I hurriedly put away the killing blade and repeatedly called him "Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid that we are not bad people." Mao Jiahao said, and I suddenly shouted out the name of Uncle Cui. "Uncle Cui told us to come to you.


This guy suddenly stopped and turned around with a dubious look. "You, you are really …" That’s the original thing. Who knows, he just said a few words. I don’t know how he actually saw his arm. Don’t be silly. Who will be shocked when he sees his semi-transparent arm? Don’t say that he is a shock and a sudden death!
Generally, the dead are a little manic when they suddenly find themselves dead. So is Mao Jiahao … Who knows that he slowly raised his head and his eyes were full of sadness and sorrow and said, "Am I dead?"
I don’t know what to say …
Or Sang Yu slowly walked up to me and nodded gently. "You are really dead." She gave a slight meal. "Life and death are rich and rich. These are all things that can’t be forced. I’m sorry for your loss …"
I heard how well I advised people to be sorry for their loss-but I seem to remember that these words were told to the families of the deceased, but it was the first time I heard such advice to the deceased.
Mao Jiahao’s eyes showed a reluctant expression, but he was generally calm. He nodded. "I know, I know, I know that I’m dead-I knew it when those guys came. Alas …" He gave his hands and feet a kind of nostalgia. "I didn’t expect that I left like this and didn’t come to save some money for her …" Then he raised his face with a wry smile. "I’m such a big man who has been married for more than a year, and all the money at home is only 3,000. What do you say after her?
After the first time, I stopped worrying. It’s my strong point to fulfill the ghost’s unfinished wish, so I quickly said, "Well, you’re not worried that your wife will be fine if she has neighbors and we help her-but your own business is big?"
"I have something? What can I do for you? " He was puzzled. "I’m already dead-can you tell me something too big to die?"
"Death is just a link in reincarnation, not the final destination and high position" I said slowly. "Your cause of death is bizarre … well, this is not good. I suspect that you may have a deviation in your life wheel-well, until now, there has been no ghost official to take you to hell to say that you have a problem with your death. At that time, I chose to say this. I heard that I could not directly tell him that you should not die in your real life, but it happened that the chaos of Yin and Yang caused some heresies. You, the undead, actually died, which is called violent death in our statement.
Mao Jiahao thought about my words, "I died with a problem …?" He suddenly became angry and shouted, "Do we have to die according to the rules? What kind of world is this? What is it? "
"No, no, no, I explained at once." That’s not what I meant-er, I meant to find out the cause of your death and destroy the killer before you can enter reincarnation … that’s it. Maybe I didn’t make it clear just now. "
"Revenge?" He was excited. "Well, avenge me. Be sure to avenge me. His face suddenly became ferocious and gnashed his teeth." He made me miserable! You must avenge me. You are crying and there is a faint evil wind around you. His emotions are beginning to surge.
Now, if he doesn’t stabilize his mood, it is estimated that he will soon be angry and absorb the four yin, and then he will become a spectre-I am not afraid that he will become afraid that he will not be able to ask questions at that time.
I even promised that "we will do this well-by the way, can you tell me something you remember?" Mainly is the monster called Yin ghost. "
"Ghost?" Mao Jiahao one leng but quickly shook his head "Yin ghost I know but … I met something and said Yin ghost is not very similar.
Section three hundred and thirty-seven Cause of death
Mao Jiahao’s story is not the same as our speculation, or it can be said that we are in the wrong direction-it is not the ghost who did it!
On the same day, Mao Jiahao came to his field early, put some ropes on the trail of animals the day before, and then hid himself in the shack in the wind, just waiting for animals like golden monkeys or wild boars to come over.
It was very cool after dark. Mao Jiahao was tired and hungry after staying here for half a day. I don’t know how he fell asleep … He was awakened by a sharp noise in the middle of the night!
"Got it?" Suddenly a sense of excitement flooded Mao Jiahao’s mind-golden monkey is very difficult to catch animals-and in recent years, the golden monkey on the Dragon Rack has become more and more eccentric when he sees too many people. Although he is trying to catch one, he really didn’t have much hope. I didn’t expect to catch it now!
The golden monkey wouldn’t make such a sharp noise if it weren’t for the race being caught and trapped.
Mao Jiahao hurriedly jumped into the punch and looked out through the edge of the shack. There were a lot of black shadows in the darkness. Jumping and running seemed to be more than panic, but more was screaming around a black shadow, and many feet seemed to bite something.
That nylon rope can’t stand this bite-Mao Jiahao rushed out of the tent with a shotgun in his heart and ran over while yelling. Suddenly, the monkeys exploded!
The scene of the golden monkey squeaking and running around made Mao Pang feel more stable. He stepped up his pace and ran more urgently. He had already touched the waist blowing system with one hand and put it on his mouth. With such a gentle blow, the needle dipped in anesthetic would be inserted into the golden monkey, and then it would become a lot of money.
He thought so, and he did-after anesthesia acupuncture, the golden monkey fell like mud, and Mao Jiahao confirmed that he had finished running. Then he squatted next to the monkey and untied the nylon rope on his foot and touched the rope with one hand …
He tried to tie up the golden monkey, but just when he touched the rope, the guy who should have collapsed unexpectedly took off with such a leap and seemed to flee from him!
So this guy is faking it!
Just a slight blink of an eye caused a burning sting in his face. It turned out that the monkey had stretched out his hand at that moment and scratched his face with such a claw. Suddenly, a stream of blood collapsed.
The monkey took a look four or five meters away from him, then turned his head and began to run towards the forest. Mao Jiahao knew that the monkey was awkward and slow when running-obviously that jump just now was explosive, not that it now has strength and speed.
The anesthetic played its due role!
The prey ran away and scratched himself, by the way. Mao Jiahao suddenly felt an inexplicable anger in his heart. He forgot that he could not go into the mountains alone. He vomited a mouthful of thick phlegm and rushed away.
According to common sense, the golden monkey can’t be caught if it wants to enter the mountain forest, but it’s a pity that the monkey has been injured and slow to move. Besides, Mao Jiahao often hunts hunters in the mountain forest, and he has not been abandoned by the monkey and almost caught the guy several times.
Almost means that it’s a little short. What’s this little bit? Anyway, it’s a little short. Mao Jiahao never caught the monkey, but he didn’t get rid of it, so he chased it all the way to a cliff!
Finally, the golden monkey couldn’t support it. This time, this time, it should be really unable to run, right?
Mao Jiahao grabbed the monkey’s hind leg in two steps-he was about to burst out laughing to celebrate-but when he opened his mouth, he found that there was no sound in his mouth!
Because he saw a pair of dark eyes, he appeared in the forest well! It’s a pair of black eyes! Those eyes are like an inkstone flashing in the dark, staring at him with an unspeakable light, like a mouse and a cat.
The original words were, "I’m surprised I don’t know what it feels like. I can see it with black eyes. I blinked-but the blink scared me, you know?" Even if I close my eyes, I can still see those.
Can you imagine a ghost shivering in front of you? Recalling this scene obviously made Mao Jiahao feel very uncomfortable. His lips trembled and he seemed to be shaking …
Mao Jiahao’s black eyes are closer to himself than his fear. He wants to run, cry for help and kneel for mercy, but he is sad to find that he can’t do anything. He can’t be stiff.
Just then a black shadow flew out of the cross and suddenly threw the eyes to the ground!
Just as Mao Jiahao was touched, his whole body shook, and then his feet fell to the ground-he struggled to get up and saw a black shadow and a vague fog. The cliff wrestled from time to time, and clouds of black gas or blood were thrown out from the inside and spilled on the ground, but soon disappeared!
Mao Jiahao didn’t know what these guys were fighting, but he also knew that he should escape, but his legs kept shaking and limping-just then the shadow suddenly gave a roar "Go! Go quickly.
Audio-visual is a deep, hoarse voice from a person who is strangled, with a depressing force! The sound pierced the eardrum and reached the depths of Mao Jiahao’s brain, making his whole brain hum!
He immediately rolled over and ran away like a rabbit!
In the panic, the goods didn’t choose the right way, but somehow they ran around for a while and came to a pool-that is, the place where the body of the goods was found.
Great power fell from the sky and hit him behind, and then the pain swept the whole body, mind and brain of the goods … He struggled to open his eyes and left a pair of black eyes staring at him in his memory and penetrated into the depths of his soul!
His whole body has a feeling that he is desperate to escape …
He doesn’t remember anything!
The ghost told us that the information was limited, but initially said two things. One was the monster he said, and I guess it should be what was suppressed in the Seven Killing Monuments, that is, those eyes without bodies were wrapped in black smoke; The other is the shadow. Although I don’t know what this thing is going to help him, at least we can guess that Ya and that eye are opposite!
Then Sang Yu set up an altar, called a ghost from the underworld, and after some discussion, brought his soul into the reincarnation, and finally let Ya re-enter the Sixth Road, which is considered to be our merit.
Just finished all this, suddenly Sang Yu received thirteen messages.
The message is very simple, that is, a water pool in the stone has been found. The meaning is very simple, that is to say, this water pool is surrounded by vertical or semi-vertical rock walls like a well dug by us. The water pool is about the size of a basketball court, and the water surface is about 30 meters away from the ground. It was such a high distance that thirteen people would not find anything, but this guy just found it!
The real reason is also Wang Xishen-I initially said that the goods are careless, and it’s not even white to please big JIU. Unfortunately, I was wrong. This guy arranged a small tube to follow this thirteen and let it help thirteen to investigate all the movements and anomalies. And thirteen must inform him if there is an accident …
Well, I admit that I don’t quite believe the latter one.
Cut the crap. Thirteen didn’t think much about it when he found the pool, but he made the small tube have any special meaning, so the small tube went all the way along the borehole wall to find a good guy. I didn’t expect to find something by accident!
Said here 13 sold a tube more also don’t say it’s called me and Sang Yu hurry up to say Wang Xi they are also heading this way-this guy I still believe that if you say ya is not ninety percent sure, you can call us all in the past?
Sang Yu Mao Jiahao and I struggled for a while at home, and then switched to here for a long time. Although it was delayed for more than three hours, the direction was exactly the opposite of that of Thirteen Road, so that when they searched all the way, Sang Yu and I arrived there just three hours later.
It was already noon!
Sang Yu and I were so tired that we sat down on the ground and started to rest, while thirteen of them went in a group, which was very leisurely-that was a must! They stayed here for three hours, not to mention rest, even eating in the toilet and taking a nap and playing mahjong is enough!