What is this road?

The wind laughed and maple son heard the news. You three go and tell him that the protoss has been noticed. Don't tell him to be so publicity. Kill as…

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I wish I had a powerful magic sword. Meng Fei has never seen such a powerful magic sword with a murderous look. Fortunately, the magic prince was successfully attacked on seven nights just now. It would be unimaginable if he could wield the power of the magic sword department.

Seeing that jinlong town suppressed the magic sword for seven nights, it was difficult. Meng Fei immediately prompted several large arrays in the divination furnace to wrap the magic sword…

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Chapter 19 Who fights

Although Dolo was bent on throwing away what had just happened, his mind was still turning to the figures of Beth Li and Ken. You'll never be the devil Dolo,…

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