its establishment, there has been a saying that the ninth-order peak is not at the top, and there is still a realm after that, that is to say, the tenth order in China is second only to the theory … even the theory proves that many pioneers of the ninth-order peak in many times thought it was an illusion, but some people thought that the tenth order was."
Lao Wang nodded and took a deep breath of cigarette smoke to cover his eyes.
He continued, "Taboos will die, they will die, but their concept will not disappear completely, because it has formed a part of the universal rules. Even if all the creatures in the universe are wiped out, no one will remember the taboo’s real name, and he will remain in that silent state forever."
Lu Chen mused, "So the two illegal giants who were beheaded by Jker didn’t really disappear. Did they return by defining the state of death law?"
Lao Wang nodded with relief. "That’s right, but it’s not necessarily absolute. You should know that taboos die in several States. The first one is that your little world has killed the devourer’s juvenile body, and he will disappear briefly because of fluctuations, but the concept will be restored in tens of millions of years at most. For taboos, it is a momentary injury."
He held out his second finger. "The second kind is that the body was destroyed by physical and mental attacks and met with devouring things. For example, after your coat was swallowed up, it was dead in essence because its form had been observed by the world, leaving the world alone. He once created the concept."
Lu Chen looked at his coat at dusk, but now it is not up to the origin level. At best, it can devour some of it, which is also harmful to taboos. To really threaten taboos, this equipment needs to be upgraded to the origin level.
"Can they turn over in this situation?"
Lu Chen asked
Chapter one thousand and two Control the taboo of life and death concept