Xuanyuan Xiaolong laughed. "Forget it. Some people are said to have played with their heads!" "


Sun Hao stayed for a while and said, isn’t this a run on me?
However, it was almost instantaneous that Sun Hao thought of the hardships that he had been forbidden by heaven. In the past, Ma thought of the great disaster that his baby would make, even if his practice reached or exceeded the limit of heaven’s tolerance, which provoked an irresistible enemy.
In that case, I really can’t blame him myself.
With a long sigh, Sun Haolang said, "Little Dragon, you have to know that your father is still in vain. If it weren’t for some means, you would be in great danger this time. The good father’s avatar is fairly broad. This time, I will stop with you and don’t jump at random."
If you are still empty, you can talk empty!
What kind of avatar is this?
The three avatar methods looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes surprised. The heart was even more curious. How could this Sun Haosun agarwood appear from the virtual moment?
They don’t know it’s
Zhong Gang crushed the treasure, and Sun Hao instantly sensed that there was a big crisis in the blood, and his heart was really surprised at that time, and it was really difficult to get to the virtual quickly.
Even if Brother Sun Haoxian wants to cross the channel from the virtual to the virtual, it will take several months.
If it takes so long, I’m afraid the daylily will get cold when Sun Hao arrives.
Sun Hao frowned at the emergency moment and thought of his own pulse network branch practice. I don’t know whether I have built wood or not, and whether I can directly find Ling Tianjian Sect to let myself arrive quickly.
Shen Xin came to Sun Hao to feel seriously.
Not to mention that Sun Hao soon felt the virtual position in the branches of his own vein network.
Building trees and taking root Sun Haodan’s field roots extended and formed, and found emptiness.
However, the virtual vastness is more than the construction of wooden roots, and I don’t know where it extends to the virtual position
When Sun Hao couldn’t judge accurately, Ling Tianjian Sect was attacked. Sun Hao stood up and the statue of Ling Tianjian Sect was touched in a large array. The statue has been worshipped by Ling Tianjian Sect for more than a thousand years, and it also produced some spirituality. Sun Hao gave a faint indication to let Sun Hao seize the position and quickly transfer his wandering spirit from it.
It’s urgent. Sun Haolai didn’t want to send his spiritual practice near the perineum, which is closest to the root, first.
This is also the first time that Sun Hao occupied the magic soul Luo Pengfei and knew that the emergency was not messed up.
After the demon soul came, it possessed the statue and saved Xuanyuan Xiaolong in a dangerous way. With the help of asking about the incident, Sun Hao’s main soul and body quickly wandered, and finally arrived at Lingtian Sword School.
Pick up the son and hand it over to the stall
Chapter DiErErEr happiness second generation two
This is the surprise of the three magical powers. If the monk can make a short prediction from it, then the monk’s ability is even a little beyond his imagination!
I just don’t know if this statue is the fastest to brag about 23 us. com.
That’s what I think in my heart. The statue of Sun Hao of Ling Tianjian School suddenly seems to be a step forward in the golden light statue, and another statue proudly stands in high school.
Gently shrug your shoulders and move your arms and legs. Sun Hao’s face shows a faint smile and his eyes look forward.
Hands behind Sun Hao’s mouth lightly said, "Little Dragon tells you that you are weaker than I was. I not only sank the flying Terran immortal silver city, but also killed all the monks in the immortal silver city, which really made the immortal silver city a history …"
The tone of Sun Haoyin rose a lot. "And you sank the temple in the cloud for three transgressions and five times, destroyed the ancient altars of others, and now you are blocked by others to kill you. This is called mutton, which has caused a bad review."
Xuanyuan Xiaolong stayed.
The three avatar methods are angry.
Tota Monty roared, and the black light of the pagoda flashed at Sun Hao, who threw a stone with his hands and raised a huge stone and also aimed at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao mouth a cold hum.
With a gentle display of your arms, you can know Haiyuan, and your eyes are wide open.
When the avatar method with three heads and six arms boom, one hand sticks and one hand sword stand proudly, and three huge heads roar at the three avatar methods.
Tota monty, stone throwing giant qi qi one leng.
Cultivate the avatar monk? When did the Terran appear so powerful?
With the avatar method, at least you have the right to talk to them on an equal footing.
Two huge method leng leng hand attack slightly YiHuan.
Sun Hao’s cold voice went all over Tianyu again. "Little Dragon and Little Gang, today I will give you a sentence that your grandfather, my father, taught me at the moment I stepped into Xianmen."
Zhong Gang and Xuanyuan Xiaolong looked at each other and knelt down and called "Father!"
Ling Tianjian sent more monks to look at each other and saw surprise and surprise in each other’s eyes.
No wonder the Dragon King and the Thunder King are so powerful. They are both adults of agarwood!
That’s what I’m thinking in my heart. Gao Sunhao’s cold voice is coming again. "Remember Daewoo, Dezheng, Idle Lang, Xia Chuan and Feitian for me."
The five brothers knelt on one knee and shouted, "Please teach me."
All right! It turns out that the seven kings who make a scene are all adult successors!
No wonder these guys dare to be so bold. It turns out that they all have backers to repair the second generation, not only their own strength is strong, but also their backstage is tougher.
Gao Sunhao said flatly, "Do you remember that once you encounter a real enemy, you must strike the grass with a thunderous blow and not uproot it? they are tall once more in the spring wind’s temple in the cloud is defeated and he will never fly. What ancient altar is destroyed? Do you remember that?"
Ling Tianjian sent Qi Qi in a surprised heart.
Boy, is adult agarwood more stupid than his own son? This is to instigate his own son to be merciless for fear that his own son’s ability to get into trouble is not strong!