"Mukuso City has been completely smashed. Now the city needs to be restored. If you have any difficulties, just say it …"


Surdak hurriedly got up and said sincerely
"At present, the situation of Mukusuo can be maintained. If you need to come forward, I will open my mouth. I plan to extend the original wall foundation to the outside."
Marquis of Lu Se didn’t expect Surdak to want to vigorously develop Mukuso City and asked with interest.
"You want to build a new wall?"
Surdak nodded and said, "But now the wall will become an urban area."
"Have you ever thought about where to raise such a large amount of construction funds for all tax departments in one year?" Marquis of Lu Se knows that Surdak will not be too good at taking over the economic situation of Mukuso City, and he is worried that he is not too considerate.
Surdak freely said
"I’m going to auction some of the luxury houses in the city, and I’ll also issue some bonds to the Ganbu plane lords to raise some money."
The Marquis of Lu Se didn’t understand what bonds were and said, "Be specific."
Surdak carefully explained that "it is in the name of Mukuso City that he borrows a sum of money from the lords, which will be repaid in three years with gold and interest, and the single amount will not be too large, so some small lords can afford to buy it and do not need to worry that the bond will be issued in the name of Mukuso City Hall."
It turned out that I borrowed money from all the lords. When I heard Surdak explain this, the Marquis of Lu Se understood it.
Think about the small amount of bonds, which seems to be equivalent to raising funds from the people and can be circulated privately. Finally, the back of Mukuso City Hall really caught the hearts of those small nobles who have some spare money in their hands.
"if there is a gap in fund-raising, just let me know," said Marquis Lu Se.
Then change the subject and say
"Have you ever thought about how to reverse the poverty situation of dry cloth?"
"Now you can see that the dry cloth plane of Mukusuo City is rich, most of which are in the north, but the northern ones have not been allocated much territory in the south. There are neither mines nor animal husbandry, and the whole plane has no other resources except large green forests."
Surdak touched his nose and said, "If there are no resources, I will engage in tourism. I plan to build Mukuso City and then try to develop it. The southern part of Mukuso City has a unique rainforest area. There is a very beautiful canyon town in the southwest corner of the plane. There are grasslands and snow-capped mountains in the south of Bansk Town."
Marquis of Lu Se didn’t expect Surdak to have such an idea. After thinking about it, he said, "Your idea is very unique."
"Did Count Clecushing show you around Ruite?"
Surdak nodded and said, "This time, I arrived in Bena City by magic airship with Count KleCushing, and discussed with me how to improve the living standards of the residents in the mining area outside Ruite. He planned to move the residents out of the mine. I heard that the finance of Ruite City currently supports such a large relocation project."
Lu Se marquis ha ha a smile to say
"Count Cushing is not all right except being stingy! Unexpectedly, saving a magic airship ticket would choose to go with you. "
"He is the Lord of Ruite City and owns three small towns. He is very familiar with Ruite City. I must wake you up. You must contact him more and learn more about this city before you take over Ruite City completely!"
I didn’t expect the Marquis of Lu Se to say so about Count KleCushing.
Surdak added
"Marquis, there is still an iron mine in Inver cargill Forest, and the operation of the copper mine has been gradually on the right track. The local aborigines often have disputes over the employment of young people in the tribe, so I am going to take over to build the iron mine."
"Local tribal aborigines? It seems that you are still in harmony with them? " Lu Se marquis some surprisedly asked.
"Many tribal aborigines hope that the young people in the tribe can find a stable job in the mine to support their families," Surdak explained with a smile. "This time I saw an abandoned steel workshop in the civilian area of Ruite City and I want to move it to Inver cargill."
Marquis Lu Se touched Hu and said, "Abandoned steel workshop? I’ll help you know more about this."
"There shouldn’t be any problem here in Bena, the abandoned steel workshop in Ruite City. There should be too much problem in the transportation of magic airships, but there are no airships on the Bailin plane. What are you going to do?"
"The iron mine in Inver cargill Forest should be good in quantity, even if it is worth building a new iron and steel smelting workshop."
Surdak said, "It takes too long to build a new iron and steel smelting workshop. Moving this abandoned steel workshop will greatly shorten the construction period. I just need to order a new smelting furnace …"
The Marquis of Surdak Lu Se talked for a whole afternoon in the office, and heard the female assistant knocking at the door and asking if the military department would arrange dinner here. The Marquis of Lu Se remembered that it seemed that it was time to go home.
Then rasul duck returned to Marquis House in Lu Se by magic caravan.
Chapter 193 Knight’s Notes
The second time I came to Marquis House in Lu Se, it was early spring, and now it has entered the midsummer.
Parthenocissus tricuspidata on both sides of the street has been covered with walls, and the shade of trees has almost covered the street. A triangle opposite the Marquis House has actually been turned into a small pond.
The magic caravan marched straight into the door of Marquis House.
The guards at the door have to salute straight into the carriage.
The three ladies of the Marquis of Lu Se, Hathaway and Beatrice all waited for the doorstep.
Marquis of Lu Se took the lead in driving, and then Surdak followed him out of the carriage and made a knighthood to Lady Marianne and two other ladies.
Hathaway and Beatrice’s eyes were so wide behind them that it was hard to hide their joy.